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Thread: Italian Stereotypes by Hollywood Jews

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    Post Italian Stereotypes by Hollywood Jews

    Italian Stereotypes by Hollywood Jews

    by Peter Lanzetta

    Quite possibly the greatest sustained vilification of an ethnic group that the world has ever seen has been endured by people of Italian descent. The demonization of Italians has been so pervasive that it has even brainwashed some Italian-Americans into believing it's true. Some just shrug off the countless offensives spewed by Hollywood, but decent people should not have to live under a Hollywood stereotype. While the Jewish writers and producers in Hollywood bear most of the responsibility for this stereotyping, there are some disgraceful turncoats helping the Jews such as the producer of the "Sopranos" David Chase, whose original name was DeCaesare.

    When a newspaper wrote an article, "Italians take Stereotypes in Stride," the writer described as if an epiphany took place in Italy about "The Sopranos." This came as no surprise. Having visited Italy several times, I have taken it upon myself to learn more about this European culture.

    Italians generally like things that are "American" or "American-influenced," particularly TV. Programs such as, "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" and "Seinfeld" have found a place in Italian homes. For the Italian, these shows are American, and give a glimpse of America from the comfort of their living rooms, including "The Sopranos."

    Yet when "The Sopranos" airs in Europe, many do not - generally speaking -- know the abuse that European-Americans of Italian descent are made to endure from Hollywood. There is an implication that these are not normal people, that they are prone to violence and are sexist and brutal if they fail to get their way. But it doesn't stop there. Individuals such as Steven Spielberg have worked the race card into effect in his WWII movie "Saving Private Ryan," Spielberg had specifically created the character Adrian Caparso, played by Mark Vincent, better known as "Vin Diesel." Upon watching this film, one would wonder, "What is this guy's ethnicity?" According to a tabloid interview, it was stated Vin "never knew his father." (Now which race is it that the men desert the children most of the time?) Vin is obviously the product of an interracial relationship. Why didn't Mr. Spielberg use a nice, average White actor to play the Italian character such as Giovanni Ribisi, who happens to be of Italian descent? Instead Ribisi played Erwin Wade, the medic.

    So the mulatto, Vin Diesel, is playing the tough, dumb Italian (first to get shot, of course). The movie viewer absorbs a thoroughly negative stereotype of Italians. Also note that Spielberg portrays the German solider with a shaved head, which was not the hairstyle of the Germans at that time. Communist soldiers were more likely to have shaved heads. This distortion is to make a connection to modern day skinheads. Being a race conscious individual, it was clear that Spielberg wanted some mixed-race actor to play the role of the Italian as a deliberate slight. Could you imagine the outrage if a mulatto played a Jewish role in a movie?

    American youth of Italian descent today have a warped sense of pride. Embracing fictitious characters like "Tony Soprano" as a "man of honor" can serve no useful purpose. Also there is the "mindless boy-toy" stereotype in the role of "Tony Macelli" played by Tony Danza from the sitcom "Who's the Boss?" It makes one wonder, are these people just total losers? A fan of these shows would have to buy into the stereotype propaganda at least subliminally. Italian-Amerians have been given a raw deal by Hollywood

    The Italic Studies Institute conducted research on 1,220 Italian related films. Starting with the first films to incorporate sound in 1928 through 2001. They found that 31 percent of the 1,220 films showed Italians in a positive light while 69 percent portrayed Italians in a negative light. Nearly 300 movies displaying Italians as criminals have been produced since the "Godfather," averaging out to 9 mob movies a year over 29 years. Of a total of 487 mob movies, only 12 percent are based on real-life criminals. The remaining 88 percent are fictionalized.

    A real history of organized crime reveals that the Jews have played a much greater role than anyone else. One Jewish author, Richard Cohen, noted "Arnold Rothstein was the founding father of American organized crime... He left a legend and a myth and also a tribe of notorious 'boys': Louis Lepke Buchalter, the first builder of an empire of crimes which produced in 1940 around $2 million a year, Meyer Lansky, Bugsy Siegal, Dutch Schultz..." (Ref. 1) Mr. Cohen contends that "Jews invented organized crime" in America.

    The most famous Italian gangster, Al Capone, in contrast had a relatively short criminal career that began only after the early death of his father. (Ref. 2) Capone was born January 17th, 1899 and was sent to prison by the age of 35. Most of the Jewish gangsters spent decades in the crime business. The people making movies and television shows however focus on Italians rather than the ethnic group, who created organized crime and who no doubt made the most money from it, the Jews.

    1).The Jewish Gangsters in America -Jewish Post

    2).Al Capone

    "E tutti si scandalizzano quando sentono dire: quel tale tipo di mammifero o di uccello ormai è sparito dalla faccia della terra, non lo vedremo più; è una grave perdita. Certo, si tratta di gravissime perdite.
    Ma non sarebbe forse più grave se sparisse una comunità umana?? --Bruno Salvadori

    Seven pictures of northern European males and seven pictures of northern African males were presented randomly via a computer screen to 82 Italian female undergraduates of the University of Padua, Italy.
    Each picture depicted a full frontal face with a neutral facial expression. Participants were asked to classify each picture as either northern Italian or southern Italian.
    On average, the seven pictures depicting northern Europeans were classified as northern Italians 81% of the time. The seven pictures depicting northern Africans were classified as southern Italians 83%
    of the time.

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    Hollywood screws Italians over greatly but in a sense it is the actor/actresses fault for being run by the jews plots. For instance many later Al Pacino roles he is not Italian in the films. Same with DeNiro in Casino playing a Jew. I don't like that too much.


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