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Thread: A brillinat piece and a must read from Wolzek: "The Jungling"

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    Thumbs Up A brilliant piece and a must read from Wolzek: "The Jungling"

    Another truly brilliant piece from Wolzek -- a must read.

    The Jungling

    by Victor Wolzek
    30 November 2003

    Poor Sweden. Stockholm syndrome? No. Stocked-with-homies syndrome. Sweden is plagued with jew-loosed savage negro beasts. And I don't just mean the high profile tri-racial Tiger types roaming around, humping the legs of local beauties.

    Consider Carin Pettersson's recent Nettavisen article "Father tortured 'possessed' daughters in basement" (November 11, 2003). Pettersson reports: "A man from Stockholm has been charged for abusing his two daughters and their cousin for several years. The man believed the girls were possessed by evil spirits. The man tried to expel the evil spirits by among other things pouring oil, alcohol and spices in the children’s eyes."

    Naturally, the article offers neither photo nor race description of the conscienceless child torturer. In the semiotics of today's semitically correct "journalism," this alone is a strong sign that the criminal belongs to a protected class: black, jewish, blue-flame queer, "woman of color," more or less anyone or anything but the straight white Christian males (and whites in general) they feed upon.

    In this case, however, there is more to go on than what isn't said in the article. Context clues provide some niggy nugz of positive evidence that help tell the tale, and the tale told is as kosher as they come. It is yet another formulaic rehash of Shecky's favorite: "Noble" savage has culture clash with the "uptight," "repressive" white society unappreciative of his valuable "diversity." Or, in unTikkuned terms: Jew-loosed missing link monkoid in ass-exposing manpants runs dangerously amok in a white western world he neither understands nor appreciates. Hilarity (to jews) and horror (to everyone else) ensues. Here are a few story excerpts with telling racial details:

    A) "The 45-year-old father believed that since things were not going his way, the only explanation must be that his daughters were possessed by the devil. The man abused his children physically, and when nothing helped, he took his children with him to his church in Congo. Since not even the exorcism at the man’s church did [sic] gained successful results, they returned to Sweden where the abuse continued."

    B) "Social services found two fishes and a chicken in the refrigerator."

    C) "The cousin had gone to a church near by to get a free meal."

    Tales of bush boogie horror and superstition like this one are now common in every western nation jews have targeted for destruction, which is to say every white western nation. 'Groidz may be but a symptom, but they are the symptom by which the jewish disease wreaks its most deadly havoc. [1] The jewish jungling of civilization is, today, all around us, everywhere...

    "Ritually" murdered and mutilated children turn up in the Thames.

    Human skinning is so common on the dark continent [2] that expensive, high-profile campaigns are run to "discourage" the practice. "The head of the forensic science division in the chief chemist's office, which is exhibiting the parts, Gloria Machube, told the BBC's Focus on Africa programme that the human skin is used in witchcraft." A main reason for the campaign is "to educate people that they do not have to use human skin to become rich." In other words, in the supposed homeland of the mythical "original man," the native Africans need special exhibits to edjumacate 'em that the negro hipster colloquialism "gimme some skin" is a figure of speech and boostin' a blood's berfday suit ain't cool no matter how much bling-bling you think it may bring-bring.

    Genuine, modern day African "medicine" -- i.e., medicine developed and practiced by blacks anywhere white western men and money have not intervened -- consists of nothing but booga-booga hocus-pocus, chicken blood chants, voodoo trinkets, heinous tortures and ritual mutilation. Contemporary African AIDS research? Field testing how many babies need raping to cure oneself. Gynecology? Clitoris gouging [3] and vagina drying.

    Facts are facts, and the fact is 'groidz without whites make the Flintstones look like the Jetsons. Not centuries ago. Now. Even if a few mythical "exceptions" really exist, exceptions serve to test, and in this case clearly prove, the rule. Get it? If you be a black Barney, chances are you yabba-dabba-don't. That's the point.

    Blacks don't get much of anything on their own - except high, infected, arrested or pregnant. And the system is so jewed it's all but illegal to blame black behavior on anything but "racism," the jewish anti-white terror term. [4]

    Africans raised in western nations are forced to imitate aspects of white behavior to some degree. With limited contact in highly controlled settings (like a predominantly white workplace), some blacks may actually appear to be almost people-like. But inevitably something happens to reveal the reality 'neath the facade, the monkey 'neath the manpants, the tenuous hold even the most heralded, wealthy and privileged 'groidz have on the habits that sustain the illusion of their "exceptional" status. Martin Luther King Jr., Kobe Bryant, Jayson Blair, Michael Jackson, Nelson Mandela, OJ Simpson, ad infinitum. "Real" blacks, on the other hand, blacks in their natural habitat, "untainted" by white missionaries, colonizers, or genes, neither imitate nor disappoint. They live according to themselves, which is to say like Stone Age savages.

    Rapper Eats Roommate
    "Singleton was arrested in April of 2002 and charged with murder, after police found him wandering down a Los Angeles street naked, his stomach, chest and mouth covered in blood. Singleton, an up-and-coming rapper from Texas, was charged with murder in April [after a] detective's report showed teeth marks on victim Tynisha Ysais' face and lungs, which were torn from her chest... Police found 21-year-old Tynisha Ysais in her apartment, her chest ripped open and her lungs exposed." Here.

    'Groid Proctology
    "A Zwelitsha man accused of disemboweling a woman by forcing his hand up her rectum and pulling her intestines out. The post-mortem stated the cause of death as evisceration (disembowelment of the intestines)." Here.

    Africa Is Where Africans Are, In This Case London
    "Officers suspect that gangs illegally importing exotic meat, such as chimpanzee and bush rat from West Africa, are involved in trading in substances used in African witchcraft that may include human body parts... The possible uses of such body parts is varied: skin from a stomach can be used to cause pain to enemies, while fingernails and toenails are used in poisons. Eyebrows, hair and noses are often used in curses. Particularly strong magic is believed to reside in a person's genitalia. Breasts and genitalia from both sexes are used in love potions... Privately, detectives believe Adam's arms, legs and skull have been kept as magical trophies." This is the African "contribution" to British culture. "Experts believe African witchcraft rituals are on the increase in Britain. Professor Hendrick Scholtz, a South African expert in witchcraft and an adviser on Operation Swalcliffe, said: 'As these communities grow, elements of African culture will be inevitably transported to Britain.'" Here.

    Jew-Loosed South African Blacks Finally Free To Be Themselves
    "3-year-old Thabang Malakoane disappeared as his mother napped in their own shack next door. When his body was found, in a garbage bag under a thin layer of dirt, the left hand and genitals had been severed. The brain, heart and other vital organs were gone... People in this dense camp openly accuse the healer and a second man of an ancient and gruesome practice: murder so that human body parts can be taken for what is known as muti — the term is derived from the Zulu word for medicine." Here.

    Modern African Medicine Aftermath: Three Puke-Worthy Pics
    Here, here, and here. [Warning: Photos of actual corpses "used" by African "doctors." Extremely disturbing - like life amidst 'groidz.]

    Jungloid Lovers Get Gals Hot, Literally
    "Krishna Johnigan just meant to scare his girlfriend when he squirted lighter fluid on her face and body, his brother said Wednesday. But Johnigan lit her on fire. And Wednesday, four days after the incident, 19-year-old Kennette Freeman remained in critical condition at St. Elizabeth Regional Medical Center in Lincoln." Here.

    Black-Owned and Operated Business
    "A teenage boy told police he beat a 33-year-old woman and burned her body in a city-issued garbage bin because of a $20 crack debt... Christopher Lee Hopson, 17, was angry because Stacy Taylor, 33, owed him $20 for crack cocaine... Hopson lured her to his home with a promise of more crack, then beat her. Hopson told police his knuckles still ached from the beating... He said he got the trash bin from his yard, dumped gasoline from a lawn mower in it... Taylor was dumped in headfirst and set on fire. Police said she likely was still alive." Here.

    Shit-Strewn Muddlings Are Cannibals Too
    "Some Ecuadorian chefs use human thigh bones to add extra taste to their dishes and attract customers... Chef Carlos Acosta has told Extra he has cooked with the leg bones, known as femurs, for 40 years and that many of his colleagues do the same... The Ecuadorian authorities have pledged to investigate the practice. A woman from the capital Quito has recently been charged with using human bones in her restaurant." Here.

    Jews scripted the catastrophic lie of racial equality as a frontal assault in their race war against whites. Pushing their genocidal racial agenda harder than ever today, the televitz endlessly portrays the elusive "noble negro": the 'groid judge, surgeon, lawyer, or artist; the poor but committed 'groid family man; even the enterprising, bright but misguided, abandoned-by-evil-white-society and ever reluctant 'groid crook.

    Never do we see the far more realistic 'groid-next-door playing junglo medicine man in his jew-lobbied, white-subsidized section 8 apartment. The only exception to this rule is found in films like "Angel Heart" (1987), "The Believers" (1987), and "The Serpent and the Rainbow" (1988), in which bizarre negro religious rites, beliefs and behaviors are depicted and scoffed at by skeptical white characters as silly superstition. These films, however, are not true exceptions; invariably the negro nonsense turns out to be true. Incredulous whites mock jungle superstition only to be humbled -- and usually saved -- by its primal wisdom. [5]

    The genuine 'groid "contribution" to world culture -- the depraved insanity referred to as witchcraft or voodoo -- is only ever presented as a jewish fiction, as the "deep," "harmonious," and "authentic" antithesis to supposedly shallow and alienating white rationalism. In short, it's total, utter, on-your-boot BULLSHIT start to finish.

    The ivory towers of academia are not ports of intellectual freedom or honesty in this storm of genocidal lies. The highest levels of education are not only complicit in the crime but house, fund and legitimate many of the most notorious culture criminals. [6]

    Here is a groan-inducing glimpse of how white western "scholars" torture reality in futile attempts to make sense of the jew lies of racial equality and cultural relativity: "[A researcher] posed the question as why no-one has yet developed a personality theory from an African perspective. He poses the following suggestions as to a possible explanation of why Sub-Saharan Africa lags so far behind psychology in Europe and America. Scientific psychology arrived in Africa during colonialisation in the context of anthropological research... Its theories and methods are still Eurocentric and its primary focus is on topics that reflect this externalized orientation, thereby neglecting or excluding folk knowledge and local issues." [7]

    In other words, fuliginous fried-egg titty-swingin' boolies and the bushmen who boink them are too busy grub hunting to ask existential questions like "who am I?" let alone develop elaborate theories on the matter. In traditional reality-based academia you'd be laughed at and fired for miring in lunacy that pretended otherwise; today you're fired if you fail to.

    Thanks to jews, 'groidz and their 'groiding are going global. The devolution is unfolding all around us, all the time.

    Welcome to The Jungling. A truly shitty yooish production playing, unfortunately, in every single airspace near you.




    [1] "The black man is without doubt the most dangerous creature on the face of the earth to the further survival of the White Race. He is a danger that rivals that of the Jew himself, although for different reasons. Granted, the Jew is by far the greater overall danger in manipulating and destroying the White Race. He could, however, never completely destroy the White Race without the help of the nigger." Ben Klassen, Nature's Eternal Religion. Milwaukee: Church of the Creator Press, 1992, p.42.

    [2] The essay "Exorcising Hegel's Ghost: Africa's Challenge to Philosophy" by Olufemi Taiwo (via the "dark continent" link) is unintentionally hilarious, a classic example of contemporary liberal arts lunacy. Source: African Studies Quarterly: The Online Journal for African Studies, the existence of which is itself amusing.

    [3] I use "clitoris gouging" instead of "clitorectomy" because the latter term "conceptually colonizes" the act, imbuing it with a false sense of western medical "procedure" and bleaching it of its genuine African character: brutal, painful, unnecessary, dangerously unsanitary.

    [4] "Just as with 'racist' and 'anti-Semite,' the term [homophobia] is a moral attack on a political position. It is immoral to disagree with the jewish agenda on anything. For each policy item, there is a 'hate' term to describe anyone who stands athwart the almighty yid. It's an easy game to play, but it only works if you control the media and can make your term stick through repetition. In jewish politics, there is no honest debate, just framing and lying. To beat jews, never acknowledge their language, never defend yourself against them, only attack. Note that even by the loopy and dishonest rules of psychotherapy, there is no phobia in homophobia. But the word isn't intended to describe, it's intended to blow things up. Itz a terror word. A term of terror, intended to strike fear into the heart of the receiver, and still his voice. Jews are verbal terrorists, as well as physical." Alex Linder, VNN frontpage spintro "Open Season on Whites," November 26, 2003.

    [5] The eccentric but noble/magical negro is so prevalent it goes beyond being a mere cinematic motif and qualifies as a cultural meme. Examples of crackpot negroes whose insanity or eccentricity is actually profound wisdom or special talent: the negress Oracle in "The Matrix"; the prescient negro cook in "The Shining"; the psychic negress in "Jeepers Creepers"; the magical, innocent negro prisoner in "the Green Mile"; the legendary boolie golf guru in "The Legend of Bagger Vance"; and the hip-hop angel in "The Family Man." Movies featuring wise, brilliant or uniquely dedicated negroes showing confused whites the way or rescuing whites in danger: "The Principal" (1987), "Lean On Me" (1988), "Glory" (1989), "Kiss The Girls" (1997), "American History X" (1998), "Deep Impact" (1998), "Seven" (1999), "The Bone Collector" (1999), "Save The Last Dance" (2001), "Along Came a Spider" (2001), "Dark Blue" (2002), "High Crimes" (2002), "Bruce Almighty" (2003). In another vein, Ben Klassen had this to say about the jews' malevolent use of ideal negroes in media: "One of the most infuriating con games the Jews play on the Whites is to parade a mulatto, perhaps 7/8ths White, on the T.V. screens as a 'typical black.' Whereas any intelligence such a miserable mixed-breed may have undoubtedly comes from its predominantly White ancestry, total credit is allotted to the mulatto as being black. In picking and choosing an unusual mulatto that is able to make a half-decent presentation, the Jews thereby take the talent and ability derived from the White blood and use it to boost the stock of niggers" (Nature's Eternal Religion, p.43). This calls to mind white/black mixed race actress Halle Berry. Though her degree of beauty is clearly due to her white features, and though she was raised solely by her white mother after her black father predictably abandoned them, her Oscar win (for interracial love story "Monsters Ball") was treated as a triumph for "black women." Even in her acceptance speech, Berry referred to herself as a "black woman" and made no mention of her good fortune to be blessed with a white mother.

    [6] From Boas, Freud, The Frankfurt School and Marcuse to today's Chomsky, Dershowitz, Tim Wise and Noel Ignatiev. The universities are full of anti-white western culture distorters.

    [7] Module Psych 251: Personology: An African Perspective. University of Pretoria, department of psychology, South Africa, 2002.

    Victor Wolzek's ELEVEN: TERROR, LIES AND THE MURDER OF AMERICA is now available in print. This year, stuff a stocking with a little bit-o-top-shelf truth-telling. For more information, click here.
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