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Immigration is Business — Immigration is an Industry
In Sweden, IMMIGRATION is a flourishing and prosperous business employing thousands of persons of national as well as of foreign origin and with a total turnover for all things immigration-related — inclusive of all costs for asylum-seeking or immigration procedures, for immigrants awaiting residence permission, for already resident immigrants waiting for lodgings or work etc., for social allowances given to all unemployed immigrants and to former immigrants who in the meantime have become Swedish citizens and so on ad infinitum — in the magnitude of SEK225,000,000,000 ($1 = SEK7.50) per annum.

- How much is SEK225 billion? It corresponds to the revenue from 1,350,000 taxpayers employed in Swedish trade and industry. SEK225 billion also corresponds to approximately 17.5% of total Swedish tax revenues in 2004. Without the immigration expense the collective burden of taxation could be reduced from 54% to 34%. SEK225 billion is more than the entire GNP of the Baltic States.

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