What's So Bad About Mixing With Aliens?

“You may not mix with these nations remaining among you or make mention of the names of their gods or swear by them or serve them or bow down to them…. For if you turn back and cling to the remnant of these nations remaining among you and make marriages with them, so that you associate with them and they with you, know for certain that the LORD your God will no longer drive out these nations before you, but they shall be a snare and a trap for you, a whip on your sides and thorns in your eyes, until you perish from off this good ground that the LORD your God has given you.” – Joshua 23:7, 23:12-13.
Why is it a bad idea to mix with aliens? Because eventually you marry them and you take on their ways. It’s inevitable; it’s that simple. It’s a question of preserving your own genetic heritage and unique culture that is a people’s gift in God’s diversity. Most Christians interpret all this as merely a function of what gods people believe in, that the danger is in mixing with people who don’t believe in God. So racial intermarriages are all right as long as everybody is Christian. OK … but the trouble with that is that conversion to Christianity has not changed the race-culture qualities of the converts in the sense that Asian Christians, African Christians, Latino Catholics, black American Christians and white protestants don’t worship the same way, don’t form the same sorts of cultures and societies, don’t favor the same kinds of laws and governments. So there is real diversity among even converts. The true and proper path to brotherhood is in allowing diversity to continue, to allow each community of Christians to pursue its own destiny without being homogenized into a brown mass of serfs under a demonic world government, which is what’s being FORCED on us now. How about this for God-ordained diversity: Acts 17:26 – “And he made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined allotted periods and the boundaries of their dwelling place, that they should seek God, in the hope that they might feel their way toward him and find him.” So while we all derive from one bloodline that spread over the world (utterly consistent with modern population genetics), these descendents became their own nations (nasci, “to be born” – nation contains the sense of family, clan, tribe, race) and had their boundaries established by God, so that they could best, according to God’s own wisdom, seek him in their own unique way.

Abram’s nephew was Lot. Moab was Lot’s son by his own daughter. Therefore “Moab” is genetically related to Abram/Abraham, so the “racial” difference between these peoples was minimal if not nil. The difference between a Moabite and another member of the Hebrew Semitic group of Mesopotamian caucasoids is quite insignificant compared to the huge racial difference between black and white Americans. Here’s the question: if culture is something interchangeable between peoples, then what explains the vast difference between whites and blacks in America? After all, they have been in proximity to each other for hundreds of years, many generations; they share the same language, believe in the same God, read the same Bible, and still they are as different across a broad spectrum of cultural and social measures as they could be. These differences have never been eradicated and are mediated only slightly even down to the present time, and they persist even when blacks and whites of similar IQ, education and socioeconomic attainments are compared. The reason is that they are very different men. They reflect and will continue to reflect God’s ordained diversity as long as they maintain a genetic separation. And that is why the powers that be believe they can solve the problem of America by homogenizing everyone into one brown mass. This forced integration, as Joshua puts it, leads inevitably to marriages, mamzer offspring and ultimately to the destruction of the people and their subsumation into a new mass of relatively unrelated humanity. The fact that this is being promoted by our Jewish run media proves that the elites understand totally that race is culture (not deterministically but as a matter of general tendencies). Although they decry the tendency of Jews to marry outside their kind, they insist that whites do so. Almost every mainstream branch of Christian churches in America has representatives who publicly declare that the only way to prove you are not a “racist” is to adopt children of other races and to date and marry blacks and bear their children – and they direct this at whites, knowing full well it will result in fewer whites in the future and more people identified with the “people of color” of the world. Christian brotherhood is best achieved by letting people work out their destinies in peace, feeling their way toward God and finding Him in their own way. What we have in America is a policy of forced integration leading to race mixing, leading to interracial marriage and mongrelization, all in the hopes that it will produce a country of powerless debased serfs more easily ruled by the satanic forces that we in this country have long since given ourselves up to and that have been with us unfortunately since the world began.

The internal combustion engine augers the end of America, because it enabled whites to escape, if only temporarily, the effects of dismantling Jim Crow, without which you can’t preserve America as a white country. Once you integrate the schools, you can’t teach American history, or any aspect of Western history (including a favorable account of Christianity), without offending blacks, Jews and the new categories of aggrieved anti-white-male identity groups: feminists, gays, other “people of color,” “ethnic” whites, etc. To this day Ted Kennedy claims that he was inspired to open the country to mass colored immigration by the “no Irish need apply” treatment he says his family encountered 150 years ago. Without recognition that white Euros built America and created all of its political, economic and social institutions, there is no America, because the special character of the country we built (especially pre-Lincoln) cannot be separated from the Anglo-Celtic-Teutonics who built it. Imagine replacing the Chinese people with Africans and then insisting China is still China. The notion is absurd. Same thing in the former United States. When the Southwest fills up with Mestizos, it becomes Indian Mexico, not America. The worst thing about all this is we are extending all the rights of citizenship to people who don’t deserve them, and worse, have nothing to do with us as people and in fact are hostile to everything about us. To the extent that white people are doing this, we are contemptible.

The other reason why the dismantling of Jim Crow is the end of things is that without some notion of race and a defense of one’s own race or tribe or nation – exactly the way it is described in the Old Testament – there is no basis upon which you can insist that concessions that are guaranteed to destroy you as a people should not be allowed. If you buy into the idea that there’s no such thing as race, you have no logical defense against competing tribes who have an explicitly racial basis for their claims. The Mestizos are motivated by an explicitly racialist agenda: after all, the motto of La Raza is “for the race, everything; for those outside the race, nothing.” And what does white America do? We ignore this because we don’t want anybody to think we’re not nice. This is contemptible, cowardly and shameful.

Compounding all this is advanced technology, which has so shrunk the world that the times, places and boundaries of habitation have been violated, thus pitting fallen men ever more viciously against one another. Sometimes I fear that the only hope for a return to proper stewardship is for the energy underpinnings of the industrial world to run dry enough to break down the transportation, communications and money systems to the point where life becomes local again and family, clan and tribe resumes its normal place. Disobedience to God leads to the building of the Tower of Babel (funny how they used bitumen – oil – to hold it together), which leads to corrupt civilization. God has chastened mankind and dispersed us before. The whole world other than white people is already tribal; perhaps when the world that white people built is no more, a remnant of whites will survive and become tribal again. Maybe when faced with an external threat whites will at least stop committing suicide. If we have to be destroyed, we could at least go down fighting and not aid and abet our own demise.