I am am a german in my mid-twenties and i want to do somthing for my fatherland (the once mighty Reich) and for my people and and for all of us nordic peoples.
That is because i feel that my people are standing with their back on the wall.
Here are millions of foreigners.
The established parties represent the capital the EU and the foreigners and anything but not my people and they bring more foreigners every day, i am sure that here are more then 10 millions of them or maybe even about 20 millions.

Something has to happen and that now or it will be too late, forever.

So what is to do?
Should i join a party of the right and when which?
Should i talk to my friends and form a group that beware of this reality?
Or should i rest and see what happens?

But remember in my opinion Germany is the shield that protect the North.
We have the biggest number of people in Europe and a high tecnology when we fails all of our people are forthed to the worst, i am sure of that.

I need any suggestions to make up my mind!