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Thread: Nations where Nordic Race Dominates

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    Post Nations where Nordic Race Dominates

    Its eastern ireland,eastern england/scotland, denmark, netherlands,northern germany, northern poland , western latvia,western estonia, and southwest finland,and most of sweden and norway fall into the predominant nordic category.

    What about America,Canada, and Australia?

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    Of course, Austrians seem to be predominantly Nordid with some Alpinid and Dinarid elements. I would add Northern Belgium (especially the longer-headed, often golden blond and blue-eyed, tall Flemish people, note that the population of the delta region in Southwestern Netherlands is less Nordid than these Flemish, and perhaps more Alpinid).

    What about Russia?

    A friend of mine often say that one cannot classify "these mixed New World people". I disagree. There are as many sub-types in European regions whom have "mixed". Furthermore, types tend to recombine with a set of characters.

    I can see many Americans, Canadians and Australians (selection from the most Nordid regions of the British Isles?) who are not only a bit Nordid, but are many times so in a pronounced form.

    Quote Originally Posted by Loki
    Your list is mainly correct although I'd add large swathes of Austria, Switzerland, Iceland and the Faroese. And even northern France, to a lesser extent.

    These multicultural New World countries, along with South Africa, harbor Nordic populations, but to a lesser degree than the European ones, and subracial intermixture is more common in the New World.

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