The last 2. september a great man died. It was the Icelandic hero from the Coast Dispute or Cot Wars; Guðmundur H. Kjærnested captain. His contribution to our dispute with the English (in particular 1975-1976) was the greatest and without his steadiness and firmness we might not have been so fortunate as to be able to expand our territorial waters to 200 miles which is the basis for our current wealthfare-system.

So others can know of his deeds I will bring to testimony Óli Tynes, a famous icelandic news-reporter:

"In the coast-dispute of 1975-1976 I went with the coast-guard ship Týr under Kjærnested's command. We had sever clashing with the english frigate Juno. Those that haven't tried can not understand the immensity of such a clash, with the noise and shaking. I remember Kjærnested's regardlessness and steadiness in that struggle. He had complete control and was calm. His boys on Týr follow their leader's example. They were ready for anything under his command.

Later I would meet Kjærnested again on sea but this time on a british ship. I was going to be assigned as a journalist to the british frigate Falmouth to report from the enemies' side, just as many british journalists had done on board our ships. I saw as the Falmouth headed full speed into the side of the smaller Týr and there was an immense clashing. Týr became severely damaged and I worried for the captain I adored and knew was on board the Týr.

Not only did Týr become severely damaged but it nearly capsised. The Royal Navy's boys were all very shaken by this clash and I wondered what the hell had happened. Then suddenly to everyone's amazement Týr went onwards full speed, using only their starboard engines [the others were probably malfunctional after the clash] and headed for the next British ship to attack! The british seamen stared in amazement and one yelled "What kind of a man IS this captain Kjærnested?". Never has my heart beaten with such national pride as it did that moment..."

-Óli Tynes

Íslendingar geta lesið hina þriggja síðna löngu dánarumfjöllun Guðmundar í Morgunblaðið dagsins í dag.

Til minningar Guðmundar:

Deyr fé,
deyja frændr,
deyr sjálfr it sama,
en orðstírr
deyr aldrigi;
hveim er sér góðan getr.

(Ór Hávamálum)