Freedom Front claims South African political landscape has now changed.

by William Jensen

On Wednesday, the multi-racial Democratic Alliance (headed by the Jew Tony Leon) lost a seat in Vanderbijlpark, South Africa to the pro-White Freedom Front Plus after the former fielded a Black candidate in the predominantly White district. The area was once the territory of ex-Conservative Party and pro-White leader Andries Treurnicht.

Vanderbijlpark rejected the Democratic Alliance's Nkhoro Makibinyane and instead voted in Cobus Cato of the Freedom Front Plus.

The Freedom Front analyzed their victory in the following terms:

Mr Cobus Cato of the FF Plus, achieved a surprising ballot box victory in a municipal by-election in ward 9 of the Emfuleni-municipality (Vanderbijlpark). This was a DA-ward that has been taken by the FF Plus. The FF Plus obtained 846 votes to the 826 votes of the DA and 106 votes of the ANC. The voting percentage was 24,95%. That represents a swing of 45,3% away from the DA to the FF Plus.

What makes the victory remarkable is the fact that the FF Plus has increased its voting tally ten times of what it had been in the 2000 elections. During the 2000 municipal elections the FF candidate in ward 9 could only draw 80 votes while the DA received 3220 votes and the ANC 194 votes.

The tables have been turned in yesterdays` election, as the FF Plus has transformed the DA-majority of 3026 votes in 2000 into a FF Plus gain.

"The result shows the current fluidity and unpredictability of the South African opposition politics. It furthermore proves political commentators wrong, [who had said] that the future of South African politics, after the surrender of the NNP, will be a struggle only between the DA and the ANC. The proportional voting system and South Africa’s` diverse society will ensure that there will never again be merely a few dominant political parties in South Africa’s` politics as it had been before 1994", Dr Pieter Mulder, leader of the FF Plus, said in his reaction to the results.