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By Ellis Shuman February 12, 2004

"Israeli police are considering using bags of pig lard in buses and other places to deter Muslim suicide bombers, Maariv reported today. The proposal received the Jerusalem rabbinate's approval.

The police's suggestion is based on the fact that strict Muslim tradition holds that any Muslim who comes in contact with a pig before dying will be denied access to heaven.

Previously, Minister without portfolio Gideon Ezra (Likud) and others suggested burying the corpses of suicide bombers wrapped in pigskin as a deterrent. The proposal never got serious consideration in Israel, with opponents suggesting that it would only serve to encourage suicide bombers, egged on by clerics stating that Jews were defiling Islamic burial rites.

Russian security forces reportedly buried Chechen terrorists in pigskin last year in attempts to end their suicide bombing attacks."

I read this over on another set of forums i visit. I didn't see the news anywhere here after a quick glace, so sorry if it's just a repeat.