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Thread: Awaiting German Liberation

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    Post Awaiting German Liberation

    This article is approximately one year old, but after reading it, I thought it good to share it and see if any one, particularly our german members, of which we have too few, could express any sentiments towards it. There is nothing new in the article that we do not all ready know, but it never hurts to hear what we call ´common sense´ from some one on the other side. Thanks.

    - - -

    "One Simple Act Shined Through"
    Of Joe G.

    Sometimes, throughout history a people will come together in a way rarely een. Grievances will be disregarded and social statuses not considered. Every matter will be weighed as it pertains to the good of the common people. Everyone shares a certain bond that is unbreakable. Few events in history have yielded this total cohesion of the population. Rare examples
    include the Roman populations response to the Volscians and Aequi’ numerous invasion attempts in the early B.C. and the Scottish unity under King Robert the Bruce that ultimately threw off the yoke of the English invaders that threatened their homes in the early 1300’s. However, an occurrence of this importance as it pertains to the masses had not happened on a large scale for over 700 yrs. Little did anyone or I know that the latest and most extreme case was laying right under our noses in the most hated regime in history.

    I remember the first time I saw it. While watching another propaganda filled documentary on the second world war and swallowing all of the lies and deceptions that were being hand fed to me I saw a glimpse of the destruction and mayhem that was laid in the wake of the allied bombing of Germany at the end of WWII. I watched with complete indifference as scene
    after scene flashed before me of the devastation and loss of life. It meant nothing to me. I was 11 yrs. old and could care less what happened to the German aggressors and their Italian counterparts. Hell, wipe the world clean of their kind. Jew killers, baby eaters, womanizers, HATERS! Those words summed up my general feelings towards the Nazis and the Fascists.

    Than the producers of that show made a mistake that changed me forever. Amongst the scenes of rubble and death that flashed before my eyes, amongst the commentator’s voice, which gave a sick and completely anti-German commentary, there flashed a picture. It showed a house, which had been destroyed during the bombing. Nothing was left except bricks and stones. As I watched the occupant of the house returned to her decimated home and placed two German flags on the pile of rubble. In a single act that woman changed my outlook. She single-handedly pointed me in the direction of understanding. Later on I would finally grasp what she knew, feel what she
    felt. No matter how large the obstacles, no matter how strong the enemy, the Aryan people will not be beaten. But that understanding was still a long way off and I thought to myself: How could this be? Shouldn’t the
    German population be proud that they are being liberated from their evil dictator and his heinous henchman? Shouldn’t they be hailing the liberators and not their captors? I made a decision to journey into this world and
    find out the truth. What I uncovered was amazing and it changed me forever.

    The Russian invasion of Germany after the Nazis failed attempt to capture Moscow and crush Bolshevism was the most barbarous and terrible event in recent history. Despite the German Army conducting themselves in a manner that eventually ended up having them voted the most respected army in the world by the American Military in 1950 the Russians showed no mercy. During the counter invasion Stalin commanded his troops to ” Rape, Pillage and Destroy.” And they obeyed. In what became the largest mass raping and pillaging of all time the Russian army swept through Germany in murderous fashion. Many German soldiers and officers committed suicide rather than be taken prisoner. In the end over 7 million German soldiers and civilians were forced to surrender and were marched back to Russia to be used in slave labor. Less than 2 million were ever heard from again.

    The bombing campaign that was performed against the Germans was the most lethal and murderous in history. Cities were bombed which held no military value. Carpet bombing was regularly enlisted as a bombing method. Precision saturation bombing created firestorms which suck the oxygen out of the air and suffocate everyone within their perimeter if they don’t burn their victims to death first. Not a single major German city was spared, nor were churches, hospitals or even rescue vehicles given freedom of movement by the attackers. In contrast people always say: ”Well, they got what was coming to them. An eye for an eye. They bombed the British, now the British bomb them.” These are extremely ignorant statements made by an un-educated public. Though some may believe there are no rules in war, that anything goes, this simply was not the case with the German armed forces.

    The bombing of England was first directed at crippling the Royal Air Force or RAF so that a general invasion (Operation Sea Lion) could be carried without losing extreme casualties during the landing. In retaliation the British commenced bombing German cities. Hitler had given strict orders to Herman Goring (Head of the Luftwaffe) that no British cities were to be bombed under any circumstances. After receiving reports that the English were not following the same unspoken rules the orders were changed and London as well as many other English cities were attacked. When the roles were reversed and the Allies had the upper hand we saw the true nature of the Allied Beast. In one night alone over 300,000 people mostly women and children were murdered at Dresden during a bombing raid. Over 16000 acres of land was destroyed in the Dresden massacre. London escaped with damage to only 600 acres during the entire war. Throughout the entire war the English lost 50,000 people to the German bombing. In one night the Allies killed 6 times that many. Total casualties amounted to over 300,000 people in just over 14 hours of bombing. 300,000 people slaughtered for no purpose what so ever. Their city of sanctuary housed no military value and the Allied commanders knew it. Yet they commenced this attack anyway. Hoping to crush the heart and spirit of the German people. They failed………….miserably. The outcome was the complete opposite. Resistance strengthened on all fronts. This universal feeling of unity and determination was most deeply felt in the picture I have already mentioned. The image showing a German woman raising the National Socialist flag on the remains of her home. In her mind was she bitter towards her country for bringing this destruction to her doorstep? Was she bitter over the so-called tyrannical rule that was put over her yet somehow managed to retain the highest public support in known history? Was she just another
    “goose stepping moron”? Or was she simply a Patriot in the truest sense of the word? A racial patriot who would sacrifice anything, including her home, for the good of not only her country but the entire White Race. The
    amazing thing is that the entire German people held the same fiery spirit and determined resiliency throughout the war to see it through to victory.

    Unfortunately that victory was never reached, and the German people were enslaved. An occupational government was set up which is still in power to this day. They outlaw any mention of the Nazis and what they fought, bled and died for: Racial Unity. They realize what so many do not and they fear it. No matter how large the obstacles, no matter how strong the enemy, the Aryan people will not be beaten. We may be quieted for a time and we may be battered for a time. Yet we have a racial loyalty towards each other that was exhibited to the entire world during the final days of the war. And no amount of bombing, no amount of raping and no amount of silencing can take that away from us. That Patriotic woman knew it. Very soon the world will too.

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    t the 01.April.1945 it sounded out of the german radios :
    "Hate is our prayer and revenge our battlecry"

    The Werewolf was official announced. Small groups of Werewolves should fight and sabotage,
    also in areas already occupied, the advance of the Allies.
    The Werewolves fought in partisan style, with all conceivable weapons.
    Pistol, Rifle, Panzerfaust, Hand Grenades etc., in addition, radio, poison,
    "Molotow- cocktails" and Explosive charges were used.
    The Werewolves are represented in many publications as fairy tale or pure propaganda.
    This web page will proof that the Werewolf fougth at the eastern and the western front.
    The Sender Werwolf ( Radio Werewolf ) was involved to make out of every german a Werewolf.

    After this calls practically everyone could be fight as a Werewolf.
    The desired goal was never achieved, cause the German people were war-tiredly.
    But there were Werewolf activities at all fronts!
    Children and young persons, who grow up in the NSDAP state, saw now the possibility
    to participate at the battle as a Werewolf.
    The probably most well-known Werewolf action are the operation "Karneval"( Carnival).
    The americans choosed as new mayor for the town Aachen Franz Oppenhof.
    He was shot by
    Werewolves in his house.

    riginal Radio
    Werwolf tune:
    " Werwolves ! Our indication is the Wolfsangel (black sign above) .
    We do not carry it as association badges. With the Wolfsangel we mark the enemy.
    He cannot see us, but he feel us soon. Where the Wolfsangel indication appears,
    the act of the Werewolfes will happen soon. "

    These Werewolves, age 8 - 14 years, fired at American troops
    Tolerance is a proof of distrust in one's own ideals. Friedrich Nietzsche

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