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Thread: Need some help for a website

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    Post Need some help for a website

    I'm working on a new site called The White Man's Lexicon.

    A sortof newbie site for those who are WP but are confused by all the different groups,slogans,terms like 14 words,88,CI,etc.

    I've allready put up some stuff in each category.

    But,I'm allready reaching the point of eyestrain & migraines.:help

    I've been all over the place getting logos for various groups,& making sure me definitions for terms like "14 Words"were accurate.Along with important items liek the authors name"David Lane"and what group he belonged to..X1

    So,I'm reaching the point that I really need some others to look it over & point out the various overlooked terms that you hear newbies asking about all the time.:ejg

    And important footnotes on various groups.:x67

    The primary function at this site is to give newbies not only a better understanding of what the hell everybody's talking about.

    Butto prevent incidents like some guys who joined groups that they later realized would never work out.

    Like some very Christian guy finding out after being invited to join that the Creators are hardcore atheist!:o

    This should help folks newbies out tremoundously when visiting WN sites.:new

    & keep them from being scared off becuase of one particular group they visited:x2

    & yes,I know it still needs some serious touching up.

    I'll be adding to it & revising it for a while.

    But,any help you can give with group logos,WP terms,group factoids & stats,etc.

    Would be greatly appreaciated.:tribe

    Hopefully.We'll be able to give a link to this site whenever we get a newbie in whose trying to understand what everybody is talking about.

    I can't count how many times I've heard the same questions asked every day.:XCN

    Hopefully this'll save a lot of hassles.Jim

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    Your link to Aryan Nations is not to the ACTUAL Aryan Nations. Aryan Nations is run by Pastor Richard Butler and has been forever. The group that your link goes to are lyers at best and traitorous deceivers at worst. Aryan Nations website is
    Here is Pastor Butlers statement on the new group:

    August Kreiss and the
    website have no affiliation with the Church of
    Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations.
    August was dismissed from Aryan Nations Jan.
    13, 2002 for repeated violations of rules of
    conduct. Ray Redferin also, but he saw the
    light and resigned, in fact there exists no
    reason for the bogus outfitcallsed Aryan- to exist other than to syphon off
    support of the true organization. The Ulysses,
    PA. outfit is attempting to deceive our people
    saying theu have been fighting Jewish takover
    for 25 years. August Kreiss was only with Aryan
    Nations for six months before trying to dismiss
    the founder "for incompetance".

    Pastor Richard G. Butler
    Church of Jesus hrist Christian
    Aryan Nations


    What makes me worried about this 'usurper' AN is that even on their website they are deceitful. They claim that Pastor Butler only missed their 'AN world congress' due to illness when in actual fact it is because he has nothing to do with this rogue outfit.

    Personally it pains me that some are using deceit and outright lies to pull the wool over interested new members of our movement. Their treatment of Pastor Butler at his late age is shameful after all he has done for us as a race. If this is what passes these days for a group in the movement then we are in a worse state than I have ever thought. I hope that others realize what has been happening here and begin speaking up as opposed to letting issues like this fester away. If people want to start their own groups I am the first to encourage it but to use deception, deceit and lies as a foundation for their platform is not the way proud Whites work. That is the way of the Jew.

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    Now this is the kind of stuff I need to know.

    I may have to list both.I'm not sure yet.But I will definitiely have the one by "Butler" listed & it will have that it's the first one BY BUTLER.

    So folks will know that their is a difference.

    I would think that AN would have some kind of copy right to their name?It's not like KKK,Nazi,Sin,etc were you don't have the original founders or a loss of the original group having been totaly disbanded or abandonded?

    I didn't know about the schism.But I do know enough from my teens to know that Butler was the original.

    So I'll put his up at the site,with a note that htis is the first one by Pastor Butler.Thanx for the warning.Jim Brown

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