Consider this: A well known principle in evolutionary is that Ontogeny recapitulates Phylogeny.

In other words, the growth of an organism will retrace the evolutionary steps of its ancestors. Per Haeckel and many others.

If modern humans are descended from "Black Africans" as trendy scientists have been insisting for the past few decades, then why don't little white babies or little asian babies look black?

In fact, white babies tend to have epicanthic folds, fat faces, soft light head hair (which often darkens with age), low-bridged noses, hairless body, scant facial hair, etc.

(during an even earlier stage of fetal growth, human babies have a "cowl" or full-body hair that later is shed before the baby is born, except in rare cases).

In the USA, many mixed-race black babies are born light, then get permanently darker as they mature, if they go in the sunlight. I've heard that more purely African black babies are born black.

There is evidence that humans haven't been in Africa for quite some time (look up the Endogenous C Retrovirus Marker, which is a marker shared by all African primates, but no Eurasian or New World primates - it indicates a viral plague that affected primates in the last million years or so).

I can't think of a complete list of paedomorphic traits, but I'd like to see one, and would love to know if there is any racial variation of these traits. I know that many black babies don't have a "baby face" at all.

Also, babies are smarter than adults: they learn faster, etc. (They just have far less experience and refinement due to that). Is it possible that humans are descended from people smarter than us, or maybe as smart as our current best and brightest? Cro-Magnons had bigger brain cases than living humans. Maybe humans that racialists of old considered "primitive" are not un-evolved, but somehow degenerate?