''Historians write that from the sixth to the second millennia B.C., the Armenian plateau was inhabited by a multiracial, indigenous population which, in addition to elements in common with other peoples, developed a specific culture. Armenians were described as people with dark complexion, prominent nose, high head and flattened occiput''

''According to the Greek Historian, Herodotus, the Armenians had originally lived in Thrace from where they crossed to Phrygia in Asia Minor and had then gradually moved west of the Euphrates River to what became Armenia.''

''Other Historians indicate that from the ninth to the sixth centuries B.C., a large part of historical Armenia, called Ararat by its contemporary neighbors, comprised the Kingdom of Urartu. This Kingdom disintegrated during the middle of the sixth century whereupon the native tribes, including the Armen and the Nayiri groups were unified and became part of the dominant Hayassa group.

Their Indo-European language was imposed on the conquered Urartuans, who spoke a non-Aryan language. Thus did the Armenian Nation take form, its people being the political, ethnic, and cultural successors to the Hurrians, pre-Hittites, Hayassas, Nayiris and Urartuans. This newly formed nation was called "Hai" after the name of the Hayassa tribal federation and the country "Hayastan". The neighboring peoples called the Armenians "Armen" and their country "Armenia" after the Armens.''


The Armenoid race seems to have concentrated in Asia Minor, where it predominates not only in Jews, but in Armenians, and affects the blood of many "Turks," "Syrians," "Georgians" and even Kurds. From this Asiatic centre, a veritable plague of Armenoid blood has spread in every direction.

The ancient Assyrians were Armenoids by race, and were notorious for their wanton cruelty.

Wherever the Hither Asiatic or Armenoid Race predominates, there is organised cruelty to prisoners of war; in Afghanistan, the women come out after a battle to search for the enemy wounded on whom they practise horrible mutilations; in Southern Algeria, there is a similar practice against French wounded, whilst recent operations in Abyssinia prove that there is a craving for the same sort of thing. The Turks of Armenoid race seem to revel in cold-blooded cruelty, whilst the Bolshevik Jews of Russia, Hungary, Spain and elsewhere have established the twentieth century as being as barbarous as the twelfth . . . simply because of the racial instincts possessed by imported Armenoids.