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Thread: Irma Grese: A German Girl's Heroic Death

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    Exclamation Irma Grese: A German Girl's Heroic Death

    This story enrages me!


    by J. Belling

    Irma Grese was only 21 years old when she became a defendant at the infamous Belsen Trial. Few would have imagined that the young and beautiful Grese was capable of committing the crimes of which she was accused.

    The testimony from the Belsen Trial indicates that Miss Grese was an SS Aufseherin, or Overseer, who was assigned duties along with seven other women to guard over 20-30 thousand inmates, most of them Hungarian Jewesses detained at Auschwitz. Indeed, it was more for her tenure of service at Auschwitz, rather than Belsen, for which she was charged and convicted.

    The circumstances of her case clearly indicate that Grese was simply a victim of malicious gossip and accusations made by ex-prisoners hell bent on exacting their ounce of blood from their former guards. Unjust accusations of this sort are not uncommon within prisons. However, in our justice system, such complaints are often not
    acted upon, as it is only to be expected that the detained will harbor resentments against their guards. This is not to say that mistreatment in prisons does not occur. Undoubtedly it does.

    In the case of Irma Grese, one should simply reflect on the fact that it is not easy to manage 20-30,000 inmates. Auschwitz was a detention center, where criminals were freely interspersed among those simply being held in protective custody. As a young woman of rather slight stature it is only common sense to assume that as a guard among so many prisoners, Miss Grese took measures to safeguard her own safety.

    Thus, it has been reported that she carried a stick with her and was often escorted by a dog. In correctional facilities all over the world, such measures are commonplace among staff members justifiably concerned with their own safety. The usual mistake made in evaluating cases like Irma Grese is that the average person is more or less unaware that guards at Auschwitz had every legal right to take measures to ensure their own safety and to maintain order.

    Grese joined the SS in 1942, against the wishes of her father, and was stationed for a time at Ravensbrueck, a camp for women. In 1943 she was transferred to Auschwitz and stationed in Birkenau. How she actually came to be a member of the SS is unclear.

    According to her testimony, she was sent to work in the camps by the German Labour Exchange. Obviously the recruiting and acceptance criteria for female members of the SS was different from that of males, although I have been unable to uncover any guidelines. At any rate, Grese remained at Auschwitz until January, 1945, after which she was sent on to Belsen at her own request. If she had been sent to any other camp, we most likely would never have even heard of her.

    Grese's duties at Auschwitz varied. Most of her work was rather benign, such as sorting through parcels and overseeing construction projects. However, from May until December, 1944, Grese was appointed senior Aufseherin for Compound C which turned out to be the eventual cause of her undoing. There she had to oversee 20-30,000 Hungarian Jewesses, all held in protective custody.

    The huge influx of detainees created problems which were addressed with difficulty by the relatively young and inexperienced Grese. Most of the problems centered around
    the distribution of food. The overcrowding also led to sanitation problems, which Grese was scarcely capable of handling. The detainees themselves helped to create many of the problem situations, as at Belsen, where they urinated and defecated whenever and wherever the urge struck them.

    They also filled the latrines and compound with trash and filth, so much so that the latrines eventually ceased to function. This would explain the pervasive stench around Auschwitz and another reason why it was referred to as Anus Mundi.

    Grese was accused of beating prisoners herself or ordering then to be beaten. Grese herself admitted that she sometimes struck prisoners with a cellophane whip and gave orders that anyone caught stealing from the kitchens was to be beaten. While this seems harsh, one should bear in mind that the prisoners who stole food from the kitchens were actually stealing the food right out of the mouths of fellow prisoners at a time when food itself was scarce. Thus their crime of theft was particularly
    grievous, and undoubtedly warranted strict punishment.

    As head Aufseherin, Grese was also responsible for conducting roll call. Often prisoners were compelled to stand for hours until the roll call was verified as correct. However, this is common procedure at any institution and should not particularly concern us here. Grese was accused of administering vicious beatings. However, the accusations
    were never proven. At Belsen, she was too horrified at the condition of the sick inmates to even approach them.

    Grese's comments about the alleged gas chambers at Auschwitz are most interesting. She never saw a gas chamber, but remarked that she heard about them from prisoners. Other SS staff also seemed to know nothing about them save what the prisoners rumored. Thus, when she wrote SB for Sonder Behandlung in her strength book, she assumed that these people were sent to the rumored gas chambers.

    There is no doubt that Miss Grese struck prisoners, but there is also no doubt that the prisoners deliberately exaggerated their alleged mistreatment. They often embellished each and every little tale and accusation of beating. Grese's testimony rings of truth and candidness, quite alike the testimony of many of her accusers.

    Much ado was made over the accusation that Grese was always accompanied by a fierce dog, which she set upon the prisoners for amusement. Grese denied ever having a dog. In fact, the matter could have been cleared up by asking the other Aufseherin who worked with her, but neither the prosecution nor the defense ever pursued this line of questioning as they should have.

    Though the prosecutor tried his best, it was my feeling that he failed to connect Irma Grese with any crimes which would have warranted the imposition of the death penalty. He was unable to connect her to any alleged gassings, as well as any individual cases of murder. The curious thing about the accusations is that the victims were all anonymous. Not one alleged victim of murder was ever mentioned by name by any of the accusors.

    Of course, that is only because their accusations were false. Though the prosecutor attempted to portray Miss Grese in a negative light after her transfer to Belsen, he failed, IMO. Most of Miss Grese's time at Belsen was taken up with preparing funerals for SS staff members who were also dropping like flies in the camp due to the typhus epidemic.

    Summing up, it is clear that Irma Grese did not deserve the death penalty, as the prosecution failed to live up to the burden of proof which would be required in any impartial court today. Clearly Miss Grese was guilty of striking prisoners on occasion, but this was usually for some offense or infraction of one sort or another,. As
    usual, the professional witnesses and survivors failed to get their stories straight and their testimony differed considerably from their written affidavits.

    It was hardly necessary for an allied court to try Miss Grese on charges of mistreating prisoners in a detention camp, which was legally instituted by the legitimate government of Germany. Such offenses as beating prisoners could easily have been handled by the German authorities themselves. However, it WAS necessary that examples be made in 1945-46. Thus, Miss Grese was convicted and sentenced to death.

    Neither her youth nor the truth saved her life from being terminated by some stuffy old English Judge faithfully fulfilling the orders and expectations of his own government. Under the guise of legality, Irma Grese was lynched.

    In EXECUTIONER, his his book of memoirs, the English hangman Albert Pierrepoint described Irma Grese's last hours on earth with an admiration for her beauty, her courage, and her dignity he could barely conceal. He referred to her as a "bonnie lassie" and said she spent the night before her execution singing "Nazi songs" with her
    fellow condemned inmates. She was hanged the next morning along with two other German women, nurses Elisabeth Volkenrath and Juana Bormann.

    Irma Grese was led to the gallows first, and Pierrepoint wrote that as he slipped the noose around her neck and pulled the hood down over her face she gave him an "enigmatic smile" which haunted him for the rest of his life. "She was the bravest prisoner, man or woman, whom I ever hanged," he concluded. (From EXECUTIONER, by Albert Pierrepoint). Woman though she was, Irma Grese upheld the honor and tradition of the SS to the last, as much as any decorated veteran of Stalingrad or Kursk ever

    "This destiny does not tire, nor can it be broken, and its mantle of strength descends upon those in its service." - Francis Parker Yockey, IMPERIUM

    ......naturally the best man could give them the best children. Because of that these chosen Freyr priests had several wives. - Varg Vikernes

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    Stig NHF
    Both inspiring and sad.

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    How typically Jewish; making sneaky little accusations and then hiding behind the convenience of anonymity. The author forgot to mention the varoious accusations of sadism that she has been accused of over the years. Typically more of an Eva than an Irma, I see my role as one in a more domestic, social and feminine capacity (though I dont consider Irma lacking in that respect), and I greatly admire women like her who have the mental and physical strength to endure such harsh conditions for the betterment of her country and volk.

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    How many Jews did Hitler Kill? Obviously, not enough...

    This is an inspiring story that shows the greatness of the Aryan Spirit. also shows how unfortunate that there WASN'T a "Holocaust."
    ?In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.?

    -- George Orwell

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    The supposed "justice" served by the victorious allies after World War II was of the same character as the era of 'witch trials' where accusations of witnesses, gossip and exaggerated stories became serious "evidence" instead of thrown out as the false imaginings they really were (eg. intercourse with the devil ... some accused even broke down to admitting they did this!).

    Worse though was the fact that there was a determined purpose by the "allies" and zionists to distort and magnify events (and non-events) into a huge wall of false propaganda that serves a vast political agenda to this day!

    Perhaps we now start to see (some of us who aren't watching the MSM news) more and more that this fabricated wall has weak spots and there is some crumbling stones falling from the sides. Can the upholders of the official story keep fixing this wall or will it eventually start falling down?

    I'd love to see the day when even the mainstream media would report that various ideas about WWII were false (there are some news stories showing WWI British propaganda of German factories making soap out of dead German soldiers ... but this kind of thing doesn't seem to make most people question other things) but I'm afraid these kinds of admissions would be far in the future when this old WWII history would be "safely non-politically important". People would go about their day and be lied to about what is politically charged at that future time.

    Actually ... I'd love to see the day when nobody believed the mainstream media and it all collapsed ... no CNN, no BBC, no CBC, no Fox ... and no Hollywood propaganda movies!

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