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This is advice and counseling for those who want to stop crawling, to make themselves stronger mentally, physically, emotionally. It's amazing when someone on the WWW talks about doing something different other than just doing the regular forum post thing and quest for that "cool" avatar. It immediatlely turns to someone posting,"I'm not going to do anything illegal--that will give us a bad name and that will prevent people from joining our forum." Chill out--this is nothing illegal, you don't have to have a typical penny-a-dozen knee-jerk defensive CyberRacialist response. Let's talk about what you can do.

How's your diet? Pop, chips, saturated fats, fast food? You want to be serious about that Germanic body you have been gifted with then it's time to cut off that food. How do you find out what to eat? We live in the age of the Information Renaissance--seek and google shall find. A proper diet will create a better body, a better body will create a physical and mental machine that will outperform the nemesis and not only that but you will live longer to get the word out, to see history and take a place in it.

Are you fit? Can you run at least one mile without stopping? What about doing at least 20 pushups and situps? Many ways to getting lean and fit. Imagine the Germanic tribes as fat, lazy, out-fo-shape and excuse ridden such as you. They would've been extinct or so diluted in blood they would not exist. Show some respect to yourself and where you came from: start exercising.

How's your Love life? Are you complaining or do you understand that Europeans and Germanic Americans aren't reproducing at a rate to sustain themselves? And your what? Thinking that someone is going to pop out of the monitor and marry you with many beloved Germanic children? Get out in the real world and look; get a job or train for a job that will sustain a family, a big one at that. Make sure the job doesn't keep you away from your family too much though. Your improved diet and exercise will help you in this quest.

I understand these suggestions to make the Germanic Volk better will be hard if your not already into it. I realize the many "important" distractions of TV, WWW, text messaging, video games and the cell phone will be competing against this and I realize many will do the penny-a-dozen traditional cry of, "I work 55 hrs a week and have no time and no energy for such endeavors."

1. You will be tired if your eating junk--100% agreed. 2. If your dong the TV, WWW, text messaging, video games, etc., you do have time. 3. You might want to get a different job or weaken those hours down.

If one cannot complete these baby steps--then how are you going to even walk?