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Thread: Being Free In Africa... Or Locked Up In American Prisons

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    Post Being Free In Africa... Or Locked Up In American Prisons

    The niggers that live in Africa,would rather be locked up in an American prison,than be free in their homeland.
    In prison they give you threads,HBO,simi good food,paid work,education,shelter,health care,dentist,etc; etc; etc;

    Thats why the nigger will not leave America to go back to Africra.

    In Africa all they have is Mudd!!

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    it goes back way farther than just being in america......

    when the white man first discovered the black man in africa, they found no trace of a written language, no art depicting their history, no family structure or marriage, and not agriculture.

    the black man in that state simply waited around a fire until he was hungry or horny and the proceeded to go kill dinner or rape a woman.

    the black tribe in west africa fought eachother and the victors sold their prisoners to white slave traders.

    people blame the nigger attititude on slavery but it goes back all the way to africa. they don't care about their homeland....... they don't care where they are as long as greasy food, easy sex, and entertainment are made available without much work.

    they have no regard for law or goverment so they end up in jail where they realize they may no longer have a cadillac, but the also no longer have to sell drugs or take care of their 5 bastard kids. all they gotta do is work a few hours at their own pace, and they get 3 meals a day, clothing, tv, workout rooms, etc for free.

    then if their family sends them money they can buy nicer shows, candy bars, a tv for their cell, microwave snacks, sweat suits, etc.

    their culture has never valued farming, family, or being a good citizen. they also never valued history of their people until some half white mullattos started preaching about how black hostory should be taught in schools. problem being that they have no history back in africa they were savaga animals that had to system of even recording history. wouldn't surpirse me if niggers fuckd their mothers, sisters, and daughters. i know of niggers in america that have babies by their aunts.

    its breed into them, and only a few of them can try ot imitate white or have enough white blood to come off as intelligent.

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    Astute observations. Negro Colin Kaepernick and the rest who bitch and moan about athletic playing fields being slave plantations owned by White masters do nothing to change it, because they can play or riot and still make millions of dollars without working a daily grind doing the White man's drudgery to pay taxes for illegal alien accommodations and child support for cheating wives.
    full stop

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