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One Year After 9/11
Must Canada Be Next!

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Supporters of Canada First in 3 provinces are going to put out the flyer
during the week of September 11. Ontario, Nova Scotia and British

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Must Canada Be Next?

"Canada is Club Med for Terrorists"
-Congressman Lamar Smith (Texas)

Thanks to Canada's incredibly lax "refugee" system, our country has
become one of the ideal staging grounds for terrorists around the world.

According Ward Elcock, the Director of the Canadian Security
Intelligence Service (CSIS): "by way of example, the following terrorist
groups or front groups acting on their behalf have been and are active
in Canada: Hezbollah and other Shiite Islamic terrorist organizations;
several Sunni Islamic extremists groups, including Hamas, with ties to
Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Lebanon and Iran; ... the Tamil Tigers; the
Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK); and all of the world's major Sikh
terrorist groups."

Canada has already served as a staging and support base for attacks on
the USA. In 1999, U.S. border agents arrested Ahmem Ressam for
attempting to blow up Los Angles International Airport. Ressam was a
failed "refugee" claimant in Canada. He entered Canada illegally on a
forged Venezuelan passport. Even after he was rejected as a "refugee" in
Canada, no one bothered to enforce the order.

Another failed "refugee" claimant was Nabil al-Marabh. He, while
collecting welfare in Toronto, transferred $15,000 to three of the
terrorists who perpetrated the 9/11 attack.

It's clear that, before September 2001, Canada's swamped authorities
couldn't adequately vet the "refugee" flood then. The numbers have
increased and Immigration Minister Denis Coderre wants to increase them
even more! He's vowed to flood 1-million more just into rural and small
town areas by 2011 - just 9 years from now. Canadian visas are for sale
because of corrupt local hires. Many of our newcomers, insanely enough,
come from terrorist producing nations - Algeria, Iran, Afghanistan,
Saudi Arabia, India and Sri Lanka.

Canadians have seen through the lies, this diversity crap and the don't
worry be happy immigration propaganda.

The time has come to take action! Call your Member of Parliament today
and demand that we close the borders down to terrorists, security
threats and bogus "refugees"

It's time to put Canada First! We need to take control of our borders
and demand the Immigration Minister respect the wishes of the majority
and halt the immigration invasion.

"Almost 70% of respondents feel Canada needs to put the squeeze on
immigration so we don't become a launching ground for terrorist attacks,
according to a Toronto Sun/Leger Marketing national poll."

September 8, 2002 (Toronto Sun)

Why does our Immigration Minister
continually ignore the majority and
not stop this invasion

It's time to put CANADA FIRST!