Admittedly I know little of Euro-paganism, but this article was interesting. I found it at an occult/pagan website called Galactica Publishing. I don't know if any of you have heard of it, but here's the address. There's some interesting stuff there -

The Great God UR: Double Edged Sword
By The Terra Incognita Society

The name Ur is an archaic Indo-European word meaning "primordial" or "ancient". But Ur is also a psychological acronym denoting Unconditional Response. An unconditional response is an autonomic, instinctual response to stimuli, such as hunger, anger, the "fight or flight" responses, and even social responses such as community-identification, totally unconditioned by unnatural elements. Hence U.R. is a scientific term for the ancient godforce Ur, the telluric archetype represenced in all Pagan pantheons of old—the primal and evolutionary Lex talionis of Man's natural state of Being. To cultivate Ur/U.R. is the purpose of "dark" or sinister Paganism and the left hand path, such as in the ancient and modern cults of Loki, Hela, Cernunnos, Pan, Dionysus, Set, Kali and Satan. Such cultivation is a necessity for our survival and further evolution.

U.R. derives from the terminology of the Russian psychologist Ivan Pavlov (1849-1936). In his well-known experiments with dogs, in which he associated food with artificial stimulus (a bell, for instance) through conditioning, in order to elicit salivation in the dogs at the sight of just the latter, Pavlov created the psychological differentiation between unconditional response and conditional response.

Natural, or organic stimulus is an unconditional stimulus, and the natural response to such is an unconditional response—it is Nature not "nurture". But invented stimulus, such as Pavlov's bell or our own Mass Media and morality, is a conditional stimulus, and can be used in conjunction with natural stimulus to turn unconditional response into conditional response. Hence, before feeding the dogs each meal, Pavlov rang a bell. Upon seeing the food the dogs would begin salivating. In time, this stimulates presentation of the unconditional stimulus (food) and the conditional stimulus (bell) had a conditioning effect on the dogs, who then could be made to salivate over and over with no food being presented. In like manner, the Mass Media continuously presents false positive (conditional) images in conjunction with genuine positive (unconditional) responses, and false negative (conditional) images in conjunction with genuine negative (unconditional) responses. In time, a society becomes conditioned by this, and the Media may then present the images of its choosing and thus evoke the response it desires (now a conditional response when it occurs in reaction to the conditional stimulus only). The elicitation of the conditional response by the conditional stimulus is termed a conditional reflex.

A good example of this can be seen in the Oklahoma City bombing. Rather than presenting the repeated images of dead children in conjunction with a perpetrator, the Mass Media spent years presenting dead children in conjunction with the perpetrator's mistrust of government. Thus was the unconditional response of a persons reaction to dead children melded with images of persons or groups who distrust the government. And soon thereafter Congress and the Populus backed an "anti-terrorist" bill—with religious fervor—that goes beyond anything even the Nazis pursued, including the allowance of illegal and unconstitutional wire-tapping, illegal and unconstitutional infiltration, targeting of groups not suspected of any illegal activity whatsoever, and even a clause that lead to the Supreme Court ruling that according to this new law, it is constitutional to execute innocent persons as long as they get a "fair" trial. Nothing but the intense emotion one feels for the life of a child, conjoined to the idea that distrust of the government threatens that life, could have so easily swayed the public to eliminate 50% of the nation's constitutional rights in one fell swoop.

This is the method used by a so-called "Democratic Republic" to control people, and because it is not understood, attempts to overcome this conditioning fail. The major issue is, that the response, even if false and irrational, is right. Some scholars, when translating Pavlov's work into English, improperly rendered his unconditional as "unconditioned". But this term doesn't denote a response that could be, but isn't, conditioned, but rather a response that can't be conditioned but can be elicited by a conditioned stimulus. In other words, one can't stop a dog from salivating in response to food, but one can condition the dog's perception of "food stimulus", and thus bring on an unconditional response with a particular set of experiences, even with the food totally removed.

Thus, like the dog's salivation because he perceives the bell as "food stimulus", the public's anger at the "dead children stimulus"—distrust of government—is a correct response conditioned to be elicited by incorrect stimulus. So to try to directly counteract one response is as fruitless as the other—it is not only reactionary but goes against Nature. It is unconditional that dogs salivate over food and people get defensive over dead children.

The same principle applies to concepts such as "love" and "tolerance". These are positive responses presently being evoked by carefully manipulated conditional stimulus. Thus rather than the health and vigor ( that is so often a vital element of Paganism and Mysticism and any true Spiritual path) that true love and tolerance generally bestows , we instead see a totally irrational truly American-style pseudo-love and pseudo-tolerance which is willing to literally destroy other Cultures and that of Western Culture, at the end of the day. We can see how this form of Judeo-Christian Imperialism was used to wipe out the Pagan traditions of Europe, later of the Pagan traditions of the Americas, and we also see that it continues in the 21st Century. The only true counter-controlling method is to elicit these same responses with unconditional stimulus, which, being in tune with Nature, is far more powerful.

The bottom line, then, is one all should already be aware of: You cannot fight the great god Ur.

Pavlov found that in the absence of food, or if food was presented at different times alone, the repeated presentation of the conditional stimulus alone (the bell) results in the gradual disappearance of its conditional response. Thus the cultural task before us is not to go against the conditional response being used to destroy our Culture, but to dissociate it using the truly natural stimulus it is imitating. For instance, love is an unconditional response—a normal person will love someone—which is natural among kith and kin. Of course, we understand what kith and kin means, even if the pulpits of power ramble on about "world peace" and "Love Every One". True Pagans understand that this is nonsense, that it goes against the ways of Mother Nature and is self-destructive. Unfortunately, the Church has waged an ingenious campaign for the past two thousand years, to try to convince us all that we must love every one, that we must be good consumers, hence to be the happy sheep to follow the Shepard to that "god-ordained" Christian Slaughter House.

The highest and strongest drives, when they break out passionately and drive the individual far above the average and the flats of the herd conscience, wreck the self-confidence of the community, its faith in itself, and it is as if its spine snapped. Hence just these drives are branded and slandered the most. High and independent spirituality, the will to stand alone, even a powerful reason are experienced as dangers; everything that elevates an individual above the herd and intimidates the neighbor is henceforth called evil; and the fair, modest, submissive, conforming mentality, the mediocrity of desires attains moral designations and honors. Eventually, under very peaceful conditions, the opportunity and necessity for educating one's feelings to severity and hardness is lacking more and more; and every severity, even in justice, begins to disturb the conscience; any high and hard nobility and self-reliance is almost felt to be an insult and arouses mistrust; the 'lamb', even more than the 'sheep', gains in respect.
-- Friedrich Nietzsche; "Natural History of Morals"; Beyond Good And Evil

While they murdered our spiritual brothers and sisters in droves, the Priest proclaimed that all was done for the love of God and therefore it was "His way" to destroy whom ever doubted "his" commandments. Today, those with a universalist agenda continue this tactic by presenting imagery that creates the impression that non-kin are in fact kin, and the natural response is to treat the non-kin as "family". When people try to attack this response, for instance by preaching hate for the pseudo-kin or attacking the non-Pagan because of religious or cultural disagreements—the unconditional response, because it is instinct, is only increased in intensity. Man has evolved through his social skills, and thus his instinct to ensure the welfare of those in his community is strong. What Pavlov's work demonstrated is that one can counter the conditional stimulus with the unconditional stimulus, which is psychological terminology for fighting a lie with the truth. If one presents a fulfilling love of true kin, the repeated presentation of pseudo-kin will only result in the gradual disappearance of the conditional response. Hence only Culture can counter "Multi-Culturalism", only ethnic diversity can counter Globalism, only Occultic Pagan Wisdom can counter Materialist Christian Greed, and only integrity can counter "tolerance".

The bottom line, then, is one all should already be aware of: You cannot fight the great god Ur. Ur (and U.R.), the evolutionary impulse of the world, billions of years strong—will express himself—and nothing, not even the mighty celestial Gods, can hold him back. But while Ur is the most powerful of earthly Gods, he is also the least directional. Ur is the pre-archetypal power, and hence, he only pushes forward like instinct, and never in a specific direction like archetypes. So the wise worshippers of Ur always have, and in the future will, seek to guide Ur's power, and never to repress it.

You cannot prevent Ur's black raven of destruction from soaring over your head, but you can prevent it from building a nest in your hair. -- The Skald of Arktoga