I noticed that there is a very big correlation, between accent, and sub-race.

I noticed that two same sub-race, from two different countries, will speak a language the same way, with a similar accent, though they don't speak the same language.

exemple: people from the industrial zone going from northern england to northern italy going through, Belgium, north-eastern France, western Germany and Switzerland (the industrial blue banana) which are predominently Alpine area, will all speak their respective language with the rather same harsh accent, though they all speak a different language (English, French, German and Italian respectively).

I am sure there is a way to find a correlation between Galician accent of Spain, Welsh accent, Britton accent, and some Western England accent since they speak all different language but belongs all to Atlanto-Med sub-race (I guess).
I am sure the Alpines, as well as Nordics, of all countries have their own way to speak their language. people in predominantly Nordic area will speak in a very monotone way. in a predominently Mediteranean (racially speaking) area, there are more tone and rythm to the accent. there are very fast spoken accent too.

I am a Belgian living in Liege, a french speaking area spoken with a particular accent and a Dutch described the Maastricht accent (a Dutch city very close to my hometown, area racially connected to Liege) to me and noticed that they speak exactly the same way, the same tone, the same rythm, a different language.

It is personal observation, I may be wrong but I find it interesting.