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Thread: Lake Mungo has non-sapiens DNA

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    Post Lake Mungo has non-sapiens DNA

    Mungo man, a modern sapiens from Australia, has a maternal lineage which is noy found in modern sapiens. This suggests "archaic" admixture in the people who migrated to Australia because there appears to be no archeological evidence for pre-sapiens in Australia itself at present. But it does seem to support multiregionalism, instead of Australoids migrating without interbreeding with pre-moderns along their migration to Australia.
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    Post Re: Lake Mungo has non-sapiens DNA

    There is plenty of evidence for pre-sapiens man in Australia. It is only after 1974 that this evidence was "reclassified" into something more politically correct. For instance, the Kow Swamp skulls, found by Thorne in the early 1970s were first said to be erectus. Believe me, they are erectus. If you could see a picture of them, you would agree. But, because of politics as it is and because Anthropology is a political whore, the significance of these finds were minimized. Anybody with half a brain can see that modern Australian Abos. are a result of sapies/erectus cross just as Weindenreich and Coon said. Likewise, the latter Mongoloids, (not American Indians) are the result of a pre-sapiens element. This is manifiested in the eyefold, fat padding of the face, and hollow structure of the hair. This only happend 18,000 B.P. and the last glaciation. Sapiens dealt with glaciation with culture. This Mongoloid dealt with it by hybridizing with an earlier population which was already cold adapted. Modern American Indians left Asia before this happened. Likewise, it is crazy to thing that Europeans did not mix with Neanderthals. This mixture resulted in our unique psychological/intellectual/artistic/technological ability as well as an increased brain size.

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