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Would you object to calling this higher force God? If so, why?
No, I would not, as it's of very little if any importance to me what people wish to call this force. I also doubt the higher force itself is very particular when it comes to names that we use to describe it.

Personally I see no reason to call this higher force "God", as the name in itself contains a certain meaning I would not connect with this force that is extremely impersonal in nature. I think it would be misleading to do so.

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I believe in God. I believe there is a spark in my soul that connects me with the universal soul of God. God has many manifestations, such as Truth, Courage, Sacrifice, Honesty, Strength, Beauty and Might. God is more real in my experience than in any effort I made to believe intellectually.
Apparently the way you see God is not far from my perception of this higher force that runs through the universe and everything in it.