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Thread: Separatism: Developping Germanic Intentional Communities

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    Why do people think planned communities are "running to the hills"?

    Most of the wealthy, rich and powerful live in gated communities and planned community associations. The senators and congressman etc. You can live in a community and drive to an office in the city. It isn't stopping you from wealth aquisition. In fact you have people with a common interest to work with you. You can build a community in a fairly urban area. you can also do it in dense populated Europe with enough funds and people willing to concentrate themselves. And as far as fear of gathering everybody in one spot for destruction: well I don't think that will be a big issue, but if it is also spread people out and have them form an invisible community. Like a church they drive to a meeting spot and are a community in spirit but live in different areas of the town or city. Have a combination of physical gated communities and "spiritual" communities. Attack on all fronts if possible.

    Basically you would be mirroring the successful Jewish model which has worked to destroy our less organized Aryan model. Let's see. In a city most Jews are part of the "Jewish community". Doesn't mean they live in one spot that can be taken out by a missle. Though many of them also have private gated areas or parts of town that they populate predominately with Jews. They have private Jewish schools for their children and teach them Jewish culture. They have Jewish traditions and ways of dressing and acting that are seperate from the rest.

    All you need to do is seperate and survive. The multi-culti will destroy itself. It is inherently flawed and will lead to collapse. All you have to do is seperate yourself from that destiny and when everyone else is starving in the streets and dying off take over. But always be ready to fight. And don't be so obvious about things like if you have food stored and such. Don't tell people or else they will come looking to steal it when the collapse happens. You gotta be sneaky at least to a small degree. But not so much that people don't trust you or are threatened by you.

    Forming a community isn't withdrawing from the world.

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    "What will happen if more and more people "hide" their business activities and earnings in global safe deposits - far away from prying eyes? You got it. They'll begin to get starved for cash. This will accelerate the already obvious trend in the downsizing of governments. They will have no alternative but to reduce traditional government welfare services as they try to live within their shrinking budgets. What we may be seeing here is a chain reaction.

    Technology is making it possible for people to begin to keep what they earn. That, in turn, will make governments give up the welfare mentality that has plagued this century - to the great detriment of the very people who were supposed to be helped by it. People will begin again to accept responsibility for their own lives and those of their loved ones. What is driving this change is the internet and the logic of the free market - which is the real engine that moves the world, not politics or politicians. A sovereign individual is someone who is fully aware of this change in the locus of power - and who intends to capitalize on it." -- David McGregor

    “In short we expect that sometimes in the first half of the next century the world will experience the genuine privatisation of sovereignity. This will accompany conditions that should be expected to shrivel the real of compulsion to its logical minimum. Et to the secular inquisitors and reactionnaries of the next millenium, the placing of the once “sacred” attributes of nationality on to a market footing to be bought and sold as a matter of cost-benefit calculation will be both infuriating and threatening. […] The computer revolution, (...) will subvert and destroy the nation-state as globalized cybercommerce, lubricated by cybercurrency, drastically limits governments' powers to tax. They further predict that the next millennium will see an enormous decline in the influence of politicians, lobbyists, labor unions and regulated professions as new information technologies democratize talent and innovation and decentralize the workplace. In their forecast, citizenship will become obsolete; new forms of sovereignty reminiscent of medieval merchant republics will spring up.” -- Lord Rees-Mogg and James Dale Davidson, The Sovereign Individual (1997)

    "If national-anarchism is to be a relevant force in the world in years to come, it cannot allow itself to decline with the outmoded nationalism of the ‘far right’. It must identify itself not with the struggle to preserve existing nation states -- a struggle that has, on the whole, been decisively lost -- but rather with the struggle to bring about alternatives to the globalized system -- the struggle for the creation of new autonomous communities and homelands as a contrary tendency to the globalization of the New World Order. This is the struggle of the future -- a struggle that, in 2003, has not even really begun."

    “Taking control of the State, however, will not be an option.
    Europe is facing the end of the road. Our main towns and cities are teeming with immigrants and are in severe decline. Our people willo have to look elsewhere for solutions. Those solutions will come from the separatists who have seen the writing on the wall and who have taken it upon themselves to establish autonomous communities. “I don't even think it's a choice. As society collapses around us, people will group together for mutual protection and support. Hence the building of the first organic racial communities.”

    "We are concerned with European racial, cultural and spiritual preservation. What if we had a small, isolated, defenseable country, which already had all the necessary genetic material within its borders. What if that country was one of the most culturally conservative in
    Europe. What if that country already had a genome project to catalogue the entire genetic make-up of that country. […] Imagine just 100 Werner von Brauns, each heading a science department and working on problems which now threatens our planet. It wouldn't be too long until our problems would be over. This is all possible."

    "We already live in an anarchy. There is no "State." There are only individuals acting in a statist manner, often because they believe it to be right, to be necessary, and because they see no alternative. (People) who wish to bring about a more rational social system, a system more capable of allowing diversity, of encouraging rational responsible behavior, and of minimizing conflict, should not join political parties, or try to attack "the State." What is needed is a micro-politics, a politics of individual behavior."

    "In short, we all have to find others like us, make sure they are sincere and not joiners for short term goals, and keep the movement going. There has to be a certain number of people in a location to start the process, some organization, and IT HAS TO BE REWARDING. […]The Internet is a great place to talk over ideas and contact people, but it is a difficult forum for sustaining a growing movement. However, a group of like-minded people, working together to build a life of racial separation, a goal of not just a community but making money to sustain and expand the group and to provide for things like home schooling, is all it really takes. But the most important part is an ability to eject disruptive members who do not put in the necessary effort to understand the complexities of human nature, or have egos that need to be fed by group members. It seems that charismatic leaders are often necessary but also dangerous. Don't become a cult, become a community that enjoys the process as well as the goal." -- Matthew Nuenke, NeoEugenics

    "Aside from a long term vision, it is possible and preferable that any eugenics community that is based on racial separatism, shroud themselves in discretion, and establish themselves within a religious community. I am no legal expert on the separation of church and state, but a religious community seems like the best way to form a racial community without running into legal problems. Religious organizations have many tax and legal advantages, as well as being allowed to establish doctrine without state intervention. As long as the eugenic religious group does not provoke others, they should be able to go about practicing eugenics very effectively. I am somewhat disappointed that we have not been able to establish any eugenic groups as yet, but many are trying to promote the idea and get one formed, somewhere, somehow.” -- Matthew Nuenke, NeoEugenics

    "What is driving this change is the internet and the logic of the free market - which is the real engine that moves the world, not politics or politicians. A sovereign individual is someone who is fully aware of this change in the locus of power - and who intends to capitalise on it." -- David McGregor

    "In any case, we don't need a transhumanist state. We only need a situation in which scientists and inventors can pursue their research without interference from the state, and that's exactly the situation we are in, as long as we don't wave a red flag in the government's face. The technology of the 1980's and 90's emerged too suddenly to be controlled, and that will be even more true in the future. Our present system of semi-anarchic international capitalism is an almost ideal environment for science." -- Lyle Burckhead,

    "The Third Reich was humanity's last chance for a first-world future. The transhuman metamorphosis is not going to occur in an "organized folk community," or any kind of idealistic community. It's too late for that. The metamorphosis will happen in the same society we live in now, a society in which the wheels of the world grind inexorably toward a dystopian future too bleak to contemplate.

    In the 1990's I used to think of transhumanism as a group project, but I no longer think it's possible to do it that way. It will be done by individuals working independently, each pursuing his own vision. We will devise a sequence of steps leading to the metamorphosis, and figure out how to make each step pay for itself." -- Lyle Burckhead,

    "If you think of this as a race, somebody will win. It will be somebody who has the best model of reality on all levels, including, specifically, a correct philosophy of mind." But that's only half the problem. You also have to have a correct model of what's happening on a more mundane level. You have to see what's going on and deal with it.

    Survivalists do exactly the wrong thing. They may be right, or at least partly right, about the general outline of the future - the world is probably going to be very chaotic in the coming years - but they are totally wrong about how to respond. The way to survive is to be one of the people the survivalists are hiding from. Whatever happens, there will still be an ongoing economy of some kind, and some people will not only survive but prosper. Some people will make the correct investment decisions and some won't. The question is not what [it will] mean in theological terms. The question is what, specifically, is going to happen between here and there, and how we can set our sails to make use of the prevailing winds."

    "If a Whites-only nation were set up in
    North America on a portion of the land that used to be the United States (leaving the rest of the land for the establishment of non-white nations and the multicult), whites all over the continent would immediately flock to enter it. The effect would snowball since every time a white left the multicult to enter the white nation the non-whiteness of the multicult’s remaining population would become more concentrated, which in turn would prompt more whites to leave, and so on. There would be no way on earth to stop this process. It would be like a hypertonic solution behind a semi-permeable membrane drawing water into itself, where whites are both the hypertonic solution and the water being drawn in. The whites-only nation would balloon up unstoppably from the white influx it would receive." -- Matthew Nuenke

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cúchulainn-Rurik View Post
    ...So, my question is, is there any serious effort being undertaken or at least considered, that anyone is aware of, concerning the establishment of an exclusively Celtogermanic colony anywhere in the world? I've heard of a small Whites-only town in South Africa. Projects like that are hopeful, but the location of such a town in the middle of a Black-dominated country leaves one with plenty of doubt about the colony's future. Is there no where in the world which is unpopulated that could still, perhaps with cultivation, support human life and society? Is there no where people could go to find true freedom?

    Has anyone else given this serious thought? Has anyone here got ideas of how this could be done, of whether it's plausible or not?
    I have posted this idea.

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