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Thread: Of the Degeneration of Humans – Hidden Truths of Race-Crossing

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    Arrow Of the Degeneration of Humans – Hidden Truths of Race-Crossing

    Are human race crosses neutral or only slightly influential or maybe consequences are more similar to crossing of species? Please provide known examples of human races crossings with short description how it affects on mentality body and health.

    • Dutch and Malaya offspring is mostly female and in second and third generation frequently became unfertile.
    • German and Japanese offspring is weak.
    • French and Japanese first generation offspring is more healthy then parents.
    • Negro genes are two times stronger then white in interracial breeding (source: L.K. after Wernick)
    • Norwegian - Lapponian crosses are weak and do not “improve” race (source: Leopold Adamtetz)
    • Metises of Horretes and Parangua in Brazil are weak, degenerated and suffer from diseases
    • Mexicans are much healthier and stronger mix (source: MB Lepecki)
    • Icelandic-Vietnamese cross is tall and slightly resemble Mediterraneans (source: my observation)
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