If you are a funding member you can now see in your postbit whether your funding membership is still active. This is displayed directly under the "Friend of Germanics" funding title.

"Funding Status: Active" means your funding membership is still active.
"Funding Status: Inactive" means your funding membership has expired.

Please review this thread in order to learn what the difference between an active and an inactive funding membership is.

If you use any of the services that are offered only to active funding members, i. e. to those that contribute at least $5/month, such as hosting, email, proxies, tunneling or the MP3 forum, you may wish to resubscribe before your funding membership turns inactive.

You can always view here when your funding membership will expire.

Nobody but you can see whether your funding membership is active or inactive. Only you can see the entry in your own postbit.

The "Funding Status" display in the postbit is based on your usergroup settings, not on the actual entry in the subscription manager. Usually, those entries should be identical, because the usergroups are supposed to be updated automatically within a short time after your funding membership is activated or expires.

However, there might be a few users where those entries differ. If your "Funding Status" entry in the postbit should differ from the date entry in the subscription manager (i. e. if the subscription manager says your funding membership is active, but your postbit says it isn't), please contact a helper (that's the people in orange, not the ones in brown or blue), so that we can fix this. This is in your own interest, because if you are actually an active funding member but the postbit displays "Inactive," you can also not access the MP3 forum.

Needless to say, reading and writing on Skadi Forum was, is, and will always be free of charge. Funding Membership is only of interest to people who either wish to support Skadi or who desire to have access to additional options not available to ordinary members.

You can view the details here:

New options are added regularly, so please have a look at this thread now and then to learn what's new.