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Thread: Phenotype-Genotype. Which is more important?

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    Phenotype-Genotype. Which is more important?


    When considering an individuals racial type, which would be of paramount significance, the outward, observable, physical manifestation of the persons genetic heritage which may be anomalous and non-indicative of the phenotype presented by previous generations of the individuals family posessing the same genotype, or is the genotype itself to be considered on it's own, it's qualities determined by observing the average frequencies of certain traits in a given family of related individuals sharing a common genome.

    A simplification: I will present myself as a case study.
    -I am 6'5" in height. The average height for males in my family on both sides is around 5'10"
    -I have fair skin that easily burns as do the rest of my family - both sides.
    -Since entering my teenage years i have had auburn( Redish brown) hair
    though as a child my hair was white blond.
    -My eyes are hazel.

    -All four of my grandparents had blue eyes.
    -Both my mothers and my fathers hair remains blond.
    -My fathers eyes are blue, my mothers are green.
    -My only sibling, a brother, is a classic Nordic type.
    -All of my cousins are rather Nordic in appearance.

    My question would be: even though i myself do not present the full spectrum of nordic physical characteristics in my phenotype, am i not nordic by genotype, in that i carry by virtue of my genetic heritage a frequency of genes that will ultimately give rise to nordic phenotypes in subsequent generations?

    In other words, if i have children - assuming a genetically compatible mate - they will most likely manifest the nordic heritage of my family rather than the anomolous characteristics of their father.

    An Armenian couple will most likely never produce blond, blue eyed children because they simply do not posess a dominant frequency of the genes responsible for those characteristics.
    But as any German knows, a german man with the darkest of hair may father the blondest of children, because he posesses the genes responsible for this physical chracteristic.

    So i ask: which is more important in determining an individuals genetic constitution; the phenotype or the genotype?


    Best wishes,
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