If you are the chosen people of God as the Bible says, or if you have written this in your Bible, then where shall I sit? How shall I exist? Because I am an Aryan and Germany is the nation of Aryans, and the history has proved that the Aryans are the supreme race of humanity. Therefore the only way for me to exist is holocaust.

That is how Adolph Hitler thought. Definitely he was completely wrong and he misunderstood. He did not know how to live wisely, because Aryan is not a race but a way of life in absolute freedom inherent in the wisdom. He should have decided to attain the wisdom of the Vedas.

Although Hitler miserably failed to do so, the modern-day Germans are doing very well in search of the wisdom of the Vedas. Throughout the world it is the Germans that are very much interested in the Sanskrit studies, which leads to the Vedic culture, it is in their blood, because before the Christian invasion in Germany that land was steeped in the Sanskrit language and the Vedic culture, and remember well, the very culture is one piece of the Intergalactic culture.

A great German scholar, Max Mueller, settled in Oxford, England. He published the modern edition of the Rig Veda. On its front page he introduces himself---

“Maya sarman desa jatena gotirtha nivasina. Moksamular namna”

It means, this ancient Rig Veda is being published by me born in the Sherman State at present living in the holy bull-related sacred place. His identification of the German nation as the Sherman nation is very interesting. Even today the pundit or the scholar class of India uses Sherman as their last name. There will be at least Sherman’s in India now.

Its ancient name Prussia is pure Sanskrit. It means inhabitants of the best sages. Another name Deutsche land informs us: observing its panoramic beauty, the Daitya Prince Prahlad after his coronation, or even his father known in the Srimad Bhagvatam as Daitya raja, may have had it for his woodland sport resort. Since then it may have been referred to as Daitya land. In course of time it was mispronounced as Deutsche land. The term Titan also denotes Daityan in Sanskrit.

In a newspaper dated August 31, 2000 it was reported that the remains of a huge temple have been discovered in East Germany near a town named Delistic. The newspaper said it is older than the Stone Age, around about 5000 BCE.

A Greek writer Tacitus writes, “The first habit of the Germans is ablution. They wear loose flowing robes; long braided hair tied in a knot at the top of the head.” This is so similar to a Vedic Brahman and the wandering holy men you can still see in India.

Even today, six old statues have been found upon the confines of the vait land in Germany-seven feet high, barefoot, head covered with a Greek style hood, script by their side. They were holding a book and a Diogenes staff, eyes directed to the earth, looking firm and free in their vows. It seems vait land must have been known in those days as Vedas land. These wise men were Druids who in fact were Dravid Vedic wise Brahmins. They still live in south India but their descendents have really become a pain in the neck for the Indian government, because when the British left, they did a big mess, the most idiotic perversion of history of India, to which no efforts have been done even to this day to correct it. The British appointed Advida, wife of Lord Mount Baton, to impress J. L. Nehru through sex to divide the country in as many groups as possible. Since then the Muslims, Sikhs, primitives, and Dravids started fighting with the Hindus, the descendents of the main Vedic streams. The myth of the Aryan invasion theory put the Dravids against the Aryans calling them invaders trying to claim the country.

Under the same spell of brainwash, Nehru the first prince of India and his party did not erase the mess of the history. Finally, with the Bharatiya Jananta Party assuring the welfare of Hindus, same as Prime Minister Vajpayee got too many pains in his head that he has not been able to accomplish it, what to speak of rewriting India’s history which could possibly be a true history of our whole planet.

The Dravidas, who under the spell of the old British brainwash, now consider themselves separate and keep fighting with the descendents of their own disciples stamping them as Aryan invaders, who were indeed wise men called Vedic seers-the rishis and maharishis. Going to the west they were called Druids. These statues belong to them.

Nazis, the fiercely patriotic party of Germany, chose the Swastika for their party’s symbol. It was well used as a popular righteous symbol throughout pre-Christian Europe. For proof you can go and see that Spain, Greece, and every country of Europe have had relics bearing the Swastika. In Sanskrit, the Swastika means the emblem of well being. It is symbolic of the sun, the earth, the cosmos, in a constant mystic, dynamic whirl. Spheres but not spherical--it has clefts to keep it in a constant dynamic motion with wind power. It is therefore a symbol of karma and constant action in consonance with the whirling cosmos. In the ancient Daityas’ and demigods’ war, since both were Aryans, the Daityas used the visual forked swastika for a war symbol. In Germany, as its patterns come from the Daityas, the Nazis chose the same.

The evidence of the Vedic empire in Germany, places names deriving from the name Lord Rama, the Vedic Divine incarnation, abounds aloud all over Germany. For example, Ram stein means Ram’s spot. The German name Heinemann is really the most beloved desire-fulfilling deity of India called Hanumanji. For details see my 388 page book The Life Story of Hanumanji.

If you look into the Lowen-hertz legend in German literature you will find the surprising survival of the European version of the Vedic Ramayana. For details see my 1000 page book American Ramayana.

Just as invaders poison the water and food reservoirs of their victim nations, in the same way the Christian invaders of Germany have confused things of the knowledge all over.

All words of burgs are durgs means forts, all danke words are mispronunciations of dhanya meaning thanks. Maan stands for the Sanskrit word Manav, humanity.

Outside Vaihingen near Ludwisberg in West Germany, the treasure trove of a chariot was discovered in 1978. It is exactly as warriors used 5000 years ago in the Mahabharata times in India. It belonged to a 600 BCE Celtic chieftain. The gold jewellery, coach, bronze plates, weapons and fabrics all match with the description in our 125,000 verse book which I have presented as The Fantastic World War of Antiquity. Even the gold goblets and the bronze vessels are decorated with figures of lions as they proudly called themselves as Richard the lion-hearted. “They are very similar to Etruscans,” a Bonn University professor said. That means Italy too had a Vedic culture.

Similarly a chieftain corpse covered with gold and wealth was discovered in a mound in Hochdorf Ville near Stuttgart in West Germany. It was 2500 years old.

The German last name Kuhr derives from Kurus. During the world conquest by Arjuna before the Asvamedha Yajna 5000 years ago, some of the warriors settled in Germany. They are those. Prince Arjuna was born in the Kuru dynasty.

Herr as in Herr Hitler is of Vedic origin. Even to this day when a devout Hindu takes a bath in the holy Ganga he or she shouts, “Har Har Ganga.” When they go to the Shiva temple, they chant, “har har mahadev” or “Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama Rama Hare Hare.”