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Thread: Examples of Absurd Claims Regarding the Alleged National Socialist Genocide

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    Post Examples of Absurd Claims Regarding the Alleged National Socialist Genocide

    I love posting this info, it always puts a small on my face , and to think that you can do hard time for questioning this nutbag junk in many western countries.

    The Value of Testimony and Confessions Concerning the Holocaust

    6. Examples of Absurd Claims Regarding the Alleged National Socialist Genocide[355]

    child surviving six gassings in a gas chamber that never existed;[356]

    woman survived three gassings because Nazis kept running out of gas;[357]

    fairy tale of a bear and an eagle in a cage, eating one Jew per day;[358]

    mass graves expelling geysers of blood;[359]

    erupting and exploding mass graves;[360]

    soap production from human fat with imprint "RIF " – ‘Reine Juden Seife’ (pure Jewish soap), solemn burial of soap;[361]

    the SS made sausage in the crematoria out of human flesh (‘RIW’– ‘Reine Juden Wurst’?);[362]

    lampshades, book covers, driving gloves for SS officers, saddles, riding breeches, house slippers, and ladies handbags of human skin;[363]

    pornographic pictures on canvasses made of human skin;[364]

    mummified human thumbs were used as light switches in the house of Ilse Koch, wife of KL commander Koch (Buchenwald);[365]

    production of shrunken heads from bodies of inmates;[366]

    acid or boiling-water baths to produce human skeletons;[367]

    muscles cut from the legs of executed inmates contracted so strongly that they made the buckets jump about;[368]

    an SS-father potshooting babies thrown into the air while 9-year old SS-daughter applauds and shrieks: "Papa, do it again; do it again, Papa!"[369]

    Jewish children used by Hitler-Youth for target practice;[370]

    wagons disappearing on an incline into the underground crematoria in Auschwitz (such facilities never existed);[371]

    forcing prisoners to lick stairs clean, and collect garbage with their lips;[372]

    injections into the eyes of inmates to change their eye color;[373]

    first artificially fertilize women at Auschwitz, then gas them;[374]

    torturing people in specially mass-produced "torture boxes" made by Krupp;[375]
    torturing people by shooting at them with wooden bullets to make them talk;[376]

    smacking people with special spanking machines;[377]

    killing by drinking a glass of liquid hydrogen cyanide (which, scientifically considered, evaporates quickly and would endanger those who pouring it into said glass);[378]

    killing people with poisoned soft drinks;[379]

    underground mass extermination in enormous rooms, by means of high voltage electricity;[380]

    blast 20,000 Jews into the twilight zone with atomic bombs;[381]

    killing in vacuum chamber, hot steam or chlorine gas;[382]

    mass murder in hot steam chamber;[383]

    mass murder by tree cutting: forcing people to climb trees, then cutting the trees down;[384]

    killing a boy by forcing him to eat sand;[385]

    gassing Soviet POWs in a quarry;[386]

    gas chambers on wheels in Treblinka, which dumped their victims directly into burning pits; delayed-action poison gas that allowed the victims to leave the gas chambers and walk to the mass graves by themselves;[387]

    rapid-construction portable gas chamber sheds;[388]

    beating people to death, then carrying out autopsies to see why they died;[389]

    introduction of Zyklon gas into the gas chambers of Auschwitz through shower heads or from steel bottles;[390]

    electrical conveyor-belt executions;[391]

    bashing people’s brains in with a pedal-driven brain-bashing machine while listening to the radio;[392]

    cremation of bodies in blast furnaces;[393]

    cremation of human bodies using no fuel at all;[394]

    skimming off boiling human fat from open-air cremation fires;[395]
    mass graves containing hundreds of thousands of bodies, removed without a trace within a few weeks; a true miracle of improvisation on the part of the Germans;[396]

    killing 840,000 Russian POWs at Sachsenhausen, and burning the bodies in 4 portable ovens;[397]

    removal of corpses by means of blasting, i.e., blowing them up;[398]

    SS bicycle races in the gas chamber of Birkenau;[399]

    out of pity for complete strangers – a Jewish mother and her child – an SS-man leaps into the gas chamber voluntarily at the last second in order to die with them;[400]

    blue haze after gassing with hydrogen cyanide (which is colorless);[401]

    singing of national anthems and the Communist International by the victims in the gas chamber; evidence of atrocity propaganda of Communist origin;[402]

    a twelve-year old boy giving an impressive and heroic speech in front of the other camp children before being ‘gassed’;[403]

    filling the mouths of victims with cement to prevent them from singing patriotic or communist songs.[404]

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    Saved by the keyhole

    Saved by the keyhole

    (at the Flossenburg camp)

    "I stayed in the hospital for three days and had good food and a rest.
    The S.S. would come in twice a day and take away some men. A few
    times they would come past my bed, but they would take the man next to me.
    Then one evening, a lot of S.S. walked into the room and they ordered
    us to follow them. They ordered us into a room and locked the door. I
    heard a noise like a snake hissing, and then I heard the slave laborers
    shouting, "They are gassing us!" I smelled an awful odor. Some of the
    men dropped dead. The rest of us ran around the room cursing the
    I couldn't take it much longer and ran to the door and took hold of the
    knob and tried to open it. The door was locked. The smell of the gas
    got stronger. I coughed, and choked, and put my face to the keyhole and
    kept inhaling a little air from the outside. We had been in the room
    for about five minutes when I heard them outside the door talking in
    German. "Let's see if some of them are still alive." I went away from
    the keyhole and the door opened. For some reason which I could never
    figure out, God had saved me from the gas chamber. The S.S. shouted
    for us to go out. There were only five of us still alive; sixty lay behind,
    dead. As soon as we came outside and breathed the fresh air, the S.S.
    started to beat us. They chased us to a railroad station into boxcars
    and closed the doors on us. In the boxcar I lay down on the floor. I
    was bewildered. I couldn't figure it out. Why hadn't the S.S. murderers
    finished the job in the gas room? No, I couldn't figure these things

    from: 'Death Was Our Destiny',p.49-50, by Arnold Friedman,
    Vantage Press, 1972.

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    WW1 fake tale about a ‘Corpse-Conversion’ Factory

    A special War Aims committee, on which Asquith served along with the man who had replaced him, was formed to combat the growth of pacifist sentiment, almost at the same time the most famous propaganda achievement of the whole war was launched, the story that the Germans were converting the bodies of dead soldiers into lubricating oils, pig food and manure. Credit for this invention again belongs to private enterprise – that of The Times. For the government Lord Robert Cecil merely contributed the remark, when questioned about the story, that The Times ‘is a reputable newspaper’. Dummies of a leaflet designed to circulate the story were considered by Wellington House and, according to Mrs Masterman, rejected. None the less someone in the Department of Information must have acted, for very shortly just such a leaflet was available. Headed, A ‘Corpse-Conversion’ Factory, and subtitled ‘a Peep behind German Lines’, it began:

    Out of their own mouths, the military masters of Germany stand convicted of an act of unspeakable savagery which has shocked the whole civilised world, including probably, now that the truth has come out, many of the German people themselves. Attila’s Huns were guilty of atrocious crimes, but never desecrated the bodies of the dead soldiers – their own flesh, as well as the fallen of the enemy – by improvising a factory for the conversion of human corpses into fat and oils, and fodder for pigs.

    That is what the autocrats of Prussia have done – and admitted. ‘Admitted’ is too mild a word. They have boasted of it. It is an illustration of their much-vaunted efficiency! A sign of their pious Kultur! Proof of the zeal to waste nothing! Further evidence of the Kaiser’s self-imposed deification! ‘There is one law, mine!’

    How was the discovery made? Quite simply. Herr Karl Rosner, the special Correspondent of the Berlin Lokalanzeiger on the Western front, made the announcement in his published dispatch of 10th April.

    The pamphlet then gave a reproduction of the dispatch in the original German, followed by an English translation. One or two oddments of circumstantial evidence were added, and various expressions of horror from such notabilities as the Chinese Ambassador in London. Actually if the German dispatch meant anything it meant that the corpses of horses were being utilized, and the whole story was finally and formally exploded in the House of Commons in 1925. It made a great impression at the time, and it left its odour behind it.

    From the Book - THE DELUGE British Society and the First World War Arthur Marwick Chapter Six Seasons of Discontent: 1917 – 1918 (iii)Changing Minds P 213

    One to add to the soap and lampshades.

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