It is rare nowadays that we find the Old Ways properly presented with no hint of the low arts and superstitions. Usually, there is talk of fantastic claims, of mysterious beings, and all sorts of New Age beliefs, while in other circles, there is an almost total materialistic explanation, stripping away everything supernatural from the religion, yet giving acceptance to the low art of lot casting which historically pointed to a degenerated time. In both of these cases there is a total lack of actual experience or knowledge (since we equate true knowledge with experience). On the other hand, maybe these cases of ignorance and profanation are truly deserving of the title “pagan,” since the term implies a farmer or common follower disconnected from any true hierarchy. For the Old Ways as I know them were not the belief systems of common people, but a system of initiatic disciplines belonging to a spiritual and royal caste, which of work was considered beyond anything normal and human.

It then follows that we must not look to the explanations of commoners, who in a time of ignorance and degeneration, fell prey to low arts and superstitions. We must turn instead to the nobles and their “royal art” which is the key to the true greater mystery of all the ancient myths.

It was Emperor Julian who once wrote, “When myths on sacred subjects are incongruous in thought, by that very fact they cry aloud, as it were, and summon us not to believe them literally, but to study and track down their hidden meaning.” Who thus has a clearer and more intimate knowledge of these mysteries than the Initiate?

Accordingly, we must never trust anyone who speaks of things as fact that are beyond his realm of experience; the worst offenders of which being those who claim of a paradise that is attainable after physical death. Just on the surface, logic holds that no one can possibly know of such things since no one may physically and completely die and then come back to life to tell us of such experiences, if any do indeed exist. The very fact that the myths speak of things which are so fantastic and illogical, as Julian wrote, scream at us to search out their actual hidden meaning. It is the man or woman who accepts the illogical, rather, as one who instead of being “spiritual” is indeed quite the opposite. We are warned that those base persons of blind faith should not be given, and truly don’t deserve, the secret of the mysteries. Rather, the secret should be guarded from the profane. But we are deep into the Dark Age where the spiritual hierarchy has been flipped on its head and where, everywhere, low arts and superstitions are praised as “divine.”

It is therefore a rare occurrence when we find the Old Ways properly presented by those who know and who give no credence to the low arts. One such display limited to the heathen World Tree is explained here as an initiatic chain. Here the Nine Worlds are shown beautifully not as fantasy realms but as states of consciousness particular to a certain stage of spiritual development.

Essentially, the normal human was the lowest level of existence. Recognizing this, the old religion based its philosophy and practice on escaping the bonds and bounds of the natural and ordinary. Just as schools of language, science or art raised pupils to a new height, so too did schools of initiation guide the priests. And that is to say, the means by which one went about penetrating the boundaries of normalcy was magick or the initiatic art.

Now, many people have asked me, “Surely, you don’t really believe in this stuff? I mean, magick was nothing but a bunch of savages thinking that they could make it rain, right?”

And again I must demand that what I call magick has nothing to do with the low arts but is hermetico-alchemical in nature. This is not by any means my “belief” but I speak of things which I have actual experience in.

Modern scientists are beginning to understand just how void of the spiritual their science has become and how the ancient sages were in the right by emphasizing a philosophy of light, sound, and the spiritual will. An example of this may be in “wave genetics.”

However, regardless of any theories on how it works, we know the spiritual energy to exist through experience alone. It would be absolutely absurd in ancient times to associate religion (the way of the gods) with any sort of belief or philosophy. For the Old Ways were not born out of theories but by the Seers who “have seen,” and who have not merely experienced the light but have mastered it. Once we associate any spiritual practice or even the idea of spiritual energy itself with a belief that exists without true experience then we have stepped onto a road that leads to total degeneration, of which we see to day, all of the frauds and hucksters who misrepresent the divine.

Make no mistake, the true spiritual energy that is tapped into by the Seer is a very real and potent thing. In ancient times, it had been associated with, and symbolized by, certain drugs. In the Rg Veda it is written, “We drank the soma, we became immortal, we reached the light.” Far more powerful than the effects of any drug, however, is the spiritual energy which can be attained by the magical will and without the use of any substance whatsoever. More important to note is that the energy comes without the dulling side-effects of substances, but instead gives to one a special knowledge and power beyond anything that is considered “natural.” Thus has the light been the supreme treasure of both Seers and Warriors alike.

Now this account of the beginnings of the Old Ways is supported by the Vedic Yama “who first found the road to the hereafter.” This afterlife or hereafter had nothing whatsoever to do with a life after death, but was a reintegration of the primordial state. Yama was later associated with death when death became a symbol of the initiatic art, more specifically, death refers to the separation of the soul from the body by means of the magical operation. This is necessary because all that belongs to nature, the inner psychological aspects of a person, must be untangled from the divine aspect of the person. Going through this process and “burning up the world of ghosts” which are nothing more than inner psychological aspects, is to journey through hel, the underworld, and out of the elemental planes unto a higher form of existence. Now it would be a grave error to mistake this for a sort of psychology which it has even less to do with than philosophy. Instead, the psycho-biological animating entity, or if you will, the “body,” has corrupted the being in a way that it prevents one from seeing the truth, from being in the divine primordial state, or the higher consciousness. Normal man lives in a dream state filled with illusions and aware of barely even the moment in time. The divine man is awakened, in possession of a great power, and aware of any and all things without hint of illusion or falsehood or restriction.

Thus knowing the true eternal wisdom it would be absurd, foolish, and absolutely wrong of me to give any more attention to the false theories of a heaven or hel as a “life after death” or a “reincarnation.” Rather it is these wrong and corrupted theories which were dreamt up based on total misinterpretations and misunderstandings which should be completely removed from our society. These wrong theories, moreover, are repeated by, and limited mainly to, those who do no more than attend blots and ceremonies and who have never seriously studied or practiced the initiatic art. It is from these same people that we hear how the Old Ways have been “lost” and how they will probably never be fully “reconstructed.”

I propose to you that, far from having to reconstruct anything, the road has never been lost. We know the full extent of the Old Ways and perhaps even a bit more. We know where and how it degenerated. And we know the difference between the true art and the low art. We are not fools who worship nature, and neither were our ancestors. We do not wish to “reconstruct” the low arts which are proper to a savage people, but rather we aim to preserve the high art and true form of the original system, not in mere words but in deeds.