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Thread: Derbyshire's Folly

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    Post Derbyshire's Folly

    Derbyshire's Folly

    Comments on the Derbyshire-MacDonald Debate

    MX Rienzi

    The work of Dr. Kevin MacDonald - in particular the last chapter of Culture of Critique (CofC) - has had a significant impact on the ideological construction of Legion Europa. Thus, we have not viewed with favor the recent attack on Dr. MacDonald and CofC by John Derbyshire in The American Conservative journal.

    We are pleased to note that Dr. MacDonald has written a comprehensive rebuttal to Derbyshire, which also contains a link to the original Derbyshire review of CofC.

    While Dr. MacDonald does an outstanding job in answering Derbyshire, there is one important further point that needs to be made. In his rebuttal, Dr. MacDonald notes that:

    "In concluding, I call attention to the challenge for evolutionary psychology in trying to understand the complete lack of ethnic identification of so many elite Europeans such as John Derbyshire."

    In his own commentary, Derbyshire does indeed view White American (i.e., Euro-American) racial interests, and the focused pursuit of those interests, with extreme skepticism, and seems to believe that race-centered Euro-American/European "identity politics" would not be practical or justified. One crucial factor that may at least partially answer the "why doesn't Derbyshire recognize his racial interests" question is that Derbyshire is married to a Chinese woman and has mixed-race children (1). Indeed, as Derbyshire himself has written, this marital relationship involves his "measured groveling" (2). We can see that Derbyshire's personal self-interest may well be informed by consideration not only for his wife (obviously an important - and influential - person in his life [2]), but, to an even greater extent, for his children as well (3). We thus cannot be surprised that a Euro with a non-White spouse and non-White children would seem to eschew a race-based Euro-political movement - a movement which would, as a matter of course, exclude his family from inclusion in the "ingroup" and not be in the long-range interests of his family structure. Of course, this all begs the question as to why a person of European descent would marry a non-White to begin with, and so we go back to Dr. MacDonald's quote above. However, regardless of why the initial racial consciousness was so low as to result in this particular life-choice (i.e., the inter-racial marriage), the fact that this choice was made, and the consequences of this choice in the form of children, can possibly explain Derbyshire's hostility to some of Dr. MacDonald's conclusions. If Derbyshire is going to question (as he has done) Dr. MacDonald's personal motives in writing CofC - including raising the issue of possible "malice" - then he should have also been very clear in his CofC review that he himself may have a family-based personal motive for his rather harsh critique. Derbyshire does skirt the issue vaguely, raising the possibility of self-interest, but he never states exactly what that self-interest may be. In my opinion, that is grossly unfair.

    What is the price we may have to pay because of the obstructionism of folks like Derbyshire? Dr. MacDonald writes that:

    " can only shudder at what the future holds throughout the Western world."

    If we do not oppose the "world-perfecting idealism" (4) of the Jews, as well as the agenda of philo-Semitic "useful idiots" like Derbyshire, then European-derived peoples will continue to decline and be afflicted with, as Dr. MacDonald states in his rebuttal:

    "...a mindset that is leading Europeans directly to the fate of the Israelites who strayed from God's way as described in Deuteronomy (28:62): 'And ye shall be left few in number, whereas ye were as the stars of heaven for multitude."

    To summarize, Dr. MacDonald states in his rebuttal that:

    "The dispossession of Europeans is the ultimate defeat - an evolutionary event of catastrophic proportions for people of European descent."

    Now, if Derbyshire's particular personal circumstances cause him to distance himself from this catastrophe, so be it. But we at Legion Europa will continue to work to make sure it does not occur. And the fine work of Dr. MacDonald will continue to inform our world-view.


    1. A Derbyshire family photo can be seen here:

    2. See here:

    3. To be fair, Derbyshire does sometimes sharply critique China and the Chinese, and has commented on the dangers posed by hyper-nationalist and racist "Sino-Fascist" Chinese coming to the USA:
    However, we can speculate that this criticism is itself rooted in Derbyshire's personal self-interest. Anything that would increase hostility between America's (declining) White/Euro-American majority and its (growing) East-Asian minority would have a detrimental impact on a mixed Euro-Chinese family. Certainly "Sino-Fascism" and other forms of East-Asian anti-White racism would be likely to enhance said hostility.

    From a realistic perspective, the interests of a Euro-EastAsian mixed family would seem to be best served by the following: a stabilized multiracial multicultural America (in which the declining European-derived population is made to be reconciled to their diminishment?) that exhibits good relations between the European- and EastAsian-derived segments of the population (and which has a vibrant and secure East-Asian minority?). However, such a scenario is not in the interests of Euro-Americans, who are being ill-served by all forms of multiracialism/multiculturalism to an extreme and objectively determinable extent.

    4. A Derbyshire phrase, see the opening Derbyshire quote in Dr. MacDonald's rebuttal. As Dr. MacDonald makes clear, this "world-perfecting idealism" masks a naked ethnic agenda.
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