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Thread: Do We Create the World?

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    If you are in the dark at an eerie place your body simply shows the reaction as if what you are scared of is real. Your mind is creating a reality.

    If a woman is jealous or suspicious her husband is going astray she will finally create that reality. Her psychology, her imagination just produces the reactions in herself as if that were reality and that is producing finally reality.

    A career athlete is imagining the run he is going to do piece by piece and is putting is 'soul' behind it and it has an effect of how he performs.

    creating reality intentionally is a tricky matter. There is wishful thinking and there is creative imagination. It is more an artform as a technique. It should be in sync of what you internally really are and it should be beneficial to all.

    To have a vision and follow it and simply let the 'universe' supply the details you can realize that vision. (like A. Hitler did, like M.Luther King did, etc.)

    In all cases you don't just imagine the end of it but as the athlete you focus on the way, on the change. It should also involve a positive change in yourself.

    Most people have internal imagination (or for that matter you could call them internal myth) which employ 3 roles: The victim, the perpetrator and the rescuer.

    + An sexually abused person sees itself as the victim, the abuser as the perpetrator and the psychologist as the rescuer.

    + In conspiracy theories you see the american people as the victim, the jews as the perpetrator and the tea-party as the rescuer.

    + In a jobloss you see yourself as a victim, your boss as the perpetrator and your headhunter as the rescuer

    + As a pagan you see yourself as the victim, the church as the perpetrator and the resurrecter of your faith as the rescuers

    basically people live an endless form of that myth. Sometimes they play different roles: the noble rescuer, the strongmen who can overpower other people and so on.

    If you want a different reality you have to change your perception of that 'reality'. You have to change yourself to see it from a different point. To not put the different elements in the 3 roles but see it from a the birdsview. You have to learn something and develope a vision of where you want to go. And you have to thank people who brought you to this point so you can change and grow. That way you have no enemies but you have a peaceful mind which is necessary to enact your vision and make it 'reality'.

    Of course you fail but it doesn't matter. you pick up yourself and return to your vision.
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