Two temples once stood in Munich. Each contained the sarcophagi of eight men who fell as the first blood witnesses in the struggle for a New Order of Aryankind.

Today, those temples are no more. They were destroyed by the hate and evil of those who did not want to see a better world, but who tried to erase forever the memory of these heroes by scattering their ashes to the four winds.

But today, 81 years after they fell, the spirit of these men lives on. In honor of them, we have erected two new temples in our hearts as twin monuments, monuments which cannot be undone by mortal hands.

On this occasion, we bow our heads in humble homage and eternal gratitude to the unwavering loyalty and selfless sacrifice of these men and of all those who have fought and died in the service of the one great Cause. May they shine forever as examples and as guiding lights toward that brighter time which is yet to come.