Conversation With Death

Oh what is this, I cannot see
An icy hand takes hold on me
Oh I am death, that none can excel
I opened the door to heaven and hell

Oh death, oh death how can it be
That I must come and go with thee
Oh death, oh death how can it be
For I'm unprepared for eternity

Oh yes I've come for to get your soul
Take your body and leave it cold
I'll drop the flash from off in your brain
See the earth and the worms both have their claim

Oh death, oh death please let me see
If Christ has turned his back on me
When you were called and asked about
You wouldn't take heed and it's too late now

Oh death, oh death, please give me time
Too fix my heart to change my mind
Your heart is fixed your mind is bound
And I have the shackles to drag you down

Farewell, farewell, to all farewell
My doom is fixed I'm summoned to hell
As long as God in heaven shall dwell
My soul, my soul, shall scream in hell