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Thread: Half of non-white immigrants to Norway on welfare

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    Half of non-white immigrants to Norway on welfare

    Aftenposten (Norway), October 30, 2006

    Original Immigrants On Welfare

    Half of the first immigrants to Norway in the first half of the 1970s are now living on state payments.

    The figure comes from a new study by the Frisch Center for Socio-economic Research and is supported by the University of Oslo, newspaper Dagens Næringsliv reports.

    The study focused on 2,500 immigrants from Pakistan, India, Turkey and Morocco born between 1936 and 1955, and compared with a control group of Norwegians of the same age.

    In their first ten years the immigrants were actively employed, and as many were employed as Norwegians. But after this period their activity declined sharply, and by 2000 half of the immigrants were unemployed, compared to 13 percent of their Norwegian peers.

    Of the unemployed immigrants, 74 percent were on disability payments and 17 percent were receiving other types of welfare compensation.

    “I was surprised by how great the fall was, and how many immigrants who are caught up in various forms of welfare benefits. These are people who came here to work, not to flee from war and persecution,” said Knut Røed, one of the authors of the study.

    There are two main theories for why so many immigrants are no longer employed. One is that immigrants are far more vulnerable than Norwegians to unemployment during hard times and the other is that it pays to be on welfare.

    “It is especially people who have poorly paid jobs, wives who don’t work and many children that can profit by getting disability pay,” said researcher Oddbjørn Raum.
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    Sv: Half of non-white immigrants to Norway on welfare

    Boiling under the surface

    True, but things are boiling here now, as it not have before. The common accepted attitudes on foreighn cultural parasites and criminals, are noteably moved especially the latest year.

    An article like the one above, could not have been possible in Aftenposten two years ago.

    Norwegians general attitude to the guests, are in deep changes. The debate on that article, after it has been about 90% pro to it.

    Also the criminal gangs of foreighner has contributed to awake the slowest sediments of our population. But we still have plenty work to do, to free the country for foreighn bandits.

    This is not primarily on racial reason, but more based on the lack of ability to social adaption, their lack of will and ability to integration, and their general asocial and criminal behavior.

    There are several debates on the immigrants raging

    The article only touches one single aspect of the critisism that are upon the heads of the blacks and their breed in all media here now. There is still a long way to go, but things are moving, but takes time. In the mean time, the sedate population just have to accept to be usurpated, cheated, murdered, raped, robbed, burglared, and hav to walk in fear. Their own choice.

    Judge beaten down and mistreated outside of the Courthouse

    Three days ago a judge was beaten down by four blacks, outside the Oslo Courthouse. It is very fine that norwgian judges comes in touch with realities. They have prepeared this, by for years clapping violent black criminals on the shoulder, before loosing them a a peaceful civil population again. So, a beaten down judge, does anyway not get any sympathy from me. They are guilty in making this possible.

    Anyway, it serves the awakening well.
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    Re: Half of non-white immigrants to Norway on welfare

    Reading this shit disturbs me very much. The whole point of Scandinavia's welfare state was for the native population since they are a nationalistic people. They wanted to look out for one another and support the Scandinavian people. Now, third-world immigrants are pouring in and taking complete advantage of the system and living off of the Scandinavian government while they can go out and get away with rape, thievery, vandalism, and murder all because their lives are tough or "they don't know better". Same kinds of problems are also present in the U.S.A. with African immigrants and illegal Mexican(ts) crossing the borders and having babies on U.S. soil. These Anchor Babies opens the illegals up to State/Government welfare because the child was born on American soil. Not to mention these "people" also live on welfare and have groups made for them (example: Institute for Minority Development) because we have to.

    It is very obvious that a large majority of these immigrants have no job skills or talents worthwhile to civilized society and why we waste millions upon millions of tax dollars on these people to "improve" them is beyond me. All they do is come here and expect us to take care of them and give them everything because they come from a less fortunate country that they have no ambitions or will to improve themselves, as a culture. But, instead, we have to assimilate them into our societies and watch as our own cultural values become more stagnant and degenerated.
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