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Anymore information on this night is appreciated... Does it go by any other name?


In Germany, Walpurgisnacht, is the night when witches, demons and spirits hold a huge party, much like the images accompanying the Night on Bald Mountain suite in the Disney animated film Fantasia (1940). It is celebrated in a similar way to Halloween, with tricks - such as the winding of toilet paper around cars, the smearing of door-handles with toothpaste or the unhinging of garden doors - being played on unsuspecting people. In order to combat this, anything that isn't nailed down is brought inside; even so, amazingly, anything from doormats through to potted plants can disappear during the night! Many also put out a slice of bread liberally spread with butter and honey, called Ankenschnitt, for the phantom hounds in order to protect all from bad weather and ensure crops don't fail.

The younger children dress as witches or monsters, bells are pealed and there may even be blessings with holy water. Blessed sprigs can be found hanging over the doors of homes and barns to ward off evil. The most widespread remedy against evil beings during Walpurgisnacht, however, is noise. As soon as the sun sets, everyone does their level best to make as much racket as possible, from shouting and beating sticks to shooting guns! Most Germans also Tanz in den Mai1 and generally get up to much drinking and mischief-making as possible over the night of 30 April - and justifiably, as 1 May is a public holiday! But it is all in good fun and definitely something to get involved in, especially in the smaller villages in Bavaria.