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Thread: The Netherlands and Norway consider Danish immigration policy

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    The Netherlands and Norway consider Danish immigration policy

    The Netherlands and Norway look to Danish immigration policy for inspiration

    The Netherlands and Norway have considered adopting some of Denmark’s strict immigration legislation. The Dutch have adopted some of Denmark’s rules with regard to family reunification, while Norway has considered using other parts of the Danish model, professor Ulf Hedetoft of Aalborg University told Denmark’s public radio station.

    Norwegian politicians are considering adopting Danish legislation that requires Danes to have DKK 50,000 (EUR 6,600) in their bank account before receiving visitors that need a visa. If the visitor seeks asylum, the money is absorbed by the state.

    ‘It’s not unusual for Norwegian politicians to look to Denmark’s immigration policy for inspiration,’ said Hedetoft.

    In addition, the Netherlands have created an age limit of 21-years for people to bring their spouses to the country, while Denmark has a 24-year minimum and a requirement that both parties have a connection to Denmark. In addition, the Netherlands considered expelling immigrants who engage in criminal activity.

    The Dutch Minister of Integration Rita Verdonk has visitied Denmark to gather ideas.

    ‘I consider Denmark to be quite progressive with regard to foreigners and integration policy,’ Verdonk said.

    According to Hedetoft, the Netherlands have studied Denmark because restrictions have led to the reunification of fewer families.

    The tendency to copy Denmark’s legislation concerns Birgitte Kofoed Olsen of the Institute for Human Rights.

    ‘Human rights can be violated as a consequence of following the legislation we have in Denmark. People are put in a situation in which their right to raising a family is restricted,’ said Olsen.

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    Stig NHF
    I hope they open our borders to 300 000 fanatical moslems. Its only stuff like this that will bring down this rotten state and open the eyes of the general population. Evicting the maniacs will only lead to our certain doom, why is this so hard for you all to see? A liberal society cannot work without immigration, so there is no point in fighting immigration as it is only an effect of the cause, not the cause itself. The cause is among other things liberalism.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stig NHF
    I hope they open our borders to 300 000 fanatical moslems. Its only stuff like this that will bring down this rotten state and open the eyes of the general population.
    That's brinkmanship NHF. I understand your point but by the time the masses understand what is happening, you may have passed the point of no-return. Indeginous Norwegians will have intermarried and converted to Islam, Sharia law will be applied in certain autonomous districts and they will also be armed and militant.
    The last fight would mean a small group of racially aware people fighting a rearguard action in a racial Ragnarok.
    Better to stop immigration, kick them out and educate your population.
    A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors
    will never achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendents.

    Lord Macauley

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    Stig NHF
    Yes, Sigel you are correct in your statement that it is very risky buisness. What other options do we have? Educating the population wil be too late afterwards, what we need to do is educate as many as we can in our daily life while we try to intermingle as little as we can with "the others". I haven't got a big problem with immigration , as it is the only thing that will force the Europeans to be European. What I DO have a problem with , is integration , which we should fight in every way we can, and I do on a daily basis. Never talk to the immigrants, never buy from them , never have any contact with anyone supporting them, refuse to sell them your house, refuse to sell them your car etc etc. By such a mindset we will enable the extremists in the immigrantpopulation to become the spokesmen for the moderate immigrations too. This will in turn force the Europeans to take a stand. When it comes to the coming war, yes I am aware that it will be hard and it will maybe happen when we are past 50 % even, but it is the ONLY WAY!
    That is we must organize, work out every day, practice skills you'll need (you know what I mean), get a good education, get a good wife/husband and have children with him/her and educate the people around you on a daily basis towards this end. This is indeed the endtimes of a historical cyclus , but if we play our cards right, we'll ride this wave like mad surfers.

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