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Thread: World Congress of Ethnic Religions

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    Post World Congress of Ethnic Religions

    The World Congress of Ethnic Religions was established in June 1998 at the initiative of delegates from 16 different countries (Europe, Asia and America). This happened in Vilnius, Lithuania, the last European country to resist the onslaught of Christianity.

    We, the delegates of the World Congress of Ethnic Religions, held in Vilnius, Lithuania, from 20 to 24 June 1998, have gathered to express our solidarity for the ethnic, indigenous, native and/or traditional religions of Europe and the other regions ofthe world.

    All cultures as well as native religions and faiths should be equally valued and respected Each region and each people have their distinctive local traditions (native faith, world outlook, mythology, folklore etc.) which articulate their love of their land and history, and cultivate a regard for the sacredness of all life and the divinity of Nature. Just as Nature survives through a wite variety of species, so can hurnanity be allowed to develop freely and without interference along a wide variety of cultural expressions.

    According to our ancient traditional ethics, the Earth and all creation must be valued and protected. We as human beings must find our place within the web of all life, not outside or separate from the whole of creation.

    We share a common understanding of our position in the world, based upon our common historical experience of oppression and intolerance. Ethnic and/or "Pagan" religions have suffered great injury and destruction in the past from religions claimmg they possess the only truth. It is our sincere wish to live in peace and harmony, and to strive for cooperation with the followers of all other religions, faiths and beliefs.

    We believe that the dawn of a new era of individual and intellectual freedom and global exchange of views and information gives us an apportunity to start again to return to our own native spiritual roots in order to re-claim our religious heritage. We are worshippers of Nature just as most of mankind has been for the greater part of human history.

    True indigenous religions should give us love and respect for all that we see and feel around, to acccpt all forms of worship which emphasize sincere hearts, pure thoughts and noble conduct at every moment of our life, towards all that exists.

    Let us be proud of our reborn ethnic religions. Our new Universalism induces people not to remain closed within walls of hatred and jealousy against those who are not inside our walls. Let us break these walls and expand the horizan and vision ofthe whole humanity.

    We established the "World Congress of Ethnic Religions" (WCER) to help all ethnic religions groups survive and cooperate with each other. Our motto is "Unity in Diversity."
    Vilnius, Lithuania, 23rd June l998

    2nd Declaration (25th October 1998)

    The WCER is primarily concerned with the protection and development of ethnic Cultures and Identities. We understand the term "Ethnic" as referring to religions and cultures that are related to a particular people's cosmology as it is expressed in cultural and social terms as well as ancestral. We recognize that many factors makes up people's identity.

    Historically those of other ethnic backgrounds have been adopted into new ones if they took on the beliefs and mores that are a larger part of the identity of that people. Although we are convinced that every human being has the best possibilities within his/her own culture to re-establish the harmony with the divine aspect, it does not, however, exclude anyone from participation in their activities.

    The WCER is therefore categorically opposed to discrimination, suppresion or persecution based on race, color, social class, religion or national origin.

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    I attended this conference, which had representatives from all across the world.

    I especially interacted with the Swedish Asatro Organisation President Calle Rehbinder, Polish Perun Adherant Igor, Valdus from Lithuania and Jonas Trikunas from Romuva Latvia.

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