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Thread: Interethnic violence in Russian Karelia, Caucasians kicked out of town!

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    Interethnic violence in Russian Karelia, Caucasians kicked out of town!

    Interesting. Here's my translation;

    Pogroms against Caucasians have started in Karelia.

    The murders of four people have provoked an interethnic war in the small town of Kondopog.

    Although clashes, arson and fights were occuring in the town from the middle of the week, the culmination came on Saturday. A popular meeting of more than 2000 people took place, in which it was decided to demand of the authorities that all Caucasians be removed from the town, all trade be returned to Russian hands, and a popular militia be formed from veterans of the Chechen War. The protesters then proceeded to ransack the town market. Amusement arcades, market stalls, and finally the restaurant 'Seagull', all belonging to Chechens were torched.

    The interethnic conflict began with a banal everyday row in the restaurant 'Seagull'. Late last Wednesday evening local residents were relaxing in this drinking establishment. According to witnesses, the barman made a remark to some guests. He was beaten and those responsible left the restaurant. An hour later a group of his conationals came to his support. A witness, Anton A., describes the situation;

    - They came in two cars and with cries of "Slash the Russian Swines!" and "Allah Akbar!" they began to beat up the people in the restaurant, even though they had had no part in the conflict.

    One Russian lad took off his teeshirt and offered to go "One on one", and he was stabbed with a knife. The blade of a huge knife entered his chest and came out under the shoulder blade. People were beaten up with all possible savagery - they deliberately broke people's hands. According to a worker in the town morgue, one of the murdered had his ears cut off...

    We found a witness who saw the events from the window of a neighbouring building.

    - Shouting outside woke me up. At first I didn't pay any attention, stuff like this happens every weekend. But the cries were unhuman - says Svetlana Aleksandrovna. - Rubbing my eyes, I looked out of the window. One group was chasing another. The Chechens had 5cm thick iron bars in their hands. I can still remember the sight of two lads lying on the tarmac. A girl was crying, stroking the head of one.

    Leaving three bodies outside the "Seagull" [a fourth died later in hospital], the Chechens left town.

    The Police have a different version.

    В ночь на воскресенье «Чайку» все-таки сожгли...- Ten people came to the restaurant that evening, drunken youths commemorating a dead friend, and wanting to enter free, - describes the Kondopoga head of the Office of Internal Affairs Aleksandr Chechelnitskiy. - The barman didn't let them in, demanding money for entrance and was hit on the head. The Police came immediately and calmed everything down. But in five minutes, cars full of Caucasians arrived; Chechens and Dagestanis. A fight broke out.

    What exactly the Police did during the fight is not clear. One witness says that a patrol car with dimmed lights was parked outside the "Seagull". Another says a Policeman tried to stop the fighting, but the Chechens knocked his cap off and simply chased him off...

    In the morning, 40,000 strong Kondopoga seethed. Almost every citizen knew someone murdered or beaten in the violence outside the "Seagull".
    For several days the authorities pretended nothing had happened and merely concentrated Police forces in the town. In truth, they also offered another version of events to the press - the interethnic conflict arose because of the rivalries of criminal groupings attempting to divide property in the town. Of which, by Monday, there remained only burnt embers and broken fragments.

    By Sunday morning, the Special Squad had managed to stop the pogroms. More than a hundred townsfolk were being held in custody. ANd, it is rumoured, Caucasians were hurriedly leaving Kondopoga.

    AT the moment

    THe president of Karelia, Sergai Katanandov has evaluated the mass unrest in Kondopoga as a mere local conflict and has called for it not to be given ethnic overtones.

    «We will not allow the inflation of criminal acts into ethnic conflict, - proclaimed Katanandov. - We will clarify who is responsible, and will not permit the inflamation of ethnic tensions. A bandit has no nationality».

    However, he recognised that "the situation in Kondopoga did not occur in a vacuum, but had built up over time».

    The Question of the Day

    What must be done to prevent the repetition of the situation in Kondopoga?

    Александр КРУТОВ, member of Parliament:

    - The problems of the Russian people must be tackled. For this, a clear state policy on nationality is need. The introduction of religious instruction in schools would not do any harm.

    Irina KHakamada [some kind of Oriental surname. a prominent whinger in Rus'] , зампредседателя [vicechairperson of the Duma?]

    - It is necessary to promote propaganda that Russia is a multinational country. Otherwise we must await further outbursts of violent nationalism.
    God, I hate such people!

    Михаил ЛЕОНТЬЕВ, political analyst, tv presenter:

    - The country needs a sharp economic boom, to aleviate social stresses. Otherwise the situation could explode at any minute.

    Владимир СОЛОВЬЕВ, tv presenter of «К барьеру! debate show»:

    - The public order institutions must be effective. It shouldn't be possible to simply go and demolish a market. Such disorder mustn't be allowed.

    Cheryl Ann Sigsby, investment consultant, Sankt Peterburg :

    - In America people say: «I'm an American». But here: «I'm a Chechen, I'm a Russian, I'm a Jew». This is wrong. People should feel first and foremost a citizen of Russia.
    Well... Words fail me to describe this idiot.

    Андрей КУРАЕВ, Deacon:

    - Caucasians must be taught the bases of Orthodox culture. They need to know the customs and culture of the country into which they have come.
    Good on you Father Andrey! I'm actually reading one of his books at the moment - good to see the Russian Church has the balls to speak out here.

    THe rest is about corruption of local officials who often collaborate for money with Caucasians mafia...

    Дмитрий РОГОЗИН, бывший лидер «Родины»:

    - Такие события будут повторяться, пока чиновники не перестанут наживаться на миграции и покровительстве этнических преступных группировок. Если власть не действует, люди сами вершат свой суд.

    Ильдар МАЛАХОВ, директор школы имени Марьям Султановой, Уфа:

    - Не надо видеть в каждом мусульманине террориста. А шовинистские выходки части молодежи перестать оправдывать детскими шалостями и закрывать на них глаза.

    Михаил, читатель сайта WWW.KP.RU, Москва:

    - Прежде всего надо снять с работы всех коррумпированных местных чиновников. Ведь это они «помогают» приезжим мигрантам захватывать рынки и другие торговые точки. И ввести очень жесткое миграционное законодательство.

    Дмитрий СТЕШИН
    Дмитрий АНАНЬИН, Олег ЦЕЛЕБРОВСКИЙ («КП» - Петрозаводск»), Фото с сайта WWW.GITYK.RU

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    Re: Interethnic violence in Russian Karelia, Caucasians kicked out of town!

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