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Thread: The Occidental Quarterly & Occidental Observer

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    The Occidental Quarterly & Occidental Observer

    The Occidental Quarterly

    A Statement of Principles

    Since the fall of the Soviet Union major fissures have appeared in what is usually called "American conservatism." Chief among these is the conflict between "paleoconservatism" and "neoconservatism." Now a new, third school is emerging from the former. The Occidental Quarterly is an expression of that school and its exponents. To a greater or lesser degree, this constellation of ideas adheres to at least the following commitments:

    - The West is a cultural compound of our Classical, Christian, and Germanic past.
    - Race informs culture; it is the necessary precondition for cultural identity and integrity. In 1950 whites represented 30 percent of the world's population. If current trends persist, this number will plummet to 8 percent by 2050. In the United States, whites are projected to become a minority of the national population in less than fifty years. The result will impoverish not only their descendants but the world in general and will jeopardize the civilization and free governments that whites have created.
    - America is part of the West, and as both a political and cultural order, is not "based on a creed" or "derived from a proposition." America is neither a "universal nation" nor an "experiment" concocted by ideologues. America is the unique and irreplaceable product of centuries of specific racial, historical, and cultural identities. America and its cultural and political identity will endure only so long as the identities that created it and sustain it endure, and when they die, America will die. We do not wish this to happen and will work to ensure it does not.
    - The European identity of the United States and its people should be maintained. Immigration into the United States should be restricted to selected people of European ancestry.
    - The perfectibility, let alone the equality, of man is not possible and is not a legitimate political aspiration. Political efforts to achieve or enforce perfectibility and equality invariably demand an unacceptable degree of coercion and result in unnecessary and unjust pain, suffering, and social disorder.
    - The political and personal freedoms of the American order—including our rights of free expression and association—are in jeopardy from ethnic and ideological enemies and must be preserved.
    - Federal decentralization and territorial separation should be recognized as legitimate and humane means of preventing and resolving divisive social, ethnic, and racial conflicts.
    - The quality of life rather than constant and perpetual increases in the material standard of living should be the emphasis of social and economic policy and public concern
    - Imperial expansion, military crusades, and similar adventures to promote "global democracy" and "human rights" should be rejected.
    - The intervention of foreign states (Israel and Mexico, as well as others) in the internal politics and decision-making of the American people must be rejected.
    I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided; and that is the lamp of experience. I know of no way of judging the future but by the past.
    Patrick Henry

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    Arrow The Occidental Observer

    A New Webzine: Introducing The Occidental Observer

    (October 1, 2007)

    The Occidental Observer will present original content touching on the themes of white identity, white interests, and the culture of the West. Such a mission statement is sure to be dismissed as extremism of the worst sort in today’s intellectual climate—perhaps even as a sign of psychiatric disorder. Yet there is a compelling need for such a site. A great many other identifiable groups in the multicultural West have a strong sense of identity and interest, but overt expressions of white identity and white interests (or European-American identity and interests) are rarely found among the peoples who founded these societies and who continue to make up the majority.

    This is a completely unnatural state of affairs—the result of a prolonged assault on the legitimacy of these concepts by cultural elites that have dominated public discourse on issues of race and ethnicity since before World War II. We reject labels such as “white supremacist” or “racist” that are routinely bestowed on assertions of white identity and interests as a means of muzzling their expression. All peoples have ethnic interests and all peoples have a legitimate right to assert their interests, to construct societies that reflect their culture, and to define the borders of their kinship group.

    We are highly cognizant of the fact that many of the most strident critics of the legitimacy of white identity and interests have a strong sense of their own ethnic identity and interests. And they have a deep sense of the importance of preserving their people and culture. Non-Western peoples throughout the world continue to seek political power, and they attempt to control their borders, establish their own cultures, and defend their perceived interests.

    Societies in Europe, North America, Australia, and New Zealand that have been controlled by whites for hundreds of years are the only ones to accept their own demise as a moral imperative. We view this outcome as the result of competition over the construction of culture in which the legitimate interests of whites have been compromised.

    The Occidental Observer will attempt to rectify that. Major themes will be the bankruptcy of the current culture of the West, the powerful forces of political orthodoxy, and the debasement of the political process in the areas of both foreign and domestic policy.

    The situation is particularly worrisome because present demographic trends, especially massive non-white immigration into Western countries, threaten to make whites a minority in these societies within the foreseeable future. Most whites have a gut feeling that the present trends do not bode well for their future and for the prospects of their descendants. We predict that whites will develop a stronger sense of their own identity and interests as a natural outcome of becoming a minority. We are simply ahead of the curve—an unsettling harbinger of things to come.

    Whereas The Occidental Quarterly specializes in longer articles and reviews, The Occidental Observer will be more like a newspaper. We will feature op-ed-length articles and reviews, as well as shorter comments on news stories and current events. Every effort will be made to be topical, readable, and intellectually stimulating. Our content will reflect a deep concern with intellectual honesty and with making claims that are consistent with scientific evidence. Our opponents have erected an intellectual milieu that is scientifically indefensible and that can only be supported by increasingly heavy-handed methods, such as ostracism, removal from employment, and vilification by the cultural and media establishment. Such “speaking truth to power” is obviously fraught with danger—so much so, that the editorial collective and some of our writers must remain anonymous. We look forward to a future where such tactics will not be necessary. In the meantime, we will do all we can to provide a worldview that is simultaneously intellectually stimulating, scientifically defensible, and pregnant with implications for the future.

    The Occidental Observer

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    The Occidental Observer is now run as a seperate project.

    The Occidental Quarterly has a new site:

    About TOQ & TOQ Online

    The Print Edition

    The Occidental Quarterly: Western Perspectives on Man, Culture, and Politics (ISSN 1539-3925) is published by The Charles Martel Society four times yearly, in the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Click for information on subscriptions and back issues.

    TOQ Online

    TOQ Online features short, topical essays, commentary, reviews, and interviews that do not appear in our print edition, plus the complete back issues and selections from the current issue of the print edition.

    TOQ Editor

    Greg Johnson, Ph.D.

    Print Edition Editorial Advisory Board

    Virginia Abernethy, Ph.D.
    F. Roger Devlin, Ph.D.
    Richard Lynn, Ph.D.
    Kevin MacDonald, Ph.D.
    Michael O’Meara, Ph.D.
    James C. Russell, Ph.D.
    Brent A. Nelson, Ph.D.
    Miles D. Wolpin, Ph.D.

    “The Occidental Quarterly has attracted a diverse readership, an extraordinary pool of talented and clear-headed writers, and best of all, some of the most thought-provoking and even ground-breaking material that I’ve come across in years.”

    —Sam Francis, Ph.D., author, columnist, and one of the founding editors of TOQ

    “It’s refreshing to see so many good ideas and smart people sandwiched between two covers. The Occidental Quarterly is great.”

    —Joseph Sobran, author and columnist

    “The Occidental Quarterly provides vital information and dynamic analysis that cannot be found elsewhere.”

    —James Owens, Ph.D., former Dean, the American University School of Business

    “Slick, academic-looking journal edited by a Who’s Who of the radical right.”

    —The Southern Poverty Law Center

    “A roundtable for some of the far right’s most influential figures.”

    —The American Prospect
    Contact Congress on immigration
    Contact Congress to reject banker bailout
    "Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." --Ben Franklin

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