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Thread: The Negro: A Primate-Like Social Behavior

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    Lightbulb The Negro: A Primate-Like Social Behavior


    Primates, as (mostly) group living animals tend to form what are known as "dominance hierarchies". Animals higher in the hierarchy tend to displace lower ranked individuals from resources (mates, space, food). They tend to have higher reproductive success (either by mating more often, or by having more resources to invest in their offspring). The hierarchy is not fixed and depends on a number of changing factors (age, sex, aggression, intelligence perhaps), and may also depend on the support of others.

    The rank is learned through play, agonistic interactions and affiliative interactions (and rather tautological, that's exactly how it's measured too). This maintenance of social position, and social knowledge of ones rank is one of the postulated theories for why humans have been forced to evolve large brains.


    This is a common primate activity. Allogrooming (others) is an important affiliative mechanism. It can be used to strengthen links: subordinate animals tend to groom more dominate ones; males groom females for sexual access. Or for more practical purposes: mothers grooming infants to keep their fur clean? It is certainly the cement that keeps the primate social structure together.


    This includes scents; body postures; gestures; vocalisations. Some of these appear to be autonomic responses indicating emotional states: fear, excitement, confidence, anger. Others seem to have a more specific purpose: loud ranging calls in Indri, howler monkeys and gibbons; quiet contact calls in lemurs to keep the group together; fear calls in lost infants, or on spotting predators. From our human perspective, we often find it easier to associate sounds with specific meaning, but among NHPs, gestures and actions are often used. Presentation and mounting behaviour is often used to diffuse potentially aggressive situations. Yawns exposing teeth are often threats, as is direct eye contact. Apparently this can cause problems when looking at baboons with binoculars: the front lenses look like bigger than normal eyes and this is seen as the observer being very aggressive. Facial expression is important too. It's very obvious in chimps: their expression often appear all to human-like; but other primates also use stereotyped eyelid flashes or lip slaps.

    In addition, there has recently been a great deal of success teaching chimps human language. This was initially American sign language, but has now been extended through the use of modified computer keyboards to really very high levels of sophistication (especially Kanzi, a pygmy chimp).


    In all primates, except for humans (and perhaps chimps), the females are seasonally, or cyclically receptive. This is usually associated with visual changes such as perianal swelling, so that is clear when the females are in heat. Pair bonding of any sort is rare among primates, though gibbons seem to be lifelong monogamists, and some new world monkey groups, such as marmosets, have only one reproductively active pair in any group. Chimps, especially pygmy chimps, have been seen to have consortships of several weeks where copulation is frequent, but there is still no good evidence for paternal care of the infants.

    Mothers and infants

    This is the basic social group for many primates. It has been observed that this mother infant bonding is needed to allow the infant to be able to interact properly as an adult, and, if female, to be able to cope with offspring. This is one of the big problems with zoo animals where an individual has been hand reared by keepers. In some primates, this mother infant closeness continues after infancy. The females remaining in the group as a "matriline" and the males dispersing to other groups. The combined power of one of these female bonded matrilines is enough for the group of females to be more dominant than the alpha male, even though he is much bigger than an individual member.

    Aggressive and affiliative behaviour

    As mentioned before, many behaviours exist to keep the group structure running smoothly for the members of the group. There are occasions though when these behaviours (especially aggression) are directed outside the group. Baboons gang up to repel attacks by hyenas, and chimps have been known to systematically gang up on and destroy neighbouring groups of chimps. One interesting argument here, is that the development of bipedalism has been seen by some to be driven by a root as an aggressive, dominance display behaviour. This is the gorilla standing bipedally and banging his chest, or a male chimp bipedally charging a subordinate. Most people would probably consider this to be an effect of a bipedal ability, rather than the cause.

    Cultural behaviour

    This is learned behaviour that is passed from generation to generation. You will hear a lot about this in humans, but it has been observed in primates too. One prime example is a group of Japanese macaques, where one individual accidentally learned that the sweet potatoes that they were being fed tasted better if the sand was washed off (this is not a normal food for these animals). This behaviour has now spread through the whole group, and is being passed on to infants. It is now part of their culture. Tool use abilities are often thought to be acquired and passed on in this way too - for example, termite fishing in chimps.


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    The Negro

    "Abstract intelligence is the sine qua non for the existence of a civilized society. Fifty years of research in the U.S.A. have revealed regular, persistent, and statistically significant mean differences between Negroes and Whites." - Dr. Henry GARRETT, Head of Dept. of Psychology, Columbia University

    "Today, psychological and genetic tests place the matter of mental inequality beyond doubt, as far as the White race and Black race are concerned ... the intelligence level of the Negro is far below that of the White." - Edward M. EAST, Prof. of Genetics, Harvard University

    "... The size of the brain relative to size or weight of the body is of crucial importance in placing each species orsubspecies in its proper place in tables of advanced or less advanced stocks...the average brain of the Negro differs in weight, being 100 grams or thereabouts less than the average of the is quite impossible to maintain the brains are the same when we find a distinct difference of this kind." - Robert GAYRE, M.A., D.Phil., D.Sc., Ed. The Mankind Quarterly

    "1. IQ's of American Negroes are 15-20 points lower on the average than American Whites.
    2. Negro overlap of the White median IQ, ranges from 10-25% (equality would require a 50% overlap).
    3. About 6 times as many Negroes as Whites fall below IQ70 (feeble-minded group).
    4. About 6 times as many Whites are in 'gifted child' category.
    5. Negro lag is greatest in tests of an abstract nature: involving reasoning, deduction, comprehension, etc.
    6. Negro-White differences increase with age, the gap of performance being greatest in high school and college.
    7. Large and significant differences appear in favor of Whites even when economic factors have been equated.

    The above statistics are taken from The Testing of Negro Intelligence, (Social Science Press), by Prof. Audrey M. Shuey, Chr. Dept. Psychology, Randolph-Macon College. The test comprises 382 comparisons, in which 81 different tests were employed covering a wide sampling of hundreds of thousands. The tests were designed to measure the kind of mental ability necessary to do well in a modern urban, highly literate civilization. The tests received high praise from Drs. Garrett, Gayre, Josey, Baker, Woodsworth and other distinguished scientists. Nevertheless, six university presses refused to publish it - rather than risk losing their government subsidies.

    The COLEMAN REPORT (1966) was supported by the Federal Government at a cost of $1-million. It researched 600,000 children, K-12, in 4000 demographically representative schools in all parts of the country. About 15% of Negro children equaled or exceeded the White average; 85% fell below the White average. In order of races Whites were first; Orientals second; Amerinds (the most economically deprived of all) third; Mexicans were followed by Puerto Ricans; and last, Negroes. The Coleman Report was buried by liberals and Jews."

    "During the Civil War several thousand Negroes escaped to Canada via the "underground railway". Their descendants have lived in Canada "discrimination free" ever since. Yet their mental test scores are the same as the "oppressed" American Negro. The size of the human brain is related to a capacity for performance in thinking, planning, communicating, and behaving in groups, as leader, follower or both...In living individuals and populations differences are found in the regular size of the lobes and in the surface areas of the cortex; the size of the surface area varies with the complexity and depth of the folds on the inner and outer surfaces of the hemispheres. The larger a brain is the greater the cortical surface area, both proportionately and absolutely." - Dr. Carleton COON, Prof. of Anthropology, Harvard.

    "The human cerebral cortex is the specific organ of civilization ... Foresight, purpose and ideals toward which we strive as individuals and as nations are functions of this cortical gray matter." - Prof. C. JUDSON HERRICK, University of Texas.

    "F.W. Vint, Medical Research Laboratory, Kenya, Africa, published reports (1934) of "examinations of the cerebral cortex of 100 representative adult native brains (not including samples from prisons or mental hospitals) which were compared with European brains." He found that the "supragranular layer of the Negro cortex was about 14% thinner than Whites". The whole anterior frontal area on one or both sides may be removed without loss of consciousness. During the amputation the individual may continue to talk, unaware of the fact that he is being deprived of the area which most distinguishes his brain from that of a chimpanzee. After its removal there will be a defect but he may well not appreciate it himself. The defect will be in his ability to plan and take initiative... although he may well be able to answer the questions of others as accurately as ever." - Dr. Wilder PENFIELD, Prof. of Neurology and Neurosurgery, McGill University, "the World's top brain surgeon".

    "Dr. Albert Schweitzer, renounced a world renown career in Germany as theologian, author, organist, and authority on Bach, to earn a doctorate in medicine. He then established a hospital in Lamberne, Africa. There, because of his Christianity and humanitarianism, he devoted 40 years of his life tending to Negroes. Dr. Schweitzer, idolized by "liberals", was awarded the Nobel Prize. During his acceptance speech he said "the Negro is our brother, but he is our little brother...and with children nothing can be done without the use of authority...The combination of friendliness with authority is the great secret of successful intercourse with the Negro." Following that statement Dr. Schweitzer fell from LIBERAL grace; as did Solzhenitsyn when he called Bolsheviks animals. No western-trained Negro doctor ever volunteered to help Dr. Schweitzer, and his experience so convinced him of the lack of.... mental standards and character in the pure Negro...that he never felt it worthwhile training Negroes for higher responsibilities in his African hospital." - H.B. ISHERWOOOD, "On the Edge of the Primeval Forest."

    "It will be seen that when we classify mankind by colour the only one of the primary races... which has not made a creative contribution to any one...of our civilizations is the Black Race." - Dr. Arnold TOYNBEE, The Study of History

    "A solution to these problems must be found, but it will never be obtained from falsification of the facts of hereditary and racial history." - Robert GAYRE, Editor, The Mankind Quarterly

    "Races of men are differentiated in the same way as well marked species of animals." - Sir Arthur KEITH

    "The average Negro pupil (I.Q. 80.7) cannot go beyond a national-standard Seventh Grade curriculum; for half the Negro group the Fith Grade is maximum...only one (1%) per cent (110 I.Q. and over) of the Negros are intellectually equipped to do acceptable college work. Thirty (30%) of Whites are so equipped." - Dr. Henry E. GARRETT. Head Dept. of Psychology, Columbia University

    "The differences in thickness of the supragranular layers of the cortex of White and Negro brains is the difference between civilization and savagery." - Dr. Wesley CRITZ GEORGE, Head of Dept. of Anatomy, University of North Carolina

    "The supragranular layers in the dog are 1/2 the thickness of those in the ape, and the ape's only 3/4 the thickness of White man. The Negro-s are 14% thinner than White man." - Carleton PUTNAM, LLD, Princeton, Race and Reality (1967)r

    "Negroes are more intelligent in direct proportion to the amount of White genes they carry. (Evidence suggests that) the average I.Q. of Negro populations increases by about One (1)I.Q. point for each one percent of Caucasian genes." - Dr. William SHOCKLEY, Nobel Prize Laureate, Stanford University

    "Dr. Curt Stern, Prof. of Genetics, University of California, reports that "the Average American Negro gets 3/4 of his genes from his African heritage and 1/4 from White genes." White genes raise Negro I.Q.; conversely, Black genes dumb down intellectually superior races. "Almost White", is an oxymoron, because there is no almost White race. Either you're White or you are not White. As a social anthropologist I naturally accept and even stress the fact that there are major differences, both mental and psychological, which separate the different races of mankind. Indeed I would be inclined to suggest that however great may be the physical differences between such races as the European and the Negro, the mental and psychological differences are greater still." - Dr. L.S.B. LEAKY, Progress and Evolution of Man in Africa

    "I can conceive of no greater calamity than the assimilation of the Negro into our social and political life as our equal." - Abraham LINCOLN

    "There is nothing more terrible than a barbaric slave class, who have learned to regard their existence as an injustice, and now prepare to revenge, not only themselves but all future generations. In the face of such threatening storms who dares to appeal with any confidence to our pale exhausted religions." - Friedrich NIETZSCHE, The Birth of Tragedy

    "Amerinds, alone, populated the Americas until Spanish Conquistadors and Portuguese explorers introduced Negro slaves who mixed their African genes with the Indians. In 1619 about twenty Negro slaves arrived with British colonists and indentured servants at Jamestown, Virginia. At inception every one of the thirteen American Colonies recognized slavery. For census purposes Negroes were counted 3/5th of a man, Amerinds were not counted. Jefferson, who owned over 200 slaves, stated in the Declaration of Independence that "all men are created equal". What he meant obviously was, "Equal before the Law": Neither Negroes nor democracy are mentioned in the Constitution.

    With the coming of the Industrial Revolution British textile mills afforded a growing market for American cotton farmers. To meet increasing demand more field hands were required. Nordics refused the jobs. They weren't physically or mentally adapted to laboring under a hot southern sun - Negroes were. And they were easily obtainable. African tribal chiefs were the procurers. Their tactics were to burn down neighboring villages then round-up the stampeding Negroes - as rancheros round-up spooked cattle. The captives, men woman and children, were then chained together and sold to Arab, Jew, and White slave merchants. The principal unit of exchange, for Negroes being shipped to America, was cheap rum. Tribal chiefs became so addicted to the "ruddy cup" they would routinely sell members of their own family and tribe for it. The greatest number of sailing vessels used to transport slaves were owned by Jews. Slavery, of course, has appeared in almost all human societies since the beginning of history. Negro Africa is no exception. Today, in fact, Negroes conduct a brisk slave trade in the Sudan, Somaliland, et al. Slavery was an important function of African social and economic life." - John HOPE FRANKLIN, (Negro), From Slavery to Freedom

    "Nothing is more certainly written in the book of Fate than that these people are to be free; nor is it less certain that the two races equally free cannot live under the same government." - Thomas JEFFERSON (The sentence inscribed on the Jefferson Memorial,
    Washington, D.C., fraudulently stops at the semi-colon).

    "I have urged the colonization of the Negro and I shall continue. My Emancipation Proclamation was linked with this plan. There is no room for two distinct races of White men in America (Whites and Jews), much less two distinct races of Whites and Blacks...Within twenty years we can peacefully colonize the Negro...under conditions in which he can rise to the full measure of manhood. This he can never do here. We can never attain the ideal union our fathers dreamed, with millions of an alien, inferior race amongst us, whose assimilation is neither desirable or possible." - Abraham LINCOLN, Collected Works

    "We have between us a broader difference than exists between almost any other two races...If this is to be admitted it affords a reason, at least, why we should be separated." - Abraham LINCOLN, Sandburg, Abraham Lincoln, The War Years

    "Social intercourse always implies sexual intercourse." - E.A. HOOTEN, Prof. of Anthropology, Harvard University

    "The inevitable result of racial a massive reduction in the proportion of intelligent offspring." - Nathanial WYLE (Jew), Educator and writer

    "Some races are obviously superior to others. A more thorough adjustment to the conditions of existence has given them spirit, vitality, scope and relative is therefore of the greatest importance not to obscure this superiority by intermarriage with inferior stock, and thus nullify the progress made by a painful evolution and a prolonged sifting of souls. Reason protests as much as instinct against any fusion, for instance, of white and black peoples...(white) greatness falls whenever contact leads to (such) amalgamation." - Geo. SANTAYANA, Amer-Span. philosopher, The Life of Reason

    "If the Negro is not removed from the United States the future America will be mongrel, such as the peoples of (today's) Egypt, India, and certain Latin American countries...when two races come into contact one will expel the other...or adjust their differences through a process of inter-race breeding...the character of the higher race will tend to be obliterated in the mongrels." - Ernest Sevier COX, White America (1937)

    "Dr. Carlton Coon...states that while the White and Yellow races were toilsomely evolving, the Negro in Africa "stood still for half a million years"...To be more specific, the Negro's brain is smaller and lighter, less complicated, less developed... The primitiveness of his brain betrays itself in the very speed with which it develops after birth, and then suddenly stops development, leaving him like a "lobotomized European"." - William G. SIMPSON, Which Way Western Man?

    "The Australids, shown to be primitive by their morphologica criteria, did not progress on their own initiative beyond the food-gathering status; nor did those classic prototypes of paedomorphosis, the Bushmen or Sanids. A parallel conclusion is forced upon us if we look at the results of cognition and attainment tests carried out on various races living under conditions of civilized life. The Mongoloids and Europids did best in both these types of tests; they were followed (at some distance) by the Indianids, and the Negrids were still less successful. In conformity with these results the races among which civilization originated and advanced were the Mongoloids and Europids...Cranial capacity is, of course, directly related to the Ethnic problem since it sets a limit to the size of the brain in the different taxa; but all morphological differences are also relevant..." - Dr. John R. BAKER, Biologist, Oxford, Fellow of the Royal Society, from his acclaimed (but suppressed) book, Race (1974)

    "It would be absurd to claim any superiority of all Europids over all Negrids on the evidence of achievement in the intellectual field; yet it must be allowed that the contributions of Negrids to the world of learning have, on the whole, been disappointing, despite all the improvements in facilities for their education. American Negroes are better known for their mass appeal in public affairs and popular entertainment than for great achievements in such subjects as philosophy, mathematics, science or technology." - Dr. John R. BAKER, biologist, Oxford.

    "Wellesley historian calls afrocentrism a myth. Neither Cleopatra nor Socrates was black. The ancient Greeks did not steal their philosophy from Egyptian priests, and Aristotle didn't loot the library at Alexandria. The roots of Western Civilization cannot be traced to Africa. Nevertheless these are among the claims of the Afro centrism movement which thrives on many campuses." - Mary LEFKOWITZ (Jew), professor of Greek classics, Wellesley, Excerpted from the Washington Times (1996)

    "...The ideal is attained only when a particular region is inhabited exclusively by a people of one ethnic stock who compete solely against each other in the schools and colleges, with the result that an elite emerges which assumes the leadership of the people...the Negro peoples are being made victims of a political philosophy – disguised as a desire to promote their welfare – which will distort their natural development, rob them of their own self–respect and of satisfaction in their own achievements and ways of life, and do them untold harm..." - Robert GAYRE, The Mankind Quarterly, VI 4-1966

    "If, in the United States, Negroes (average IQs of 80-85)interbreed randomly with Whites (average IQs 100) the next generation of Americans would have an average IQ of 98.46. "What a small price to pay for equality!" Yet this decline of 1.5% in average intelligence would cause a decline of 50% in the number of people with IQs of 160 plus! "In short it would halve the production of people with the intellectual powers requisite for leadership and creative effort in advanced societies. To this must be added the massive negative effect caused by the shift from assortive to random breeding in terms of intelligence." - Nathanial Weyl (Jew), The Mankind Quarterly, XI,# 3, Jan. 1971

    "I did this (rape) consciously, deliberately, willfully, methodically...It delighted me that I was defying and trampling upon white man's law, upon his system of values, that I was defiling his women." - Elridge CLEAVER, Soul On Ice

    "I was very much attracted to Dutch girls. I wanted desperately to make love to exert some form of superiority over the White race. That's always the aim, isn't it? For brown skinned men to overpower the White man!" - SUKARNO, President of Indonesia

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    Re: The Negro

    Brother, your post is a wonderful example of scholarship. In Britain, during the 1980's and 1990's) several studies which were designed (and heavily weighted) to show the supposed intellectual 'equality' of the dark-skinned races were hurriedly buried after it became apparent that they unequivocally proved the general, all-round inferiority of these people. Of course, the results were explained away by left-wing garbage-peddlers as 'worthless' because the darkies and asiatics had allegedly been 'deprived' of oportunities to broaden their minds.

    After one of these reports was dumped, I wrote to my MP and suggested that, as travel is a wonderful form of education and (by their own admission) the outsiders have not been accepted by White Society even after generations of brainwashing, it might be a good idea to send the ethnic 'minorities' on permanent vacations overseas. Predictably, I was threatened with prosecution under the Race Relations Act.

    In the USA, a lot of blacks are foolish enough to see the Jews as 'fellow sufferers' - if they could read anything more enlightening than comic books, they would know that, before the Civil War, the majority of slave traders in the southern states were Jews. If blacks could read the Talmud, they would begin to understand that the Jews have absolutely no qualms about lying, cheating, stealing and manipulating in pursuit of their own aims. Witness how they used the black pervert 'Doctor' Martin Luther King so effectively. Blacks assumed that he was speaking for them...but we know who really pulled his strings, don't we?

    You quoted the black rapist Eldridge Cleaver; he is admired by many of his own race because they swallowed his claim to be some kind of Negro freedom fighter. Cleaver asserted that he raped white women in order to 'empower' blacks and exact revenge for his people. Apart from being a sickening example of black logic at its most bestial, his story is completely false. Long before he decided to raise the flag of Black emancipation by violating defenceless white females, Cleaver spent years raping, beating and torturing black women in the ghetto. In reality, Cleaver was an animalistic career criminal who was ready to hump any kind of victim - male, female, black or white. The enthusiastic acceptance of him in black circles as some kind of hero tells us all we need to know about Negro intelligence levels.

    Thank you for your well-constructed and thought-provoking words. You have given us a lot to think about. It is not enough to just fight the enemies of our race; we must also understand why we fight and understand what we must, at all costs, preserve.


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    Re: The Negro

    I always suspected of something like this, and now I can confirm it thanks to you.

    You can see it by comparing the societies in their original enviroment, not only when the society is pluralist or cosmopolite. Compare the "civilization grade" achieved by europeans and most of asians with the one achieved by negros in Africa and Australia before the firsts conquering waves. Compare it even with amerindians, negros always have been delayed in their development, many tribes live until now in the Stone Age literally, and all races have existed for more or less the same time over Earth. You can say that the enviroment of europeans and asians is more "cruel" than the one in which negros live, and thus they developed more intelligence...fake. The sabana, the Sahara and Namibia deserts are as inhospit as the Tundra or the Tibet, and yet the intelligence level is greater in Europe and Asia, even in many parts of America. About the las one, Mayas, Azthecs, Guaraníes and Incas (maybe) formed societies as advanced culturally and technologically as those from Europe or the budhist Asia, their only disadvantage was that of not knowing gunpowder, and the enviroment in which they lived was quite benevolent (warm climate, enough water, fertil lands, etc.). Incas reached an important knowdeledge level, but they did lived in inhospit parts. Greece doesn't show rough places, and look at such a great civilization.

    Besides, imagine you are starving and you have in your hands a rifle, you will hunt an animal and eat it for sure. Well, negros prefer to fight between them in silly tribal wars, keep starving and ask for help to UN. When Che Guevara went with some cubans to help rebels in Congo's civil war, he tried to train them...after some time he returned to America because he couldn't teach them not even how to grab the guns!

    You can look also at the Nobel Price awarded list, the science prices were given practically all to USA, Europe, Japan, China and the fewer to European descendants South Americans or Arabs. The rest, Peace and Literature, are more "equally" distributed, but those are IMO the prices you give to as consolation.

    Finally, I wanna say it makes me angry when I hear that Negros are happy people, and we whites are boring. Are polkas boring, for example?! Look at the countries described as happy: Cuba, Dominican Republic (bah, all Central America) and Brazil. What a coincidence that all of them are countries where much more than the 50% of the population is poor, having the opportunities of being wealthier.

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    "Never fraternize with them as equals or they will devour you. They will destroy you."

    "Dr. Albert Schweitzer, renounced a world renown career in Germany as theologian, author, organist, and authority on Bach, to earn a doctorate in medicine. He then established a hospital in Lamberne, Africa. There, because of his Christianity and humanitarianism, he devoted 40 years of his life tending to Negroes. Dr. Schweitzer, idolized by "liberals", was awarded the Nobel Prize. During his acceptance speech he said "the Negro is our brother, but he is our little brother...and with children nothing can be done without the use of authority...The combination of friendliness with authority is the great secret of successful intercourse with the Negro." Following that statement Dr. Schweitzer fell from LIBERAL grace; as did Solzhenitsyn when he called Bolsheviks animals. No western-trained Negro doctor ever volunteered to help Dr. Schweitzer, and his experience so convinced him of the lack of.... mental standards and character in the pure Negro...that he never felt it worthwhile training Negroes for higher responsibilities in his African hospital."

    - H.B. ISHERWOOOD, "On the Edge of the Primeval Forest."

    posted by Futhark

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    Quote Originally Posted by jagdmesser View Post
    It cannot fail to be noticed that those people with the most extensive real experience with the negroid peoples are, on average, considered the most "racist." "Racism" is reality... everyone prefers their own kind. Those who don't are the thought criminals... they are mentally conditioned to accept lies as truth, and actively persecute those who are normal. White people from the American South and South Africa are not "ignorant." Quite the opposite. They understand exactly what blacks are and how they behave. Martin Luther King wanted blacks to be judged by the content of their character, but in reality, that's how they have always been judged.
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