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Thread: Frozen Lightning!

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    Post Frozen Lightning!

    At a German news conference in the Fall of 1942 it was announced

    "We have invaded space with our rocket and for the first time - mark this well - have used space as a bridge between two points on the earth; we have proved rocket propulsion practicable for space travel. This third day of October, 1942, is the first of a new era of transportation, that of space travel." - General Walter Dornberger

    The V-2 rocket traveled at a maximum speed of 3355 miles per hour, reached heights of 50-62 miles (space), and had a range of 200-225 miles. First succesfully tested in October, 1942, three thousand V-2's were launched against allied targets between Sept '44 and March '45.

    The term "frozen lightning" refers to the contrail left by the V-2's which seemed to be "frozen" in the air.

    A link to anything and everything you would ever want to know about the V-2 rocket
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    Please note the date of Dr. Dornberger's statement, October, 1942. The A-4, or V-2 was finished by then. The only thing left for the V-2 was to be put into production which was done at Nordhausen under the guidence and observation of Dr. Arthur Rudolf ( a combustion chamber specialist). The reminder of the von Braun team remained at Peenemuende. Why? They had 2 and 1/2 years until the war ended in May, 1945. The big question is what were they all doing?

    Now, there is evidence (PM me if you want references) that the von Braun team actually built a few prototype A-10s. This was in addition to the A-4b (Bastard), the winged V-2, the work on the manned V-2, and the work on its replacement, the A-9. The A-10 was about 70 feet hight and 16 feet wide. There is some eye-witness evidence that examples were built and flown and struck targets inside the Soviet Union, near the Urals.

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