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There is a connection. However, the only reason it is publicised is in order to make people hate Muslims more. Anyone who does something "the West" doesn't like, is a Nazi-Fascist-poo-poo-head.
To me, it all just proves there's nothing to NSDAP anti-Semitism. I'm consistently uninterested/indifferent, by NOT taking sides on any of the Afroasiatics. Afroasiatics have the worst fratricidal propagandas imaginable, so I tend to play devil's advocate where their accusations are concerned. Most folks with hateful opinions or feelings about Afroasiatics are biased to one or more and against one or more. I think that's crap, because this means playing into any one of their sets of hands. The original anti-Semites were Semites themselves, so there's little point following their trail of thought in this feeding frenzy for thousands of years. It's crazy to base our Aryan society off of any one of the Semitic groups whilst arraying ourselves against another Semitic group. Anybody who LARPs as or aligns with ANY type of Semite and associated culture is a loser, plain and simple! This just happens to include Nazis or Fascists, if the shoe fits one Cinderella or another.

The Aryan empires who fused themselves with Semitic populations and their cultures all fell by incorporating them. This is not just Iran and Greece, but Rome willingly drunk the Kool Aid despite all Romance countries (bar Romania) being majority Indogermanic R Y-DNA haplogroup. Both Greece and Cyprus as well as Turkey are pre-Indogermanic, being majority Mesolithic and Neolithic populations. The only Germanic country that is like them is Sweden, in common with the Yugoslavians and Albania. I do not believe that Sweden is naturally majority Mesolithic and/or Neolithic, only that all the Aryan Germanics seem to have left home and brought thralls there from elsewhere--much like the colonial period and reverse immigration. This non-Indogermanic majority in Sweden can be a population bottleneck, but R Y-DNA hg is not that far behind in percentage. I think it's fair to say that Benjamin Franklin observed non-Germanic substrate in the Swedes when he complained about non-Anglo-Saxon numbers in colonial America.