One of the things forgotten by our modern, revisionist view of history, in which all things National Socialist are bad and "evil," is that a large part of German propaganda during the 1930s and 1940s called on people to "awaken." Since we wise moderns view the Nazi regime as ignorance, we are blind to what that means.

During the last Ice Age, much of the earth was frozen solid, and most people moved as close to the equator as they could, where one could still live without being entirely dependent on fire. These people not only took a big risk by leaving the warmer climates to the south, but took on a lifestyle that was less than appealing: constant cold, frequent hunger and death at any turn. Where in the south there was always fruit, and small game, the north required that one hunt large game and survive in icy caves.

Probably the biggest requirement for undertaking this move was the beginnings of a vast faith, in which one believes in the future as a valid goal and foregoes short-term gratification in favor of hard work for that future. Comfort and personal mortality take a back seat toward this achievement, and in the meantime, life will be hard - this requires a faith in existence and the basic goodness of the cosmos that most people do not have. Certaintly it was a rare tribe that left Africa and headed north.

Over the next ten thousand generations, this group changed genetically as well as spiritually. They became hardened people who had adapted to the harshest environments on earth, and they believed in ideas which rewarded long-term thinking: highly selective breeding, art and learning, architecture and compassion. These beliefs did not come about by the luxury of their circumstances, but in spite of them; these beliefs were the fully developed form of the faith and passion that had led them to the Arctic Circle in the first place.

This was the origin of Caucasians as we now know them; when the ice melted, they came streaming back into Central and Southern Europe, and from there went out to the world. Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the Americas, North and South, both have record of these people having visited, and having been unlike anything seen so far. They were the Arctic race, and they brought with them values that were both warlike and creative, such that everywhere they went, they built civilizations according to their spiritual tradition.

This faith, a belief in the goodness of life itself and the ultimate ends of living it creatively, was their guiding light. Where others might have been externally stronger, the Arctic people were internally strong, because they did not see only love or hate, but a world that embraced them both, and they so loved this world that they joyfully gave their lives by the thousands in quest of what they found meaningful. Sacrifice was not an evil to them, but a means toward achieving great things, much as it had guided them through years of ice and horror in the north without their losing spirit or hope.

What we have now is garbage, compared to that society. It is literally garbage in the plastic and metal buildings that line concrete slabs, and the vast amounts of junk we generate when we are done with our plastic toys, and it is garbage in that we have no such faith or belief in the long-term future, and focus on our personal gratification and comfort at the moment. What would one sacrifice for? Our religions of today say that all death is bad, and the best we can do is to spare others death, but in the past, there was no bad, only a task which could be achieved and then a reality which, while harsh, was a source of wonderment and joy.

Our people now are not strong, inwardly, in the way the ancients were; their flaxen hair has begun to fade and, mixed with fractional amounts of the tribe from the south, they are losing their character as tall, thin, graceful people, and have been replaced by a rough mob of crass and judgmental people. They see only one reality, and it is the society of machines in which they live, and they see only one way of assessing other people, which is according to its values of short-term gratification. There is nothing for which they believe in dying, and they have no goals outside of comfort.

This is why the National Socialists of Germany encouraged their people to Awaken; they were saying, in effect, see what once was, and what we have now, and realize that we have lost something and we have to get back on track. In many ways: there was a cleaning up of society, a giving of meaning to ordinary life, a return to natural belief and behavior in harmony with nature, and, yes, racial separation. They separated the races so that not all people would live under the same judgment, and so that each race could determine its own future. They saw neither hate nor love, but a believed in the world as a whole, and had no need to divide it into moral categories.

In modern times, we are missing the inner strength of the past, and its faith in life. Life to us is so bad that everywhere we have rules condemning death, and we shun anyone willing to wield death as a tool, even if they mean to create some better for all of us by it. Our cities rot in crime, poverty and drug abuse, and the average person gets dumber every generation. We might even be seen as television-worshippers, seeing how that is the only consistent area in which people spend time besides work. Something took this from us, and it is important to understand correctly what that is.

What took this from us was not African-Americans, nor was it Jews, and although a good argument can be made that it was Christianity, which burned all the old records and pagan temples and slaughtered anyone who did not bow to a single world order based on a Jewish God, but it was something subtler. All things decay when they lose direction, and our tribe lost direction, since it no longer had the ice and snow to remind it why to strive, and to think for the long term. We got fat and lazy. We bred poorly, and among us weaker people emerged, people who were desperate for any power they could get. We degenerated.

Christianity came to take advantage of that, because when one loses sight of larger goals, and loses faith in the world, one experience mortal fear, because if there is nothing other than the self, with loss of the self the world ends, or so goes the feeling. Our faith which had carried us through so much was dissipated, and people came from the Middle East with an easy solution: believe in the One True Way and you will be not only saved from death, but can consider yourself "good" for having done "good" and not "evil" things.

It was a self-esteem builder, but like a drug, it carried a high price tag. In exchange for feeling "good" and immortal, because not dying is the ultimate good (in that view), we had to break our spirits and start accepting things that do not fit our natural worldview. We were then conquered by a Jewish God and his Messiah. There was a sublimated sense of dread among the people with foresight, but they hoped it would pass, and took no action. Instead, like an addiction, it grew stronger over the years.

Christianity eventually fragmented, and became several secular versions of itself, from "Enlightenment" egalitarianism to bureaucratic utilitarianism, and with those first footsteps industry began to take hold. Unlike simple technology, industry was based on one way of measuring the world and One True Path, only: profit. Forests could be destroyed, ancient cultures replaced by television, and lives made into miserable servitude, as long as there was profit to be had. To support this illusion, we invented a number of pleasant little lies, such as that "free enterprise" is necessary for individuals to have fulfilling lives, and that a moral system of government would regulate otherwise unchecked profit, but these are excuses, not real systems of belief.

In exchange for losing our faith, we have pretty toys, and anyone can rise from poverty to wealth, but they must live in a time without meaning, and serve a God who believes that there is only one path to the Truth, and that those who deviate are "evil." No matter how wealthy we get we cannot escape the degeneracy of our civilization, because if we isolate ourselves from it, we are cut off from all the things we would want in a society. Our public dogma is that whatever pleases most people must be right, and since most people support this belief, it is one world order imposed onto all.

The consequences are massive. Environmental destruction is rampant, killing off many species and shattering most ecosystems by giving them only small amounts of land uninterrupted by humans. We take the best land, cover it in concrete, and kill anything that lives around it. We overfish our seas, and in return, fill them with plastic bags, used condoms, toxic waste and medical garbage. We have nearly destroyed large portions of the most beautiful thing we have ever had, our world, because we think parts of it are "bad" and our human order is "good."

Awaken! And if we do, what is to be done? The hands wring and voices wail. This is unnecessary, since what needs to be done can be done in the current system, and completely legally. The first step is to awaken, and to rediscover the lost faith, and thus to accept the world as whole without needing a single order for the whole world of the One True Path, whether it be the Jewish God or money or social prestige. If only one percent of our people awakened, and began living according to this faith, the others would see and would respond, and probably not violently, either: they would realize in part what they, too, have lost.

Those who argue against this are usually those who feel they have already lost all they could have had, and thus want others to share in their misery. Thus any idea of racial separation creates a screaming terror, and any idea that we limit anyone's "right" to buy as much plastic as they can carry raises hackles. These objections are easily overcome when those who see the original faith say simply, "I prefer to have this faith," and cease trying to prove themselves to others. Pure willpower is our strongest weapon, and while our enemies have external strength, they do not have the power of conviction, and of creativity.

Old spaces can be renovated for those who have faith, and rules can be changed by a vote in which the strongest voices are those which have faith, a believe beyond love or hate, about what must occur. The past is alive. If you awaken, you will discover it, and then have the strength to put it into motion.