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Thread: The face of Britain's multi-culturalism

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    The face of Britain's multi-culturalism

    23rd October 2005

    News article filed by Lee Barnes

    Young white victim of ethnic violence

    The picture above shows the face of Shanni Naylor who was slashed across the face in a classroom attack. The 12-year-old schoolgirl needed 30 stitches after another schoolgirl pupil at her school slashed at her face with a blade from a pencil sharpener.

    Shanni watched as a fellow pupil bullied a 12 year old boy with special needs, she then intervened and for this she was called ' a ****ing bitch ' and then slashed her across the face.

    The attacker is the daughter of Somalian asylum seekers and she has been expelled from Sheffield’s Myrtle Springs School. She has since been released on police bail.

    This now will result in appeal to the courts by various left wing groups assisting her parents to stay in the country, with taxpayers’ money, and her being let back into the school in a few months time with a few thousands of pounds in compensation.

    The BNP Internet and Admin teams have received many letters from parents reporting similar attacks on white children in schools by members of ethnic groups and asylum seekers.

    Scores of similar attacks

    In one case the BNP have been dealing with an 11 year old child with special needs who was bullied by a gang of Asians at school who used to racially and physically abuse him.

    After being attacked one morning by the Asian gang, who had also been picking on another white child at the school who wore callipers, he shouted back 'leave me alone you **ki bastards'. The school placed him on a 'register of racists' which will stay on his file until he is 21. The bullies, even though they had used anti-white racist abuse against him, were not put on the register.

    The true cost of Multi-Culturalism is one increasingly being borne by our children. Whilst white parents are brainwashed by the media to believe that Britain is a multi-cultural utopia, the truth is that the real victims or racism in today’s Britain are mainly white.

    Home Office figures show police reported in 2003-04 about 150 racially motivated incidents every single day. Unfortunately, these figures neglect to tell us the race of the victims or of the perpetrators.

    In March of 2004, the Metropolitan Police provided a breakdown of notifiable racist crime for 2002-03, total racial offences for that period were 13,721.

    The clear-up rate was 23.3%. Victims were recorded as: Indian/Pakistani 33.6%, white 28.9%, African/ Caribbean 28.4%, Chinese/Japanese 1.5%, Arabic/Egyptian 2.9% and not known 4.7%.

    So in London, and across most of the country, it appears that whites face the second largest amount of racist attacks. In areas where white are a minority, then are the primary victims of racist attacks. Whilst we hear every day from the 'race relations' experts preaching to us about racism against ethnic groups, not one organisation in this country stands up for the interests of white victims of ethnic racism except for the BNP - and for doing that we are called 'racists' by the same corrupt media that calls anyone from an ethnic group who demands and end to racism against people in their community a 'community hero'.

    Double standards

    When Whites are attacked by ethnic minority racists those white people who then defend those white people in our town halls, courts and communities are called ' racists ', but when Blacks or Asians are victims of racial attacks then those black or Asian people that stand up for those victims of racism are given cheques from local councils to set up 24 hour telephone lies to report those crimes and are give OBE's for service to the community.

    When BNP activists stand up for the interests of White victims of racist crime, then they are kicked out of trade unions and called bigots.

    The CRE has never run a campaign specifically to encourage the white victims of racist attacks to report racist crimes against themselves, and the police in London and across the country routinely refuse to record crimes as racist when the victims are white. This shows the institutional discrimination and racism against whites by both the CRE and the Police.

    The real figures of white victims of race attacks is vastly higher than reported, due also to white victims of racial attacks refusing to report the attacks as racist due to fear the authorities will not believe them.

    Birmingham riot

    In Birmingham at the weekend we saw that when Black children are raped and attacked by Asians, then the police will allow the Black community to demonstrate to demand justice for their children. Whilst Blacks are allowed to demonstrate in Birmingham, the BNP have been told that we may not be able to demonstrate in Bradford to demand justice for white children who have been drugged and raped by racist Asian paedophiles.

    Whatever some gutless cops in thrall to the cheques paid to them by their Labour Party masters say, or whatever some gutless and corrupt politicians in Bradford town hall say, the BNP will be in Bradford in strength on November the 5th.

    The great hidden crime in Britain wave that is creating thousands of victims is the silent crime of anti-white racism.

    The time has come for all decent whites to demand justice for our children.

    The Labour government, the police service and the media are all institutionally racist against white victims of racism in Britain. They are all run in accordance with the dictum that 'if we stay silent on the issue, then perhaps it will go away'. The plain truth is that it has not gone away; in fact it has got worse.

    The BNP has for decades stated that when a racial conflict erupts in this country, it will not come from the White population targeting minority groups. The recent violence in Birmingham shows us that the real racial conflict that exists in our cities on a daily basis is between the ethnic minority groups that have formed their own drug dealing ghettoes in our cities. These are areas where the gutless police are afraid to tackle ethnic drug crime and gangsterism because they are too scared to offend their Labour Party paymasters and put in jeopardy their careers and pay rises. It’s easier for the police to pretend the problem doesn’t exist than deal with it.

    White victims

    Racial conflict will erupt again in this country, but it will only be between ethnic groups fighting other ethnic groups and innocent whites living in those areas will be sucked into the maelstrom and forced to fight just to defend themselves.

    Reports from the Birmingham race riots between Blacks and Asians shows us whilst these people are busy bleating to every white liberal and media reporter in this country about racism, in reality they are laughing at us, the police and the law.

    They hide behind the lie of ' racism ' like the rapist hides behind a mask.

    Not one organisation in this country exists to defend the interests of the indigenous white communities apart from the BNP. Whilst the Police and government will descend en masse to Birmingham and have public hand wringing festivals of forgiveness and preach their credo of politically correct surrender to ethnic criminals, not one person from the White community will be invited to attend any of the inquiries and meetings to represent the white community in the area afflicted by the riot.

    Instead the Birmingham Police and politicians will bow down before a myriad unelected gang of called black and Asian community leaders, and do everything that they ask. The one thing the Police won’t do is take the gangsters and the black and Asian racists on, as they are too scared that another riot will erupt. This is how our democracy has been surrendered to the gangsters and the anti-white racists. The police are too gutless and corrupt to fight the criminals and the government buys of those communities for cheap votes.

    Whilst the police pander to the interests of the ethnic minority groups, the tide of anti-white racism and violence that comes from the black and Asian communities will be hidden from view.

    Peaceful protest to demand justice

    The time has come for white people in Britain to take our demand for ' Justice for our Youth ' onto the streets in peaceful protest and demonstration.

    In a multi-cultural society we have every right to demand justice for our community. Any ethnic minority liberal fascist, every idiot cop, every moronic trade unionist, every corrupt media reporter who attacks the BNP for standing up for the interests of the indigenous white community is nothing more than a fascist criminal. The racist notion that the only people in this country that do not have rights, and the right to organise to defend our community, is a fascist idea - and it is one we will fight.

    It is a fact that the only real fascists in this country are the left wing, trade union and corrupt police officers who seek to prevent us exercising this fundamental human and civil right to organise to defend our community and to represent our community as a political party in democratic elections.

    The days when the BNP would back down before the lies and orders of the left, the media, the trades unions and the police are over.

    Push us now and we will push back. The era when Whites allowed themselves to be victims of liberal fascists and anti-white racists has ended.

    Now when they attack us - we will fight for our rights.

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    I wonder if any mainstream newspaper wrote about this.

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    I saw it mentioned briefly on the news. The presenters held up a copy of a newspaper (don't know which one). As usual, they didn't mention the ethnicity of the attacker.
    A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors
    will never achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendents.

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    She was very lucky that her eyes were not damaged. I just hope her horrible scars will disappear in time - she is a pretty girl.

    If she only were the last victim of those aliens, but I know this will hardly be the case while knowing the racial situation of the UK :angryfis:

    Those savages should be expelled back to Somalia :moon_attk

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    "Shanni watched as a fellow pupil bullied a 12 year old boy with special needs, she then intervened and for this she was called ' a ****ing bitch ' and then slashed her across the face. The attacker is the daughter of Somalian asylum seekers and she has been expelled from Sheffield’s Myrtle Springs School. She has since been released on police bail."

    The smooth youthful skin on the face doesn't hide scars much, but the internal ones will last a long time. Our own people fail to protect the young from our disastrous failed policies and consequences. It comes back to cheap labour and destroying our once supportive communities. Some kids are resilient, but many are not. I hope she can completely recover from these bad times.

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