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Thread: Haji Gang Kills White Man

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    Haji Gang Kills White Man

    Three British-born Pakistani men have been convicted of murdering a white graduate in London while drunk. BBC News Website looks at the case in detail.

    Imran Maqsood's parents had no idea he drank or had a girlfriend

    Three young men get very drunk, shout racist abuse, assault a waiter in a curry house and get involved in a series of brawls, climaxing with an attack on a innocent man who crosses their path.

    It sounds like an all too familiar night of violence of the type which blights many city centres in Britain.

    Except that the victim, 30-year-old graduate Christopher Yates, was white, the killers were all British-born Pakistani men from devout Muslim families and the attack happened in the middle of Ramadan.

    Binge drinking

    On Tuesday Imran Maqsood, 21, and his friends Zahid Bashir, 23, and 25-year-old Sajid Zulfiqar were found guilty of murder.

    They eschewed their parents' religion and culture - although they paid lip service to it - and chose instead to imitate their white English peers with binge drinking, sex and consumerism.

    It was a ferocious attack...In particular his head was stamped on with some force

    Anthony Leonard QC

    Gang guilty of 'white man' murder

    The Old Bailey heard that on 7 November last year the three men got drunk on beer and brandy in the West End before heading back towards their homes in Ilford, east London.

    Around 4.30am Mr Yates, a data inputter, dropped a female friend off at a bus stop and then took a short cut through the car park of the University of East London in Barking.

    There he found Zulfiqar, Bashir and Maqsood, who were still drinking.
    Without provocation they knocked him to the ground and began kicking and stamping on his head.

    Afterwards one witness said she heard Zulfiqar saying in Urdu: "We killed the white man."

    Another witness overheard them say: "That will teach the white man for interfering in Paki business."

    'Ferocious attack'

    Mr Yates died of extensive fracturing of the facial bones, caused by multiple kicking and stamping.

    Anthony Leonard QC, prosecuting, said: "It was a ferocious attack...In particular his head was stamped on with some force...When the assault was over the defendants moved to a nearby road where they damaged several vehicles and set off car alarms as well as threatening householders."

    Sajid Zulfiqar shouted "We killed a white man"

    They racially abused a black resident and then moved on to a curry house where they assaulted an Asian waiter.

    Giving evidence, Maqsood said: "We were all drunk and acting like idiots in the City. I had a few fights in the City. I acted like an idiot at the Ali curry house but the bottom line is I didn't hurt Mr Yates."

    They posed a "cut-throat" defence, all seeking to blame each other for Mr Yates' murder.

    The trial painted a picture of three men whose drinking and womanising was kept secret from their families.

    Secret girlfriend

    The Old Bailey heard Maqsood's parents had no idea he drank alcohol and he even had a secret girlfriend, Sophie Shah.

    Defence counsel, David Nathan, asked: "Were your parents aware of the relationship you had been having with Sophie Shah?"

    Bashir and his friends fled to Yorkshire

    Maqsood, who was born in Burnley, Lancashire, replied: "No. It's something I wouldn't do (tell them). In our religion you don't tell your parents. They might get upset."

    Mr Nathan asked: "Was the relationship you were having something which was approved of in your religion before marriage?"
    "No," Maqsood replied.

    Ms Shah broke up with him while he was on remand at Belmarsh prison and she gave evidence at his trial, claiming he had confessed to his involvement in the killing of Mr Yates.

    Fled to Yorkshire

    After the killing the men fled to Yorkshire and stayed at a friend's hotel in Pontefract.

    Police believe they were planning to flee the country from Manchester Airport, which has daily flights to Pakistan.

    Mr Leonard said: "All three men were concerned that this would be made out to be a racist incident."

    The court heard that a hotel porter overheard them discussing the reaction in the Muslim community, which would be outraged because they had been drinking alcohol during Ramadan.

    Detective Chief Inspector Tony Boxall, who led the inquiry, said the incident was initially treated as a racially motivated attack.

    But he said: "Although classed as a racial incident there is no direct evidence it was racially motivated.

    The BNP recorded its best election result in Barking

    "Comments were made (by the killers) which could be perceived as racist but whether it was racially-motivated is something which only the defendants will know."

    None of the defendants has said the attack was racially motivated and Det Chief Insp Boxall said the defendants had assaulted white, black and Asian people during the evening and he said the attack on Mr Yates was "random".

    But the British National Party (BNP) locally is expected to highlight a case which involves the killing of a white man by three Asians.

    At the General Election the party's best result nationwide came in Barking, where it recorded 16.89% of the vote.

    We are constantly bombarded by the media when somebody of an ethnic minority is attacked by a white person...But when it's the other way round there is a deafening silence

    BNP spokesman Dr Phil Edwards told the BBC News website: "Why shouldn't we make political capital out of it?

    "We are constantly bombarded by the media when somebody of an ethnic minority is attacked by a white person, for example Stephen Lawrence and Ricky Reel.
    "But when it's the other way round there is a deafening silence." He said it was a myth that only white people were racist. * A fourth man, Junaid Khan, who admitted stealing Mr Yates' mobile phone while he lay on the ground, was sentenced earlier this year. [/SIZE]


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    Gang guilty of 'white man' murder

    Zulfiqar, Maqsood and Bashir had been drinking all day

    Asian gang members who boasted they had killed a white Englishman have been found guilty of murder.

    Christopher Yates, 30, was knocked to the ground and his head kicked like a football last November, the Old Bailey was told.

    He was set upon by the group who had been drinking in the car park of the University of East London in Barking.

    Sajid Zulfiqar, 25, Zahid Bashir, 23, and Imran Maqsood, 21, of Ilford, east London, will be sentenced on Thursday.

    The court heard that after the attack Zulfiqar shouted, in Urdu: "We have killed the white man. That will teach an Englishman to interfere in Paki business."

    Unclear motive

    Mr Yates's head was stamped on and he died from multiple injuries to his face, said Anthony Leonard QC, prosecuting.

    The victim, from Barking, described as a quiet, harmless man, wandered into the university where he had been a student, after hearing music.

    Mr Leonard said a teenage girl standing nearby heard the remarks in Urdu made by Zulfiqar.

    Mr Leonard said the reason for the attack was unclear, but the defendants had all been drinking all day..

    These are evil men and people like this should not be free to roam about our streets hurting innocent people

    Family statement

    Bringing shame on community

    "It was a ferocious attack," he said.
    After attacking Mr Yates, the group, all unemployed, moved on to Ilford where they shouted racial abuse at a black resident who remonstrated after they damaged vehicles and set off car alarms.

    An Asian member of staff was assaulted at a local curry house before Zulfiqar attacked another black man in a nearby street.

    They were arrested after hiding in Pontefract, West Yorkshire, a week later, as they made plans to flee the country.

    After the verdicts, Mr Yates' family released a statement which said: "Our much-loved son, Christopher, was brutally and viciously killed with merciless ferocity.
    "These men have robbed us of a precious son, whose whole life lay ahead of him. "Although the verdict has brought some comfort to us, it can never replace the loss of our beloved son, Christopher. "These are evil men and people like this should not be free to roam about our streets hurting innocent people."

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    It is a shame Britain doesn't have the death penalty or true life-sentences without parole.

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    It sure is! :noose2:
    Don't let Europe Rule Britannia!

    "If we reunited, then we would be an economic and military powerhouse without peer for centuries to come."-Leofric

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    This is incredibly saddening, hearing of this Brit whom suffered needlessly.
    The barbarity of the attack suggests this should be MASSIVE news on TV, i have yet to check the TV News, but will do so later to see how much is censored.

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