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Thread: Loki's wishes for 2006

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    Loki's wishes for 2006

    Dear tNP members

    I'm not one for fancy speeches in general (and especially not after a few glasses of good champagne...), but I thought I'd write a little New Year's message. Please feel free to add to this, if you have not already done so in another thread (I see there are several around...).

    Well, let me start off by saying that 2005 has been a great year for The Northern European forum. We have seen members come and go, as it goes with forums as usual. However, I am pleased to say that I am very impressed with our current membership. You guys and girls are so great, and I appreciate you all very much. It would be a crime to single out any single person, because you all are lovely people.

    At the risk of getting political again, I'd refrain from mentioning any of our common and current themes on the board, and usual issues. We are all familiar with that anyway.

    My wish is that your personal and private lives would blossom in 2006, and that you would make great strides in getting where you want to be in your lives... whether it be a beneficial career move, resolving a relationship issue, or merely getting the nitty-gritty things sorted out. Sometimes we leave so many things undone that we get behind. And it all piles up.

    I do believe in New Year's resolutions. It is a really a time of reflection when one can yet again fathom the depths of your soul to determine whether you are still on the right path... and if not, then to be absolutely determined to get things sorted out... and take corrective measures.

    I wish you all a very happy 2006. May your dreams come true!

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    I am being brutally honest by saying that discovering the Northern European forum was the best thing that happened to me in 2005.

    To all my fellow tNP members, old and new, I wish you a happy, fruitful and active New Year!

    See you here next year.

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    Thank you Loki and you made a good point saying that resolutions are a fine way to try and get direction and get things done.

    I have had the experience of being literally on the floor. There was a time long ago when I was young when I could not get off the bed and had to be carried to the bathroom. I thought I would never recover. I thought darkness was a part of my life. I felt cursed. Weakness and vulnerabliltiy are things that visit people when they least expect it. They are things that can cut down people who once never had to even imagine them. They are things that cut some people down in childhood, even in the womb, or later when they seem strong. That is why illness, poverty, unemployment, discrimination, rejection, depression, fear, disillusion and all the other things like this that visit mankind and that have visited us from time's first morning here in our world will continue to visit it and us. We manage to evolve, develop and sometimes just to survive adversity by doing what you suggested: by one day making a list of things we want to change, even if sometimes changing seems impossible.

    Change begins with a single thought that comes from a wish and develops into a dream or an aspiration. Then we make a conscious decision to make that dream and those thoughts work. Whether it is the aspiration to fly before aircraft have been invented or just to get up from where we may have fallen (or been pushed), the spark is all that we need to start our fire. Then we make the resolutions, draw up a plan of action and plot a strategy for the way we are going to think and act. We set goals for ourselves, not stupid unrealisable ones, but real ones and we go from small steps to larger ones and we get confident and we become wise and experienced and we find we have wings Eventually we fly in our various ways.

    It takes time and patience and a lot of determination and the one thing that makes it possible is an unswerving belief that you can do it. You don't have to be fantastic or beautiful or very strong. You just need to believe in your own ability to work through the goals you have set yourself and to look forward to ticking off achivements along the way. A unique kind of beauty and strength follows our individual efforts. It's our gift for persevering.

    I did it and I do it still because we are never finished with this list. It grows as we grow and it becomes our life's work and our soul's accomplishment. And if we stick to it and we keep believing that we can make your own good news then we will do things we never thought possible.

    Happy New Year to everyone on earth. Each individual and each group and each community has the potential for renewal and growth. All that is needed is a plan, a set of goals and the determination to make something out of a dream.


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    happy new year
    "slavic" languages are absolutely arteficial (Read "slawenlegende"). The "glagolica", invented by a bunch of monks, is nothing but an ancient esperanto, creating new words, definitions and alphabet out of regional slangs.

    The craddle of European Civilization comes from the North. All blond people originate from the north. So if you see a blond-blue eyed Slovene, Russian, Czech, Polak ect., you can be 100% sure that his ancient ancestors originated from "Germanics" (Germanic = Nordic).
    "slovenja" was the settelment of the Langobards = Germanics/Teutons. "Poland" of the Goths and East-Vandals ect. ect. What do "slavs" tell us about their origin?
    Some silly story that they originate from some swamps in the east and popped out of no where into history.

    So you see my dear "Gorostan" [=Triglav], you are in reality a "Germanic" indoctrinated with panslav propaganda and historic fantasy stories. ~Dr. Brandt, former TNP and Skadi member

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    I don't drink so no hangover for me.

    But happy new year to you all!

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