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Thread: Pope calls for a new world order

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    Post Pope calls for a new world order

    Pope calls for a new world order

    UN's failure to halt US war on Iraq leads to new initiative,00.html

    John Hooper in Rome
    Friday January 2, 2004
    The Guardian

    Pope John Paul II launched one of the most important diplomatic initiatives of his long papacy yesterday when he called for a new international order to replace the one that emerged from the second world war.
    Though he did not offer a detailed plan, his words appeared to show he wanted the UN replaced in light of its failure to block the use of force by America in Iraq.

    The Pope called last month for the reform of world institutions and deplored any failure to respect international law. But in a sermon during a mass at St Peter's in Rome yesterday, he went much further, referring to the UN as if it were already a part of the past.

    "More than ever, we need a new international order that draws on the experience and results achieved in these years by the United Nations," he declared during a service to mark the Roman Catholic Church's World Day of Peace, celebrated on January 1.

    He was flanked at the altar by two of his most senior international representatives: the secretary of state, Cardinal Angelo Sodano, and the president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, Cardinal Renato Martino, who outraged many Americans last month by expressing "pity" and "compassion" for the captured Saddam Hussein.

    The congregation included the heads of all the diplomatic missions accredited to the Holy See.

    In his homily, the Pope said the new world order he wanted "would be able to provide solutions to the problems of today ... based on the dignity of human beings, an integrated development of society, solidarity between rich and poor nations, and on the sharing of resources and the extraordinary results of scientific and technological progress."

    The Pope believes that not enough of these goals are being achieved with the present system of international organisations that emerged in the late 40s, including the UN, the IMF and the World Bank.

    But the central issue, seen from the Vatican's point of view, is the growing irrelevance of a painstakingly constructed body of international law which is being ignored by the US administration during its "war on terror".

    Cardinal Martino first signalled the Pope's disquiet last month when he presented a document written by the pontiff to mark the World Day of Peace. Without naming the US, the Pope warned: "Peace and international law are closely linked to each other: law favours peace". He also pointedly observed that "democratic governments know well that the use of force against terrorists cannot justify a renunciation of the principles of the rule of law".

    The Pope acknowledged that current international law was ill-suited to dealing with rebels or terrorists and called for new treaties and reform of the UN. But yesterday's appeal was for an altogether more sweeping change.

    With observer status at the UN and a network of diplomats covering 174 countries, the Holy See is in a strong position to lobby for its goals.

    Its concerns over US attitudes are unlikely to be assuaged by the latest statement of policy from President George Bush's secretary of state, Colin Powell. In an article for the New York Times yesterday, Mr Powell said: "President Bush's vision is clear and right: America's formidable power must continue to be deployed on behalf of principles that are simultaneously American, but that are also beyond and greater than ourselves."

    Senior members of the Catholic Church of England and Wales endorsed the Pope's comments. "We welcome the words of the Vatican and fully support what the Holy See says in this," said Ollie Wilson, a spokesman for the Catholic media office.

    They cast doubt however on whether he had meant to imply that the UN had had its day and should be replaced.

    Peter Jennings, press secretary to the Most Reverend Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Birmingham, said: "The Pope is a great advocate of the UN."

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    Post Re: Pope calls for a new world order

    United Nations Organization
    Condemned by Pope Pius XIII
    July 4, 2002

    The basic composition of society is determined by natural law. That means, that it is implanted in the heart of men by the Creator how they are to live as social beings. In Genesis 2, 18 it is written of Adam (God speaking): “It is not good for man to be alone; let us make him a help like unto himself.” When God created Eve from a rib from Adam He established the fundamental unit of society, that is, the family composed of husband and wife. A society composed of any other unit, whether that be the single parent setup or the homosexual couple, is contrary to laws of God. Hence, they are to be avoided and forbidden by those in authority. The Church has always forbade non-“husband and wife” units, and it is the duty of those in civil authority to maintain that right order.

    Given the fundamental components of the social order, men must work for their common good in organizations of the civil order. The family composed of husband and wife is an imperfect society. That means that families do not have in themselves all the means to secure their development and general well being. A unit of the civil order is required to have police protection, courts to secure justice, roads and bridges for travel, and a military to guard the borders of each particular state. The state is a perfect society, for it has in itself all the means necessary to secure its end. It becomes a moral person with a distinct personality. It is so composed that the bond of piety unites all the members. There is a brotherly relation between all the citizens. Every citizen of every state must love his state to the extent that he is willing to give up his life for it. This becomes evident in the willing workers in the state, such as the police and soldiers.

    Sociology books go at great length to explain how civil governments are composed. Just what makes a state? Is it a single language? No; for there are countries with multiple languages, and still they are united. Consider the state of Canada. Is the state one government? No; for unjust divisions divide states, and they even end up with two governments or more, but the state still remains one, as seen in Ireland. There is a natural call for it to be under one central government. It is not necessary to prolong this by examples, for this document treats with the illegal United Nations Organization as it is seen in the world today. Due to the fact that communications and travel are so quick and rather easy, men have concluded that the individual states are to be dissolved, and that there should be but one central government for the whole world. Then there would be no borders and no sovereign and independent states.

    No matter how well such a universal state is composed it can never provide proper care for the citizens of the world as natural law requires. There must be independent and sovereign states. Those states must be composed by the rules of natural law. They have ideals and a purpose all their own. They have, so to say, a personality which makes the citizens different in each state. The esprit de corps of the Japanese differs from that of the Chinese. The esprit de corps of the Germans differ from that of the Italians. It is a common and necessary way people want to conduct themselves.

    There are problems between countries that must be agreed on for the good of the individual states. The borders must be set in such a way that the citizens on each side of the borders feel at home, and thus can love their homeland as a unit of civil society. The use of rivers which supply the needs of many countries must be worked out. The method of trade between countries must be determined, lest one country destroys the social order in the other country. Air flight must be assisted for the safety and good of all concerned. At the same time, each state must remain free and independent.

    Nations must work out their problems with other nations in such a way that no country loses its sovereign status. For that reason there is a real need for some organization to facilitate the peaceful co-existence of all the sovereign states. It is up to the nations to determine the composition and representation in that one world organization.

    The United Nations Organization (UNO) with its center in New York, which was founded largely by Communist elitists in 1948, is functioning in an unnatural way, and thus it is illicit. It has no right to exist in the manner in which it functions. The UNO is slowly gobbling up nation after nation, leaving their citizens without their sovereignty as individual nations. No United Nations organization may have a military of its own. No soldier can be commanded by a ruler other than the head of his own nation. The example that calls for correction is where an American soldier was commanded to remove his USA insignia from his uniform and put in its place the UNO insignia. If and when such a command is given to every soldier in the world, there will be no more sovereign states. Love and service of homeland will cease to exist. Before God and man, such a formation is an abomination, and We as the Pope, the head of God’s one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church, condemn it in no uncertain terms.

    The function of a true United Nations would be to work one agreement in a non-juridical forum. It will be without soldiers and without a binding court, for both of these elements purport the loss of sovereignty in the individual countries. When injustices are going on, the various countries can and must unite to solve those problems.

    Quite naturally it will be objected that this proposal is impossible. Without God and His Church it is impossible. All men must learn that when men refuse to let God and His Church rule them in the spiritual order, they will find that they will be ruled by tyrants whether they like it or not. They will be powerless to withstand the socialistic minions of Satan from turning them into slaves.

    As this document is produced the whole world is experiencing terrorism. There are many individuals who are causing terror, for they see injustices by the wealthy and powerful, and they want to correct that. They want freedom without being subject to God. There are nations also that cause terror. The Israeli government and the Palestinian people exchange terror, for both peoples want sovereign control of the total territory. If no reasonable solution is found there will be terrorism to the end of time. Once again, if both people became zealous members of God’s Church, the Catholic Church, it is likely that they would be able to work out an agreement that will end terrorism and bring about what Our Lord came to give: “peace on earth to men of good will.” The identical program of peace applies to every individual person and every nation on earth. Whether men want it or not, let it be known that as long as they will not have God rule them in the spiritual order they will have men rule them as tyrants in the civil order.

    Historical Observation
    Our Lord Jesus Christ was born at a time when there was a one world government under Caesar. His Church was birthed during the same era. By the directions and divine assistance of the Church that One World Government ended, and the Christian social order with sovereign states filled the earth. Once again, if the world generally becomes Catholic the slip into the slavery of the now encroaching New World Order of the One World Government can be stopped, and once again sovereign states can fill the world. In that form of civil order God ordained that men work out their eternal salvation, and that is their one and only reason for being on this earth.
    Pius, pp. XIII
    July 4, 2002

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    Post Re: Pope calls for a new world order

    I can't see why the destruction of the UN would be a bad thing myself.
    The Phora

    "There are no principles; there are only events. There is no good and bad, there are only circumstances. The superior man espouses events and circumstances in order to guide them. If there were principles and fixed laws, nations would not change them as we change our shirts and a man can not be expected to be wiser than an entire nation."
    —Honoré de Balzac

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    The New Order of Sultan Selim III

    The history of Europe and especially Southern Europe in the New Age
    after the Medieval Ages had been a confrontation with the raising Ottoman Empire .

    Lots of Battles were fought , but the split European Nations had lost many opportunities
    by infighting .

    One example is the Holy League brought together by a pope in the 16th century
    fighting the Battle of Lepanto :
    The Christian coalition had been promoted by Pope Pius V
    to rescue the Venetian colony of Famagusta on the island of Cyprus,
    which was being besieged by the Turks in early 1571 subsequent to the fall of Nicosia
    and other Venetian possessions in Cyprus in the course of 1570
    On the Christian right, the situation was different, as Doria continued sailing towards the south instead of taking his assigned position.
    He would explain his conduct after the battle by saying that he was trying to prevent an enveloping maneuver by the Turkish left.
    But Doria's captains were enraged, interpreting their commander's signals as a sign of treachery.
    When Doria had opened a wide gap with the Christian center, Uluç Ali swung around and fell on Colonna's southern flank,
    with Doria too far away to interfere.
    Ali attacked a group of some fifteen galleys around the flagship of the Knights of Malta,
    threatening to break into the Christian center and still turn the tide of the battle.

    Though the Christians could win the Battle of Lepanto , the Ottoman Empire was able to resurrect its fleet
    and conquer several Northern African cities and finally things got even worse for Venice .

    The Ottoman Empire even had a long tradition of good relations with the Country of France ,
    and a Sultan had back at times of the French Revolution the vision of a New Order :
    For the Ottoman Empire, the French Revolution was a godsend,
    since conflict between European powers could only weaken the states that were its traditional enemies.[131]

    For Sultan Selim III, this was a golden opportunity to modernize, and achieve the "New Order" (Nizam-i Jedid).

    He established permanent embassies in several European countries, and turned to France for help.[132]
    Various experts were sent, and in 1795, French envoy extraordinaire Raymond de Verninac-Saint-Maur (fr)
    attempted to establish a Treaty of Alliance.[133]

    A young artillery officer by the name of Napoleon Bonaparte was also to be sent to Constantinople in 1795
    to help organize Ottoman artillery.
    He did not go, for just days before he was to embark for the Near East he proved himself useful
    to the Directory by putting down a Parisian mob in the whiff of grapeshot and was kept in France

    How would Europe had been shaped in the 19th century , if Napoleon would have been sent to the Arabic Near East ,
    and stayed there for ten years ?
    Mk 10:18 What do you call me a good master, no-one is good .

    Gylfaginning 1.39 But on wine alone Odin in arms renowned Forever lives.

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