Church Bad, Pagans Good.

What a eye opener! You know that a person would have been burned at the stake of saying less that a few hundred years a go.
I think that what mr. Sunic is saying is right! We need to get back to our roots. Take back what was takeing from us. afther all it is up to each person, as what is right and wrong. We do not need the Church to tell us how to live.
We should be free to choose to belive in, or not to belive in, any religion, as well as take what works from one and add to another to make it work of us. Not told what to think and belive, and do so, out of fear of going to hell.
I see now that being a Pagan will take a lot of courage. Thanks to the Church and the movies, most people think that a pagan is some one who jumps around naked covered with blood calling out to the devil. But now I know that is so much more. ICEMAN