Alfred Hitchcock's Rope is a fine technicolor suspense film based loosely on the Leopold-Loeb murder case. The story revolves around two young men who think they have committed the perfect crime and a party they have thrown for unsuspecting (all but one that is) guest to celebrate the feat! Watch for the double entrendes slipped in! Produced in 1948 it allows us to see New York City's Anglo-Saxon intellectual elite presented (very much the young set too having just graduated from Ivy League schools) before the invasion of the last several decades and is in that sense something of a trip back in time.

Curious facts about Rope

The 81 minute movie is virtually one continual take with no cuts..the camera follows the action continuously.

The background of the set is a giant cyclorama with spun glass clouds and miniatures of the New York City skyline lit by two thousand incadescent bulbs and 200 neon signs.

As the movie progresses the artificial clouds move, the sun sets, and the lights of the city come on.

All in all, a Hitchcock movie worth seeing!