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Thread: Man-Made Black Holes (Don't try this at Home)

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    Exclamation Man-Made Black Holes (Don't try this at Home)

    Particle accelerators may soon be used to produce short-lived, miniature black holes.

    When one thinks of black holes, one usually envisions massive monsters that can swallow spaceships, or even stars, whole. But the holes that might be produced at the highest-energy accelerators--perhaps as early as 2007, when the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN near Geneva starts up--are distant cousins of such astrophysical behemoths. They would be microscopic, comparable in size to elementary particles. They would not rip apart stars, reign over galaxies or pose a threat to our planet, but in some respects their properties should be even more dramatic. Because of quantum effects, they would evaporate shortly after they formed, lighting up the particle detectors like Christmas trees. In so doing, they could give clues about how space-time is woven together and whether it has unseen higher dimensions.

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    Nice post. I heard about that a while back and was amazed that it may actually be possible to creat a miniture black hole. I'd love to one day work at Cern. The particle accelerators they have there make Fermilab look like a high school science project!
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