1) Although I love joking about courtship and sexual matters ( , this one is serious
2) What I mean by 'catholicism' is traditional catholicism (not the conciliar modernist church)
3) I'll be very concrete so if you are offended by physical and technical descriptions please go to another thread
4) My quotes are from "Précis de théologie morale catholique "by R.P. Héribert Jone who was first written in the 1930's in german and has long been considered as the reference for confessors in Europe and is still used in the seminaries of the SSPX (not really liberal !). Sexual questions were written in latin no to scare the old maids and bigots !

The aim of sexual act in catholicism is to procreate and to strengthen the links inside the couple.
Here are a some consequences (astonishing):

Preliminaries are free. You can do what you like with your spouse
in so far the end is a vaginal penetration.
"Hoc valet de aspectibus, osculis vel tactibus honestis vel minus honestis, sive in corpore proprio sive in corpore compartis"->fingering and BJ are allowed... but keep your control, guys !
The woman (lucky one !! ) may masturbate herself before or after the act if she wasn't satisfied : "si uxor in copula ipsa plenam voluptatem non habet, eam sibi procurare potest, tactibus immediate ante vel post copulam".

More astonishing : anal sex is authorized if it remains a preliminary :
"excluso affectu sodomistico non est sodomia nec peccatum mortale, si vir copulam incipit in vase praepostero (= anus) cum animo consummandi copulam in vase naturali (vagina), aut si genitalibus tangit vas praeposterum sine priculo pollutionis" ->you won't go to Hell if you first enter the back door !

Who learned that at the Catholic school ?